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Train the Trainers Update

Today was the big day for Mrs. Wolff's four Scribble Press trainers that I met with last week as they took on the task of passing on their newly acquired knowledge of the Scribble Press app to their...

First Graders and Multi-Apping

Our first graders are getting so proficient on their iPads that they are now able to use multiple apps within one project! Recently Jennifer Wolffe had her students use Draw Free to draw a picture of...

Mrs. Wolff's Astronauts

Mrs. Wolff's students created planets using coffee filters, markers and water and then they wrote about their planets. Using Screen Chomp, they took a picture of their planets and then recorded their...

Solar System Project

Students in Ms. Van Zandt's class used their iPads to show their understanding of the Solar System for the Science TEK (8D) "Identify the planets in Earth's solar system and their position in...

Penguin Mania!

Third graders traveled around the world in search of penguin facts without ever leaving their classroom! Using QR codes, they were connected to live webcams of penguins all over the world. They...


3rd Grade collaborative project studying volcanoes and erosion around them.

QR codes and the phases of the Moon

4th graders use QR codes to create a flip book showing the phases of the moon.

chris lofgren - Published Guides - Snapguide

Science and Math SnapGuides

Planets and Space and Keynote...Oh My!

I got to work with a few of Jennifer Wolff's first graders today using Keynote on their iPads. Though it was an activity grounded in curriculum, Jennifer's main intent was to familiarize the students...

Train the Trainers in Mrs. Wolff's First Grade Class

When campuses first began having access to shared iPads, I started using this model with Sandy Crump's class. The two of us thought that this approach to teaching a new app made the most sense in a...

Oceans and Aurasma

One of Laura Wright's strengths is that she is very comfortable combining the world of technology and the equally important hands on learning activities that are so much a part of the elementary...

Mrs. Phi's Simple Machines Project

Mrs. Phi told me today that in years past, the Third Grade had done this simple machines project by taking the pictures with the classroom cameras, importing them into their Home Folders in the...

Flutter By Second Grade

Second graders in Ms. Mills and Ms. Rojas classes were all a flutter this week as the witnessed the live metamorphosis of their classroom caterpillars. As the caterpillars went through the journey to become butterflies, the second graders used their cameras and Keynote to digitally chronicle the caterpillar's life cycle.

Sowing the Seeds of Change

1st graders in Ms. Guthrie's and Ms. Tremel's classes were really busy last week sowing the seeds of change! They changed up their "old school" science journal to create a "new school" style...

Chirp and Popplet Unite

Students in Kinder are using Chirp and Popplet to show their understanding of the word Mammal. We sent a picture to the students using Chirp,they saved it to their camera roll and then switched to...

Natural Resources Project Using Explain Everything

Third Graders in MS. Fromberg's class have been learning about Natural Resources as part of the Science curriculum . They researched thei r topic and used the app 'Explain Everything' to showcase...

Weather Reports Using the Green Screen Effect in iMovie

Fourth Grade students were looking at different weather in Science. They created their own weather reports using the Green Screen Effect in iMovie.

iNVOLVE Me and iLearn

Inspired by Ms. Iles' QR hunt and Ewan McIntosh's Google Vs Non-Googleable lesson style that encourages kids to construct their own knowledge to make learning "stick", Ms. Cimino created a lesson about renewable and non-renewable resources.

Moon & Tide iBooks

These are the finished iBooks ready for download onto your iPad.

Science Trading Cards in 4th Grade

Natalie Brewer's Fourth Graders learned about the tools that scientists use last week and finished off the lesson by using the Trading Card iPad app to make trading cards that focused on one of the...

Getting Skitchy with It

Ms. Plevich really makes science come a live in her classroom. From taking care of class pets to dissecting bones, her students learn in active and meaningful ways. Students use iPads to reinforce...

Scribble Sense

No doubt about it, even the youngest Bobcats here at Bridge Point are working hard to become great writers and even publishers! After studying the five senses, kinders in Ms. Skonieczny's class put...

With a Little Help From My Friends

In the Fall, I wrote a blog post about Jennifer Wolff using the Train the Trainers method of instruction to teach students how to use a particular app. Recently, Jennifer's students expanded their...