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Things to do in Negombo - Four activities to indulge in!

Most tourists stopover in Negombo before heading to their holiday destinations in the country they would like to explore. The reason being this town is a popular beach town which is located quite close to the International Airport. Here is what you can explore in the incredible Negombo.



First up, this is a good stopover to have before you head out. This is where you can assimilate and plan out your destination. After having rested for a night or two in Negombo, you will be better off to enjoy your holiday. Some tourists head out here after a long flight or transit which can take a toll on one's body. If you are looking for a hotel near Katunayke, you can check out properties like Amagi Aria, from where you can head to or from the International Airport easily.


Negombo Beach

This is a top popular attraction in this region. This is best for beach walks, to relax and sunbathe. You must head out here doing the sunset times for an absolutely glorious view. The final ray of the day dance across the sky in brilliant orange-red and yellow colours. Besides, there are many teahouses dotted across the coastline that you're must check out. You can have an excellent cup of tea and watch the sunset. It does seem to get a bit crowded during the weekends. However, it is quite easy to find a private spot.


Fish markets

Negombo is a fishing town and as such, there are some excellent fish markets. You don't have to necessarily by fish to head out here. Wake up early in the morning at around 6 am and go to the local market to see the fishermen haul the night time catch on to the shore. There will be many locals here trying to buy the fresh fish. You can also head out to some of the restaurants around the area to taste excellent fish curries. You won't be disappointed as Sri Lanka is well known for its delicious and nutritious cuisine.


Resort and Spa

You can visit this place either when you arrive in the country or when you are about to leave the country. Remember, the International Airport is only a few minutes' drive from here. As such, one of the best ways to relax and enjoy your trip will be to head out to a spa for a good authentic massage to relax those sore muscles. And when in Negombo, to your delight, you will find there are plenty of high-end resorts and spas that can give you the ultimate experience.


City Tour

There are many cultural and historical attractions around this town that you can visit. The Dutch Fort, the Dutch Canal, Fisherman's Bay, Angurukaramulla Temple and the St. Mary's Church are some of the must-visit places. You can usually do a city tour in 6 hours. So dedicate a few hours to explore the city and you will not be disappointed!