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Updated by Joanna James on Mar 26, 2020
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Interesting Facts About Maldives Islands

What you probably already know about the Maldives is that the giving gods unselfishly blessed the Maldives with marine beauty – some remarkably well placed turquoise oceans and an abundance of pelagic species. But we bet you didn't know the following interesting facts about the Maldives Islands.


There are over a thousand islands?

For a minute makes you wonder if this is where a thousand islands salad dressing originated, doesn't it? But more importantly, a staggering 1190 islands make the entirety of the Maldives islands. Whether it is good or bad we cannot exactly judge, but it is said that out of the 1190 islands, approximately only a 280 are inhabited as of yet, out of which 80 are taken up by exclusive resorts such as Anantara Veli Maldives Resort. Say, if your honeymoon resort in Maldives doesn't take up the span of an entire island, are you even honeymooning right?


99% of the Maldivian territory is water

Can you even begin to imagine how vastly spread out the Maldivian Islands possibly are? Now imagine how many potential dive sites the Maldives could be sitting on? Yes, let that sink in now!


The Maldives is the flattest country in the world

In no way do we insinuate that the world is flat as a plate, but this doesn't mean there could be a country within it that is actually (almost) as flat as a plate and you guessed right, it is the Maldives! Accordingly, its highest point, which is situated Villingili Island is only 7 feet and 7 inches above sea level. However, on average, the ground level across the country is said to be just 4 feet and 11 inches above sea level.


The currency of your wildest dreams

Having said all these fascinating facts about the Maldives, would it even really surprise you to know that back in the medieval times, the Maldivians used cowry shells as the national currency to do all their transactions? Even to date, the local currency, specifically coins, bear engravings of a cowry shell as a tribute to the currency of yesteryears. If it were still the case of today, if we could still transact with seas shells, you can fully expect us to be hunting down seashells across the world to try and afford a luxury vacation down in the Maldives wouldn't you agree?


The Maldivian Flag is a true Masterpiece

The Maldivian flag is made up of a large red rectangle which encloses a smaller green rectangle within it. The red is said to represent the boldness and bravery of the Maldivian national heroes whereas the green is said to symbolise the peace and prosperity that flourishes within this island nation. Inside the smaller green rectangle is also a perfectly centred white crescent which is believed to symbolize the Maldives' close link to the Muslim faith. Although the design of the national flag is one that seems very much simpler than most complicated flags that we generally come across, we must say, their depictions and representations have been extremely well thought and outlined through said design.