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The Best Food In Macau – Flavours To Savour!

Macau is a brilliant place to visit if you are into culture, traditions and food! The latter is quite a treat. Given that Macau is greatly influenced by both Chinese and Portuguese cultures. The food, therefore, is a fine amalgamation of these cultures; here’s the best food to taste in Macau!


The Signature Snack – Portuguese Egg Tarts!

Egg tart is a must-try when in Macau. A signature snack that’s part of the city’s Portuguese heritage these light fluffy pastries are dreamy treats. The pastry shell is filled with a lovely egg custard that has the same texture of a crème Brulee with a crunch caramelised topping. Egg tarts are sold at every street corner, mobile vendors, restaurants and cafés in Macau. And if you are serious foodie, do yourself a favour and look for accommodation at classy Macau hotels, 5 star rated. There are plenty of them to choose from and many like Hotel Okura Macau, offer attractive promotions.


Sink Your Teeth Into A Pork Chop Bun

This deliciously decadent snack is a well-flavoured pork chop placed in a bun. The pork chop which is well seasoned, cooked to perfection and quite soft is with the bone in, sandwiched inside a piggy bun. The perfect snack for when you are out and about exploring the area.


Mashed Potato Worth Trying

This is no ordinary mashed potato, the dish served at Robuchon au Dome, a Michelin starred restaurant, is well worth a try. The smooth silky and soft mash has the perfect ratio of potato and butter for that out of this world flavour. Its made with French butter and ratte potatoes, so you can expect the best. Plus, the mash after being well stirred is passed through a sieve to achieve that extra velvety texture.


The All-Time Favourite Egg Roll

Egg rolls are popular across China, but more so in Macau. A favoured street food, the rolls are sold just about everywhere. The rolls are crispy, delicious and easily eaten by the dozen. The best, of course, is sold hot off the griddle at the little know street kiosks.


The Savoury Portuguese Seafood Rice

If you like Spanish Paella and Italian savoury rice, this version served in Macau is a soupier treat to enjoy. Part of the treatment is the fresh prawns and juicy mussels, but the real flavour comes from the broth in which the rice is stewed. Most often the soupy rice will be served with a topping of seasoned olive oil.


The Popular Desserts Serradura

The name in Portuguese means ‘sawdust’, but in terms of flavour and appearance this dessert is anything but sawdust. A kind of chilled pudding that looks like ice cream, Serradura is made with layers of sweet biscuit which is first crushed to look like sawdust, hence the name! the biscuits are mixed with fresh cream, condensed milk and fragrant vanilla for that super sweet treat.

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