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Los mapas y gráficos de infección del coronavirus en todo el mundo

Gracias a las nuevas tecnologías y al análisis de datos podemos observar el desarrollo de la pandemia por el SARS-CoV-2, el famoso coronavirus causante del Covid-19, de distintas maneras, de una manera mucho más visual. Estos son algunos ejemplos de mapas y gráficos desarrollados por universidades y organismos oficiales de todo el mundo.

The Workers Who Face the Greatest Coronavirus Risk - The New York Times

Nurses and doctors rank high. But so do hairdressers and dentists.

10 considerations before you create another chart about COVID-19 | Tableau Software

Editor’s note: Amanda Makulec is joining as an advisor to the Coronavirus Data Resource Hub. As both a Masters of Public Health and the Operations Director for the Data Visualization Society, she’s an expert in the responsible use of data visualization for public health. She will be helping the Tableau team identify data resources, curate visualizations, and ensure that what is available through the hub is of the highest quality and consistent with responsible information sharing during a critical time. Follow her at @abmakulec and on The Nightengale, the journal of DVS.

What the BBC got wrong in their COVID-19 visualization | Tableau Software

Editor’s note: the article was updated to include more detail about the difficulty of calculating a fatality rate, and added a direct link to the CCDC data source used by the BBC in the original chart that inspired this article.

Coronavirus Outbreak Maps Rooted in History - CityLab

Cartographers are mapping the coronavirus in more sophisticated ways than past epidemics. But visualizing outbreaks dates back to cholera and yellow fever.

Become an FT subscriber to read: The tragedy of two failing superpowers

News, analysis and comment from the Financial Times, the worldʼs leading global business publication

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Data Resource Hub | Tableau Software

Powered by data from Toast, Rally for Restaurants created this dashboard to help restaurants across the United States— and their patrons— better understand how the Coronavirus health crisis is impacting their industry. The dashboard is updated daily, visualizing average daily revenue trends and the shift from dine-in to off-premise dining options.

This startup made a coronavirus knowledge graph to help doctors with diagnosis

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Information Visualization – A Brief Introduction | Interaction Design Foundation

Information visualization can help us make sense of information and thus make it useful in our lives. Master the art of designing for and representing data.

The Drake Equation – What are the Chances of Extraterrestrial Life? — Information is Beautiful

Are we alone in the universe? Is there life on other planets? Or has the Fermi Paradox kicked in? Tune this interactive Drake Equation calculator to reveal the current chances of intelligent alien life in the universe.

Visualización de datos: Periodismo y Comunicación en la era de la información visual

De infografías, gráficos interactivos, narrativas transmedia y herramientas periodísticas para la visualización, así como de transparencia y acceso a datos abiertos, trata este nuevo libro.

A decade of the Datablog: 'There's a human story behind every data point' | Membership | The Guardian

The Guardian’s data editors in the UK, US and Australia explain how their work has influenced our journalism

Alicia reducida a su puntuación | Nexos

La ilustración muestra un diseño de Alicia en el País de las Maravillas reducida a su puntuación. Hay, por cierto, varios puntos admirativos en la obra de Lewis Carroll, el más famoso (en inglés) y por ejemplo: “Que le corten la cabeza!”

Florence Nightingale Saved Lives by Creating Revolutionary Visualizations of Statistics (1855) | Open Culture

I've long counted myself as a fan of Edward Tufte, the preeminent living expert on the visual display of quantitative information. I like to think this puts me in the company of Florence Nightingale, founder of modern nursing as well as a prolific writer and still today a household name. Having lived in the Victorian era, she of course never got to enjoy the work of Tufte himself, though her own zeal for data and statistics, in a time that valued such things less than ours, made her, in some sense, a Tufte of her day: the first female member of the Royal Statistical Society and an honorary member of the American Statistical Association. The video above, an outtake from Hans Rosling's The Joy of Stats, offers a brief introduction to the statistical side of Nightingale's career, and the important role data visualization played in her mission to save lives.

15 Stunning Data Visualizations (And What You Can Learn From Them)

We’re drowning in data. Everyday, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created. This is the equivalent of 90% of the world’s information–created in the last two years alone. Now this is what we call…

How the BBC Visual and Data Journalism team works with graphics in R

Over the past year, data journalists on the BBC Visual and Data Journalism team have fundamentally changed how they produce graphics for publication on the BBC News website. In this post, we explain…

The History of Philosophy Visualized in an Interactive Timeline | Open Culture

The connections we make between various philosophers and philosophical schools are often connections that have already been made for us by teachers and scholars on our paths through higher education. Many of us who have taken a philosophy class or two leave it at that, content we’ve got the gist of things and that specialists can parse the details perfectly well without us. But there are those curious people who continue to read abstruse and difficult philosophy after their intro classes are over, for the sheer, perverse joy of it, or from a burning desire to understand truth, beauty, justice, or whatever.

Information Visualization in Digital News Media

We address information visualization in digital news media. To do this, we begin by analyzing the added value of information visualization in the media.

Recreating John Snow's Ghost Map - Python - Online Project | DataCamp

Recreate John Snow's famous map of the 1854 cholera outbreak in London.

Nuevas narrativas en la visualización de datos de los Mundiales

Así hemos realizado el especial sobre datos históricos de los Mundiales de Fútbol a través de diferentes narrativas e infográficos en Mundo Deportivo. Artículo de Ferran Morales en

Visualizing Dante's Hell: See Maps & Drawings of Dante's Inferno from the Renaissance Through Today | Open Culture

The light was departing. The brown air drew down
     all the earth’s creatures, calling them to rest
     from their day-roving, as I, one man alone,

Introduction to Data Visualization in Python | DataCamp

Learn complex data visualization techniques using Matplotlib and seaborn.

The Atlantic Slave Trade Visualized in Two Minutes: 10 Million Lives, 20,000 Voyages, Over 315 Years | Open Culture

Not since the sixties and seventies, with the black power movement, flowering of Afrocentric scholarship, and debut of Alex Haley’s Roots, novel and mini-series, has there been so much popular interest in the history of slavery. We have seen Roots remade; award-winning books like Edward Baptist’s The Half Has Never Been Told climb bestseller lists; and The Freedman’s Bureau Project’s digitization of 1.5 million slavery-era documents gives citizen-scholars the tools to research the history on their own.

Jaime Serra, el mejor infógrafo del mundo: "En el periodismo hay cosas que estamos haciendo mal" | Líderes

Thomas de Quincey nunca escribió un libro titulado De la infografía entendida como una de las bellas artes porque en su siglo no existía la infografía, y además le resultaba más ll

Information Visualization – Who Needs It? | Interaction Design Foundation

Jesse James Garrett, the information designer, says; "What makes people passionate, pure and simple, is great experiences. If they have great experience with your product and they have great experienc...