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Language Arts

Using Pages in Kindergarten

Carin Champion had the thought that perhaps her students might be able to get their ideas down on paper faster if they used the iPads to type out their thoughts without the added pressure of worrying...

Personification Project

Students in Ms. Cimino's 3rd grade used the Comic Life app to create examples of personification. Students illustrated their examples by hand and took a photo to place into Comic Life. They emailed...

Personalized Learning

Deepening the understanding of their reading passages, and working on their compare and contrast skills, was the goal of the most recent learning activity that this 5th grade team put before their students. They had been reading about the Titanic and the Hindenburg.

Flat Stanley Takes a "Staycation"

the past students created a Flat Stanley and sent them, via snail mail, to relatives around the world to bring back stories. This year Flat Stanley enlightened us from closer to home. Students created their Flat Stanleys using the Flat Stanley app on their personal i Then they took a tour of our school and photographed their Flat Stanely in places around the school they thought were special.

"I Can Show My Mind and Be Creative..."

When the 5th graders received their personal iPads, one of the first things teachers asked me to do was to teach Keynote to them and their students. They were all hooked immediately. During a research project about the Titanic, students discovered the features that enabled animated text, exciting transitions, and the ability to create photo collages.


Third Graders have been bringing their iPads to the Library to learn about digital and print resources.

Story Kit and the iPad: It's Not Just a Toy

Kindergartners in Mrs. Isom's class use their Camp Think -A-Lot Blog and Story Kit on the iPads to write for a global audience and they can't wait each day to see who in the world has read their blog.

Scribble Press and Writer's Workshop

Here is video about how students bring pictures into their Scribble Press books.

Using Screen Chomp to Create Book Reviews

Using Screen Chomp to Create Book Reviews Communication skills are being developed as students keep their audience in mind while writing book reviews . Critical thinking skills are being called for as the students are summarizing the book . Working with the Screen Chomp app fosters creativity.

Using Popplet Lite and Socrative with Novel Studies

A fourth grade teacher approached our Instructional Partner at Bridge Point elementary to help her design a lesson for her novel study on Frindle . She wanted to cover summarizing, sequencing, and...

Extending Novel Studies with comic creator apps

The PPT and Keynote on this site have samples across grade levels.

Mrs. Newey's Class Uses Strip Designer to Summarize Novels

I loved the process that brought this class to this particular culminating activity. It all began in their literature circles. One student in each of the circles was designated the Illustrator and...

Something is "Mything" at BPE

Fifth Grade students took the lead on this project. After their unit study in Mythology, they were challenged to write their own myths to explain current day social or natural phenomenon. Students voted to determine which 3 myths would make the best screen plays. Groups were formed. Plots were thickened.

If You Give an 8th Grader an iPad...

She's going to want to COLLABORATE! Inspired by delightful children's books like If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and Green Eggs and Ham, 8th graders in Ms. Fiske's American History class spun creative tales starring historical events they had studied throughout the school year. But they craved something more for their stories.

ABC Books Using Scribblepress

Thanks to the great brain of Ms. Simmons, our Kinders are creating ABC books using Scribblepress. They are taking photos using the camera feature, putting stickers on their pages and drawing their...

5th Grade Mystery Bags

Cedar Creek's fabulous instructional partner, Amy Tillman, created mystery bags to get 5th graders excited about research. The objective was to introduce several different historical time periods...

5th Grade Websites

5th graders built websites as the culminating project on a historical time period of the last 150 years. Topics included the Civil War, the Great Depression, the Cold War, and the Information Age. Students were divided into groups based on which time period they were most interested in.

Student Authors at BPE Create a Smashing New Series!

Ms. Coolman, our awesome librarian worked to help a group of BPE students to publish their own very own ePub books with their original writing, illustrations and even narration!! Check the books out and even download them to your iPad!!

Book Study-Fourth Grade

The students in Ms. Rollin's 4th grade are studying the novel, Frindle. In this book, a boy name Nick challenges his no-nonsense, dictionary-loving teacher to an all out war on words. After reading the book, they used the Socrative student app to take an online assessment that was created by their teacher.

The Moral of the Story is...

Mrs. Simmons's and Mrs. Harrison's classes learned about fables before the Thanksgiving holiday. The activity began with the reading of the fable which the teachers put into eBackpack . Once the...

Gmail + Parents = a Powerful Writing Tool

I love this creative use of Gmail that Laura Wright told me about today. Here are the details: #1. The class spent about 30 minutes adding their parent emails into the "contacts" on the iPad, and...

Question Types and Puppet Pals

Alison Grossimon's lesson on the 3 types of questions was well thought out and so very engaging from start to finish.

Non-Fiction Detectives

Often students struggle with comprehending nonfiction text and read it like they would fiction. In this lesson, Ms. McLaughlin, our Instructional Partner extraordinaire, turned Ms. Cimino's third...

On the Hunt for Nonfiction Text Features

Third grade is currently working on identifying the features of nonfiction texts, and asked for our help with this skill. First, we reviewed the features of fiction and nonfiction with a Venn...

The Reason for Writing - Sharing!

Students in Mrs. Lostracco's Kindergarten class love to share their writing! When students know they are writing for an authentic audience, they put more meaning and effort into their writing. In...