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Top 6 Excellent Tips To Increase WooCommerce Sales

Online stores are replacing the brick-and-mortar shops rapidly. That time is not too far when more than 90% of people will prefer to shop online instead of going to physical stores. With the growing dependency on the shopping sites, it has become super important for each business owner to keep their potential customers engaged in their offerings as much as possible.

Top 6 Excellent Tips To Increase WooCommerce Sales

WooCommerce has evolved as one of the most trusted platforms for such owners where they can sell their products or items independently. This open-source ecommerce plugin for WordPress is being widely used by small to large-sized businesses to make their products accessible to their prospects. Read moe on

Top 5 WordPress Landing Page Plugins For 2020 - Website Design Company Los Angeles

Are you striving hard to grow your email list? Do you want to generate more leads? Haven’t you found any reason for people not signing up for your webinars? Well, the landing page is the only solution that you can rely on. Technically, a plugin can be defined as a software component that is used to add a particular feature to an existing computer program. And the plugins that are available in WordPress to build landing pages are known as WordPress landing page plugin.

How To Speed Up Your Design Process Using Elementor?

It’s no secret that more and more businesses are establishing their online presence to reach out to a large number of potential customers. There are many people who are operating their business taking help of designers and developers to build their sites. For them, Elementor is the best page builder that they can use to design fully functional websites without writing a single line of code.

Why Using WordPress Trackbacks & Pingbacks Is Important? by leisl novak

In the blogging landscape, if you are a beginner, WordPress trackbacks and pingbacks might appear confusing to you.  But, is it logical to be skeptical about these two terms, knowing that bo...

In today’s competitive world, growing your web design business can be a daunting task if you don’t update your service list with changing time. The time when you decide to take your web design company to the next level, you need to spend more time in its core activities, increase your resources, and invest your energy in finding new clients around the world.

How To Improve Your Web Design Approach

There is no getting around the fact that in this exceedingly digitally inclined generation, the presence of the world wide web is becoming more and more instrumental in making the lives of people easier and faster. Considering this, it should come as no surprise that websites are more utilised these days for many different types of reasons. This is why professional designers are more in demand now than they were ever before.

Why You Should Choose A Mobile-First Design Over Mobile-Friendly Design?

Back in 2015, Google released a mobile-friendly ranking algorithm that was designed to give priority to mobile-friendly pages in Google’s mobile search results. Since then five years have already passed, still, it is a challenge for many designers to create a great mobile user experience. In fact, it can be difficult to differentiate between what makes a design truly functional for mobile users and what makes the design just visually appealing. This is the point where a “mobile-first” strategy can be of great importance that would help designers to deliver a great mobile user experience.

How To Increase Your WordPress Website’s Security? - SFWPExperts — Steemit

Someone has said truly that “Alertness is better than regret”. In a similar context, keeping your WordPress website… by sfwpexperts

Secure WordPress Websites From Hackers on Behance

In this digital age, most of the products or services that you want to get are made available through web based applications, be it responsive websites or seamless mobile apps. But have you ever thought about how webmasters store your information? Do they have enough resources to secure your information from hackers or not?

Common Misconceptions About Infographics People Think Are True  – Telegraph

Quite often while working in the information design field, you would have been asked to make the data look cool. Agree? It’s a common misconception people have about infographics that a flashy method of presenting the data is more effective than the simple one. 

Top 5 Ways To Update Old Blog Posts To Drive High Traffic

In this age of digital marketing, perhaps nobody would be unknown from the fact that content creation and posting is vital for website’s SEO.Not only high-quality blog posts help i

Top 10 Must Have Plugins & Tools For Social Media Marketing | Posts by websitedesignlosangeles | Bloglovin’

Top 10 Must Have Plugins & Tools For Social Media Marketing, a post from the blog Posts by websitedesignlosangeles, written by websitedesignlosangeles on Bloglovin’

How To Design A Perfect Icon - SFWPExperts - Website Design Los Angeles

The moment you think of designing an icon for computer systems, the first thing that hits your head is HOW? There are many rules and principles for designing icons that you have to go through before you actually start the process. It is necessary to do so if you really want to have a perfect icon that can be easily recognized and has a unique look and feel.

An Ultimate Guide To UI Design: 7 Rules Of Thumb@sfwpexperts|PChome 個人新聞台

In addition to including various links, buttons, and features in your web design, it is equally important to design your User

Which Image File Type Is Best for WordPress Websites?

This is one of the most important questions that has been around for a long while, especially when SEO came to life. 

Improve Performance Of WordPress Landing Page?

Wufoo is a web form builder that helps anyone create beautiful forms, surveys and invitations without writing a single line of code.

In today’s web landscape, most sites are built using CMS like WordPress. If I tell you specifically, 30% of total websites that are operating on the internet have been developed using WordPress platform. Though it has a host of features to increase the usability of websites, still some websites don't load quickly when clicked. It creates lots of problems for website owners as they have to suffer back-to-back losses such as getting less traffic, having a high bounce rate, and minimal interaction with potential customers. Considering this, I have thought of making my readers (website owners, webmasters, and other professional designers) aware of how to speed up their WordPress website effectively.

The Best WordPress Security Plugins You Can't Ignore

For business owners who have been running WordPress websites for a long time, website security is one of their biggest concerns.

Have you ever used a mobile website or app where you thought it is hard for your thumb to click on links or buttons? Have you felt like you need to stretch a little bit more to tap on an important menu or icon? Have you thought that the position of some features and elements should be changed to make it easy for you to use the website?

How To Start A Blog? Explained In 12 Easy Steps

Mostly blogging is the preferred choice for people who want to work from home. But, nowadays this notion seems to be changing as big corporate are hiring content writers for creating engaging copies for their company or business. By publishing those content, businesses tend to attract, engage, and convert their visitors into customers.

How You Should Design Landing Pages For Higher Conversions

High conversion rate is the mark of achievement that everyone is chasing to, be it web designers, website owners, or marketing strategists. You might be part of the crowd as well if you are after…

(Top 9 Reasons) Why You Should Avoid Free WordPress Hosting – Telegraph

When people start to build a WordPress website from scratch, most of them would prefer a recommended WordPress host while others will rely on a free WordPress host.

Top 4 Principles Of Designing Responsive Websites - Website Design Company Los Angeles

In today’s world, having a responsive website for a company or a business is more of a necessity than a luxury as it has its own set of advantages. When you have a responsive design for your website you can be sure of getting high traffic as your target users can access your website through mobile phones, desktops, and other touchscreen devices. But do you know what are the top 4 principles of designing responsive websites? What should designers keep in mind while creating a responsive website? Is it necessary to follow the principles of responsive web design? We will discuss all these things in this blog. Read more on