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Eyal Gutentag

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Eyal Gutentag - Consultant

Eyal Gutentag is a a proven growth and performance marketing leader who has run $100M+ budgets for ZipRecruiter, Uber, and the NFL. He is also an experienced mentor and manager of talent, especially Millennials. Eyal’s preferred work challenge involves partnering with a team of smart, creative people while pushing rapid growth and solving hard problems using technology as a positive, disruptive force.

Interview: Sports Marketing Tips from Expert Eyal Gutentag

Sports fans cheer wildly for their favorite teams and individual athletes. For avid fans, their lives revolve around athletic events, and they proudly display their devotion in many different ways—from verbal support and special cheers to banners and flags. Merchandise licensed to display official symbols ranges from trash cans to pencils to mugs, and all manner of clothing displaying team logos is always popular, whether scarves and socks or jerseys and T-shirts. Fans want to show their support of a team to the world.eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'best4businesses_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_1',105,'0','0']));

Millennials In The Workforce: An Interview With Eyal Gutentag

Eyal Gutentag has worked with millennials successfully. He gave us an opportunity to interview him and here is the recap of our interview.

Millennials In The Workforce: An Interview With Eyal Gutentag » Digittaly

The workforce, in addition to the work atmosphere, is altering. Not do workers get employed, work for a similar firm their whole careers, and retire to a small home with a white picket fence. Employment at present is way more fluid, and workers don't search security first as their impetus to just accept job

5 Tips for Managing Millennials in the Workplace – Inspirationfeed

Since they were raised and educated in a different way, most millennials exhibit habits and characteristics that differ sharply to the previous generation. Having grown up with the internet, they are very tech-savvy and innovative.

About — Eyal Gutentag

Eyal Gutentag has been building disruptive, high-growth companies and teams
for over 20 years

Managing Today's Millennial — Eyal Gutentag

Eyal Gutentag discusses managing millennial team members.

Competencies for Leadership when Managing Millennials — Eyal Gutentag

While the positives and negatives about working with millennials are still
out for debate, one thing is for certain - you better get used to it. The
millennial generation holds a huge presence in the modern workforce.

Unique Challenges You Face in Sports Marketing — Eyal Gutentag

Generally, many of the most iconic consumer brands we know, have made
investments in Sports and Entertainment marketing. It is challenging to
build a widely-known, credible brand without attaching to consumers’ deep
passion for Sports and Entertainment. Yet the challenges you face in sports
marketing are unique.

Results-Based Marketing for Entrepreneurs - Getting Started — Eyal Gutentag

Eyal Gutentag offers entrepreneurs, four basic principles to follow, so
your marketing campaign can deliver results without sacrificing long-term

What to Look for in a Great Employee in 2020 - Hiring for Success from Eyal Gutentag — Eyal Gutentag

Eyal Gutentag gives us some great insight into attributes to look for in a
great hire for your business in 2020

How to positively impact career growth for the millennial employee — Eyal Gutentag

Exceptional managers often have one quality in common: they strive not only
to achieve results, but to have a positive impact on the careers of their

Advantages of Managing Millennials — Eyal Gutentag

In my time managing millennials, I’ve found them to be motivated, driven,
and efficient when they are respected and managed well.

Keys for Management on Engaging Millennials — Eyal Gutentag

According to Eyal Gutentag, the key to engaging employees, of any age
demographic, is understanding what drives them. Instead of putting your
energy into what makes them different, try focusing on the employee’s

Eyal Gutentag — Consultant - Eyal Gutentag - Medium

Eyal Gutentag is a a proven growth and performance marketing leader who has run $100M+ budgets for ZipRecruiter, Uber, and the NFL. He is also an experienced mentor and manager of talent, especially…

Eyal Gutentag — Why Improving Our Education System is Vital

In the United States, our schools are among the most poorly funded in the industrialized world. In lower socio-economic areas, students often have limited access to the resources that are proven to…

3 Ways to Adjust Your Management Approach in 2020 - Eyal Gutentag

For many, January is a time for re-examining goals and setting intentions for the year. Often, entrepreneurs take this opportunity to create business plans and shift strategies where necessary.

Hiring in 2020? Consider These Six Qualities — Eyal Gutentag

A New Year often comes with reorganizing, restructuring, and expanding. Expanding your business can require hiring new talent. While you may be eager to expand in 2020, it is important to take the…

Management Focus Areas for 2020 - Eyal Gutentag

As we approach January, many entrepreneurs are building a business plan for the new year. Proactive leaders should be examining their management focus areas for 2020.

The Value in Improving Our Children's Education System: Providing for Our Future - Eyal Gutentag — Diane and Eyal Gut...

Research tells us that when we invest in improving our education system, we
provide for not only their future, but our country’s future as a whole.

Understanding the Mindset of a Millennial From a Manager’s Perspective — Eyal Gutentag

When developing your management approach, it is important to consider each generation you are working with. Every generation has a different mindset, and it is essential that you take each group’s…

Millennials In The Workforce: An Interview With Eyal Gutentag

The workforce, as well as the work environment, is changing. No longer do employees get hired, work for the same company their entire careers, and retire to a small house with a white picket fence…

The Importance of Taking Time Away from Work with Family- Eyal Gutentag

When you’re running your own business, it’s easy to end up working around the clock. It can feel difficult to take time off when ultimately, responsibility falls on you. Our society values ambition…

Finding Solutions for the Rising Homeless Crisis in LA — Diane and Eyal Gutentag Charitable Fund

Currently, fifty to sixty thousand people are experiencing homelessness on
any given night in Los Angeles. Tens of thousands of people living in
squalor on our streets is far too many - for the sake of our humanitarian,
social, and economic well-being, permanent solutions must be found.