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05 Things You Can Only Try Out In Auckland – Star Of North Island

Auckland located on New Zealand's North Island is more than unique. Did you know, Auckland Domain, the oldest park in the city is located around an old volcano! Read on to discover things you can only do in Auckland, for a holiday of unique memories!


Plan A Kayak Tour To A Volcano!

Rangitoto Island is a dormant volcano. You can plan a kayak tour to the place and trek along with the lava flow to the summit. There you are treated to sweeping views across the harbour, all the way to the city. If kayaking is not your thing, take the ferry to the island. Its not far from Downtown Auckland and hotels near Auckland International. This is one of the most popular locations to be based in Auckland, with some like Naumi Hotel Auckland Airport, offering guests easy access to most attractions in Auckland.


Trek Across The Country

No, its not a long drawn out hike session over a couple of days. Trekking across North Island will take you a matter of 5 hours. You will be walking across the narrowest section of the island starting from Viaduct Harbour located on the east coast. Your trek will take you to the western side of the island, to end at Manukau Harbour. The trek is very rewarding as you pass across dormant volcanoes, pass through beautiful parks and pretty urban neighbourhoods. Ask your Auckland hotel about available tours.


Enjoy The East And West Coast In One Day

That's right folks, due to the narrow stretch of land between the east and west coast of North Island, its easy to enjoy time on both coasts within one day. Hence, you can plan a refreshing morning swim in the waters surrounding the east coast of Auckland and head out to rustic surroundings of the west coast, complete with exotic black sand beaches, for a thrilling round of surfing. It does not have to be in that order though, choose which ever works for you.


Spend The Day On An Isle Of Wine!

No self-respecting connoisseur of wine can miss out on a trip to the Auckland Isle of Wine! A 40 minute ferry ride from your Auckland hotel will take you the island of Waiheke; better known as the Isle of Wine. This gorgeous oasis is home to some of New Zealand's most stunning beaches and over 30 wineries! Decide on a wine tasting tour and lunch at one of the vineyards for a day you will never forget.


Visit The Penguin Colony Exhibit

Head over to Kelly Tartlons SEALIFE Aquarium, home to one of the biggest penguin colonies in the world. Apart for the adorable King Penguins living there, you will see Spiny Sea Dragons, the largest of the world's sting ray species and get to view a marvellous underwater aquarium. You can opt to either watch the sharks being fed or choose an adrenaline pumping shark dive of your own.

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