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Updated by Joanna James on Mar 26, 2020
Headline for 5 Best kept secrets of Phuket – Attractions that are yet to gain boundless popularity
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5 Best kept secrets of Phuket – Attractions that are yet to gain boundless popularity

Being a massive island with a long history, Phuket is full of low-key attractions. From beaches to places of worship to markets, this Thai island is a repository of delightful secrets.


Ao Sane Beach

This is one of the best secrets of the island that tells you what real tranquillity is. While at Ao Sane Beach, you won't be disturbed by hawkers or the irritating sound of jet skis, but remember that you won't be able to rent beach chairs either; this lack of commercialism is a blessing. You will find the sand at Ao Sane Beach to be rougher than the sands found at other Phuket beaches. The beach is rocky, and it isn't the ideal place for beach games like beach volleyball. That said, it doesn't mean you can do nothing here; in fact, Ao Sane Beach is one of the sites famous for diving and snorkelling. The line of giant trees helps you battle the heat. If you are planning to try snorkelling, bring all the gear with you as you cannot rent snorkelling gear at the beach, in fact, you should bring all the essentials with you.


Nai Harn Beach

Though not a secret now, Nai Harn Beach was once a hidden treasure of Phuket. The soft sand and shallow water have made this beach popular among tourists. In no time, locals and tourists latched onto this paradise of a beach; however, it doesn't mean that the beach gets crowded up to the degree where you cannot find a quiet spot to lounge and enjoy some relaxed time. There's one upside to the beach being well known now; you can find several shops lining the beach, and they sell various things, including beverages. Another plus is that during the high season, the beach is patrolled by lifeguards.


Thai Amulets Market

Located in Phuket Old Town, off Rassada Road, Thai Amulets Market sells various religious items including Buddhist amulets, all of which are blessed by Thai monks. The alley is lined with small huts, and they all sell amulets of various shapes and sizes. The vendors like to keep the market a secret in order to evade the taxman. The market was opened decades ago, and now it has nearly a dozen outlets. In Thailand, there's a big demand for amulets, Thais believe that wearing an amulet keeps harm at bay and brings them luck: you can borrow from this amulet-wearing Thai tradition before going on the hunt for a Phuket luxury villa for sale. These amulets can be made from a range of materials; some amulets are made of gold or silver while there are ones made of clay and gypsum. Amulets are in high demand, and the prices vary, bear in mind that there can be fake amulets.


Layan Beach

1.5 kilometres away from Avadina Hills by Anantara, Layan Beach is another tranquil beach found on the island. Dotted with tall pine trees, the beach is perfect for those who want to read a book and relax. There's a restaurant that serves delicious, reasonably priced food and you can find beach chairs here.


Shrine of the Serene Light

This is an old Chinese shrine on the island. The shrine was founded in 1891 and is a model of ancient Chinese architecture. It isn't massive, but it sure looks extravagant. The shrine is set within a small courtyard amidst tall buildings. The inside walls of the shrine are decorated with murals, and you can see numerous statues of Chinese deities. This is a place of worship and sanctity, so you are not allowed to take pictures.