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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
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Top 5 Places to Have Fun in Hoi An – A Guide That is Winning

If you've been to Hoi An, surely you will agree that it is easily one of the most beautiful destinations in all of Vietnam and that is almost next to impossible to not like this town! Although picking and choosing are the hardest to do, here is our list of top 5 places to have fun in Hoi An!


Soak up the Sun At Hoi An Beaches

Why, yes, Hoi An is an ancient town with a history that is as colourful and interesting as the country itself, but did you know that its prime location on the coast also leaves you with plenty of beaches to choose from as well? At all costs, do make the best of it and head on down to the pretty beaches as and when you get the time to and get yourself that recommended dose of Vitamin Sea! An Bang beach is only 3km from Hoi An while Cua Dai beach is approximately a 4km ride away and these two along with the Mui Ne beaches are considered the best beaches in Vietnam altogether! No beach day is complete without the luxury of food- and restaurants in Hoi An are just the ideal thing to make your day better. Restaurants such as Art Space Hoi An present to you a unique dining experience amidst a pleasing ambience!


Explore the Paddy Fields and the Country Side

We don't know about you, but for us, the thought of Vietnam brings to mind endless paddy fields with farmers in their conical hats, the vast blue skies stretching miles on end and the famous water buffaloes ruffling through the muddiness that is the rice fields. Although most parts of the country may disappoint you on this front, Hoi An is everything you could ask for. Looking into the scenery of Hoi An is going to feel like you looking thoughtfully into your own vision, only it is absolutely, truly happening. The best way to go about taking in this view is to rent out a bike and ride outside the town towards the beach. The 'real' Vietnam is just right around the corner to surprise you, for good!


Take a Cooking Class

When in Hoi An, chances are you yourself will discover just how overly delicious the Vietnamese cuisine really is. If you would like to take away some of that culinary magic away home with you, why not join in one of the cooking classes that are running on a regular basis? These classes are a great way to learn how to stir up some of these delicious dishes for yourself when back at home to help with the nostalgia of having once been in Vietnam!


Take a Stroll to The Lantern Market

Hoi An really does surprise- take our word for it! It is a city as old as time and history as rich as aged wine, but by night, the city comes to light! A must-see spectacle is the Lantern Market in Hoi An. At dusk every day, this 300-meter-long Nguyen Hoang Street transforms into a whole different universe of colours as vendors set up stalls selling everything from handmade jewellery and clothes to delicious yummies! To top off this spectacular light show comes the hundreds of coloured lanterns that done adorn the street and illuminate the stalls. Now, this is a true Hoi An experience you should not miss!


A massage, perhaps?

While Hoi An has a lot to offer, it can sometimes get a little too overwhelming. Constantly worrying about how to cover everything you want to in this one trip can be very stressful. But what is best about Vietnam is that it still doesn't let the stress build up- what with their out-of-this-world massage experience existing and all! Let the tense leave you with a soothing Vietnamese massage and let yourself relax and unwind. Although the initial massage technique of Vietnam was greatly influenced by Chinese roots, with the passage of time, it has evolved to truly become its own kind. It mainly focuses on kneading and working out knots in the muscles. So, although it can be a little strenuous while the massage is ongoing, we promise you, you are surely going to feel refreshed and reinvigorated at the end of it all!

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