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Updated by Joanna James on Mar 26, 2020
Headline for Top 5 Thai food to try in Bangkok- Don’t knock it till you try it!
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Top 5 Thai food to try in Bangkok- Don’t knock it till you try it!

Bangkok has much to offer, it may be the ancient temples to simply the livelihood and culture of those who call this bustling city their home. However, the highlight is the surely the flavours that come with any dish served to feed a hungry belly!


Pad See Eiw

Thick slices of noodles, a dark and unctuous soy sauce, some greens in the form of cabbage or broccoli all topped off with a selection of chicken, beef or pork. This drool inducing mixture of food makes for some of the most delicious mouthfuls you can imagine. Common fare in many shops that line the streets of Bangkok, it's the go to dish if you find yourself famished after wandering through their bustling streets. Perfect when compliments with a dash of the customary chilli flake and vinegar to take the edge off!


Guay Teow

A strong contender for the most popular of Thai dishes, you can find yourself crouched over a bowl in no time when in Bangkok. Widely available with every store having their own unique recipes, this is a true cultural staple! It can be prepared to suit the diner, whether it is chicken, beef or pork along with dollops of noodles. Unfortunately for any vegetarians, you would be hard pressed to find a meat free version. It is not uncommon to find some meatballs or wontons thrown into the bowl along with a heavy smattering of dried chilli, sugar, peppers and fish sauce to draw out the signature Thai flavours that many people crave for.


Som Tam

This bundle of deliciousness comes in the form of green papaya tossed together with chillies, carrots, peanuts, dried shrimp, palm sugar and a variety of other ingredients. This concoction builds into a crescendo of delectable spicy, sweet and sour mouthfuls full of crunchy texture. You are sure to find this to be a regular accompaniment to much of Thai cuisine.



Originating in the north-eastern part of the country, this meat and vegetable salad is another inimitable and unique recipe containing either chicken, pork, mushroom and mint to form a stellar spicy salad. We would not recommend this to anyone who is not wise to the ways of spicy food as it certainly packs a large punch. Be sure to check out the local Bangkok family hotel buffet for this delicious dish if you get the chance!


Pad Thai

Last but not least, we have Pad Thai. This dish has managed to hit the mainstream culture through the trends of globalization to be recognized even beyond the borders of Bangkok. This noodles dish is one of Thailand's national dishes and is a staple at many tourist friendly restaurants locally as well as globally. Once again, served using either shrimp or chicken, this is a dish that favours vegetarians with a meat free variety being as delicious as any of its counterparts. This dish can be enjoyed on the street side where you may argue that the best varieties of Pad Thai are found, such as the popular Thipsamai restaurant a short 15-minute drive from the Pathumwan Princess Hotel.

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