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Techugo is a leading mobile app development company, bringing the best of the app development technologies and trends into your mobile app. Our headquarter is based in Canada and off-shore centers in the USA, India & Dubai.

: Top 10 Mobile Application Development Companies

Confused to proceed with the right mobile app development company? Read this blog and get top 10 mobile app development companies in India...

Automation; streamlines the workflows & enhances optimization!

Automation enhances your business operations and helps it grow exponentially. Curious to know more? Tune into this podcast.

SwiftUI; reshaping the way to design & build apps

SwiftUI is unfolding the future of Apple development and helps in significantly reducing lines of code and run-time crashes. Let’s dive a bit deeper with this Podcast further.

Mind-blowing facts, no one ever told you before about CyberSecurity!

Cybersecurity offers a shield against the digital vulnerability, but is this all what it holds within? Unleash surprising facts about it with this podcast. Get all ears!

Hidden benefits of GitHub; you should not ignore anymore!

Heard about GitHub, as a repository hosting service? Wait, there is much more to this apparently ordinary platform. Find out what more GitHub has got to provide, with this podcast…

Curious About VR- Here Are The Best VR Apps You Need To Know

The growth in technology is driving a lot of changes in the business and the rest of the processes. The wave of digitalization merged with app technology is working in a direction to cut the chaos…

AR & VR Technology Revolutionizing The eCommerce Industry

The world is constantly evolving and expanding its capabilities to walk hand in hand with the advancement of new technologies. This complete process of progress can be observed all around the world because it is drawing more user engagement and is turning a lot of heads. One industry that is leaving no stone unturned is e-commerce.

Here Are 5 Business App Ideas You Can Choose

The popularity that the mobile app technology is receiving from all over the world is beyond everyone's expectations. And the reason is its capability to mend the gap present between the users and business. Not only does it enable seamless communication, but it also helps the individuals to step on a larger bandwagon.

Modern Age Hiring Through Chatbot Technology

Hiring is indeed a tough process for both applicants and recruiting team. Check this info-graphic to know how modern age is hiring through chatbot tec

Now A COVID Symptom Tracker App For U.S. Citizens - COVID19Trackerapp

The application was developed in order to provide supplemental information, with the help of testing programs. It also provides details on other public measures about the outburst

USA Football Has Launched A Stellar App Solution To Coach Youngsters

Hey football freaks, you don’t need to limit your practice sessions during lockdown! Because in the league of Sports application development, USA Football is launching an app that can help coaches…

Facebook Allows US and Canada Users to Move Media to Google Photos

No doubt, Facebook has eased down the woes of connecting, collaborating, and sharing a special moment, clicks, and information with each other. And in this run, now Facebook has announced that the U.S. and Canada citizens can now easily transfer their photos and videos to Google Photos. Yes, you heard me right. Let's find out more about it, with this post today.

: Curbside Pickup Saves Businesses & Boosts Community

Curbside pickup has emerged out to be a spectacular way to keep employees safe & employed. Take a look to know how this service is meeting the users’ demand.” As the entire world keeps up with social distancing and the global lockdown to contain the spread of the coronavirus, things are getting a little complicated. … Continue reading Curbside Pickup Saves Businesses & Boosts Community →

Now Users Can Send Packages To Friends With Uber Connect

As lock-down continues, people all around the world are looking for multiple ways to get the necessities delivered at the doorstep. That is the reason why Uber is accelerating the delivery efforts beyond groceries and food. The company is now providing an on-demand and schedule last-mile delivery solutions for both businesses and user base. Let us take a look at the new project- Uber Connect launched by the company. This step is being taken to meet the changing requirements of the user base and different business partners.

Impact of COVID-19 on Businesses

It is time that we go through some of the businesses that are currently observing the impact of COVID-19. Let us see how the pandemic has affected their growth and what back-up plans have they triggered.

Hugo - A Collaborative Note-taking App Raises $6.1 Million

In the era of digitalization, businesses are thriving towards excellence. Take a look at how Hugo, a collaborative note-taking app is set to accelerate product development with new funding!

These Free Apps Are Here To Improve Covid-19 Lockdown

Today our world is going through a crisis, where staying home to break the evil chain of Coronavirus is the only option. However, for people, it is a daunting task to stay home and stay engaged. However, to help you come in terms with this NEW environment, app technology is also not falling behind.

In this post, we’ve compiled a list of the app for different genres, that are offering engaging content and information to capture your attention.Just read this post to understand how you can make the most out lockdown, and stay engaged.

5 Popular Branding Trends To Beat Market Competition

Today in this blog we will discover the importance of branding for surviving the cut-throat competition. Along with the importance, we would also find the trends that are gaining popularity. So without any further ado, let us continue....

Here’s What You Need To Know About Milk Delivery App

Milk delivery application comes in handy when there is a demand for fresh dairy products being delivered.Take a look further to understand more about the milk delivery app and its development.

6 Simple Steps To Win On-Demand Grocery Delivery Market

The global pandemic has really boosted the need for no contact services. Now more and more users are getting their basic and daily use items delivered through grocery apps. With the increase in demand, more and more brick and mortar businesses are looking forward to stepping into the on-demand grocery delivery market.

Instabug- San Francisco-based Startup Nets $5M Funding From Accel

"A San Francisco-based Startup, Instabug raised a total of $5 million in funding from Accel to boost mobile app development. Keep reading to know more about it." These days mobile phone has converted into one of the most used devices to interact with...

FB Introduces Venue - A Twitter-like App For Live Events

Facebook's new application Venue has been doing a lot of rounds in the biz world. If you want to know more about it, then keep reading

How An App Can Help In Branding Of Your Business?

The popularity of applications is touching the skies. Their seamlessness has allowed its maximum adoption. According to research, every smartphone users spend almost 80% of their total phone-usage time jumping from one app to another. Now if the users are present hopping from one application to another, shouldn't businesses think more about the integration of an app for branding?

Peloton- A Fitness Company Provides Mobile App For Home Workouts

As the threat of coronavirus is increasing, people prefer staying at home and focusing on their health rather than visiting the gym. This presents a great opportunity for a lot of brands to jump on the success bandwagon and integrate a fitness mobile application into their process. Peloton application is a great example for other brands to merge their business with the seamlessness of mobile applications.

What Is The Scope Of Chatbots In Hospitality Industry?

The fact that apps bridge the gap present between a business and its users is enough to attract colossal attention from the market. Not only it provides the immaculate user experience but it also delivers unmatchable convenience. That is why the world is evolving into the one that depends on tech more than anything else.

With that said, let us see how the technology is evolving in the hospitality industry to ameliorate its progress.