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Animal species of Thailand - For the wildlife enthusiasts!

Thailand's unique ecological conditions have given rise to unique domestic animals where some are endemic to this region. As a result, it is a must to check out these incredible wildlife creatures. Here is a list of the animal species that are found in this country.


Asian Elephants

Asian elephants are found in the forest and parks of this country. They are much smaller than the African elephants, however, they remain to be the biggest animals of Thailand. Asian elephants are playful, less aggressive and absolutely majestic compared to their African counterparts. This species is becoming soon in danger due to poaching and habitat destruction. Besides, if you are looking for a Bangkok resort located close to national parks and zoos, you can check out properties like Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort.



This creature is native to South Asia and Southeast Asia. It is also known as bearcat even though it does not have any attributes to a cat or even a bear. It is omnivorous in nature and feeds on fish, birds, fruit, small mammals and insects. Although these creatures are very common in Thailand, you might find it difficult to spot them as they are shy and our proficient climbers of trees.


Sun Bear

This type of bear is the smallest of its species and possesses very sharp claws as well as teeth that can inflict some serious harm to people who cross them. It is known to have a black coat of fur and legs that are slightly bowed. This magnificent creature is being threatened at the moment due to poaching activities and the loss of its natural habitat. You can check out the local national parks to view these animals.


Banded Linsang

This animal is abundantly found in this country in the southern region. It is a secretive animal that is quite elusive and solitary in nature. It is hard to spot them out in the open. They do spend most of the days in the canopy of evergreen forest.


Agile Gibbon

Most of the agile gibbons are located close to the border of Thailand and Malaysia. As its name suggests, these creatures are very agile and have long arms which can help fling themselves from one branch to another. They spend most of the time up in the trees and very rarely come to the forest floor or the ground. If they feel threatened, they will jump and swing themselves from one tree to another and make noises to alert their fellow members.



It is said that around 600 Indochinese tigers are left in the world today. Half of its population are found in this beautiful country and a third of it in the zoos. And the remaining 200 of them have established themselves in the tropical forest.


Irrawaddy Dolphins

This is a type of ocean dolphin that is found in south-east Asia as well as the Bay of Bengal. This animal can be found in the national parks of Thailand and what sets them apart from other types of dolphin is it blowhole in the front and its beak.