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Updated by Joanna James on Jul 13, 2023
Headline for Tips for planning the ultimate beach getaway - The crucial 5 steps!
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Tips for planning the ultimate beach getaway - The crucial 5 steps!

Planning for a trip can be very time-consuming and overwhelming especially if you're doing family trips overseas. This guide here has taken the initiative to make your life a lot simpler by pointing out the fine details you should be considering when planning a vacation.


Step 1

Your step one should involve choosing your vacation spot. You have to choose a place that interests you and you're excited to travel to. Depending on your budget, you can either travel internationally or domestically. Another aspect you have to consider is how much travel time you have and plan accordingly. Remember, family vacations, couple's getaway and solo trips all have their own type of planning. When choosing your destination, like aforementioned, you must consider what you want out of this trip. Are you looking for relaxation, adventure, beaches, mountains, winter, summer, countryside, city, road trips, resorts, culture, food, shopping, budget, mid-range, luxury and so on? Once you have decided what you want out of this trip, you should also give yourself some time to suss out your budget. If your budget is a bit compromised, it will always be better for you to head out in the low season or the shoulder season. Besides, there are hotels and resorts that offer discounts during these seasons. For instance, when looking for a Chiang Mai hotel, you can check out properties like Anantara Chiang Mai Resort.


Step 2

With your destination set in mind now, your next step will be to book your flights. There are many cheap flights that are offered which you can check out in some of the websites offered. A place like Skyscanner will compare thousands of flights and give you the best options. You can also head over directly to the website of the airlines, and check for any offers and discounts.


Step 3

After you booked your flights tickets, it will be time to invest in some good travel insurance. If your trip gets cancelled for any unforeseen reasons you can always recover the cost of this ticket with travel insurance. This is only a small investment that will bring you great peace of mind. It can cover unexpected events and medical emergencies and also damaged or stolen goods.


Step 4

Your next step will be to book accommodation. Always make sure to book hotels and resorts well in advance in order to secure a good price. If you are planning to stay in a place for weeks, you can always check out the local apartments that have a fully accessible kitchen, separate bedrooms, laundry room and so on.


Step 5

Now it's time to decide how you will get around when in the city. For instance, you must consider whether you want to rent out a car or pre-purchase passes for transport online. Are there bus services? Are they train services? Is there Uber or other taxi services? Will you be able to walk to most places? These are some of the questions you have to address.