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Updated by Joanna James on Mar 25, 2020
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Things to pack for a beach vacation – To free your mind from worry and stress

If you are planning a trip to the tropics or to a beach in your country, there are things that need sorting out; they vary from toiletries to travel documents to accommodation to travel insurance.



Your luggage should be lightweight; it should be something you can carry effortlessly. There shouldn't be anything other than three items; a carry-on, a checked bag and a personal item should suffice. Since it is a beach holiday, you'll be lounging on the beach, and it doesn't call for much.


Organise your luggage

If you have plans for a lot of activities, you need all sorts of things from sandals to shades to sunscreen. So, it is important to keep everything organised. You need packing cubes to keep everything separate, and you can compress your clothes to make more space. Using packing cubes makes unpacking easier; you can directly place them in the dresser drawers in your hotel room. In case you are planning a night out at a beach club Koh Samui, for example, a place like SEEN Beach Club, you need to have a nice, elegant outfit with you. So, pack an outfit suitable to a date night and keep them in a zippered compartment.


Beach essentials

Even if you are going to lounge on the beach all day, there are a few items you are going to need. Sunscreen, bathing suit, shades, a book, sandals, tank tops, a hat, shorts, a cell phone charger, soap, shampoo, toothpaste and toothbrush are all essentials.


Your health

You don't want to get sick on your vacation, but you might. So, take all your prescription medication, a first-aid kit and hand sanitisers. If you are travelling to another country, make sure you have received the necessary vaccinations.


Travel documents and personal items

You should keep your travel documents in your carry-on – keep your insurance cards, birth certificates of your kids, passports, boarding passes and credit cards in your carry-on. Also, you need to keep essential toiletries and an extra outfit with you in case your checked bag gets delayed, or worse, lost. For long journeys, you should have a light jacket, earplugs and an eye mask with you. Though not necessary, to keep yourself entertained, take your laptop, a camera, a book and your journal with you.


Other particulars

You must place safety above everything else. Flashlights, hidden belts and reflective clothing are more important than you may realise. You are supposed to have fun on your vacation, but if your mind keeps harking back to your home, then the whole point of your holiday is lost. To put your mind at ease, before leaving, put your mail on hold, stop deliveries, pay your bills, board your pets, lock doors and windows, unplug all the appliances, set your security alarm and entrust your travel itinerary to a friend or a family member.


The importance of travel insurance

Nothing could be worse than losing your luggage while on holiday or have it stolen; your vacation can turn into a living nightmare if that happens. There are risks involved with travelling, you cannot do anything about it, but what you can do is get travel insurance; travel insurance braces you against travel risks. A good travel insurance policy includes emergency medical cover, losses incurred by cancellations, luggage cover, death and disability cover, and personal liability cover. Also, if you are forced to extend your holiday due to adverse weather conditions, having travel insurance can greatly benefit you.