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5 wonderful things to do in Busan- Get busy in Busan!

Busan has always been the bustling metropolitan counterpart of Seoul & reflects many of the same values by providing people with a great atmosphere to do business, dine out & enjoy the vibrant nightlife. If you are a visitor coming in, then you will not lack in things to do in the city of Busan.


Sunrise at Haedong Yonggungsa Temple

Opening at 5 am, there is no better way to boost your energy levels than by visiting this magnetic tourist attraction that is widely considered to be one of the most popular places in Busan. With a history reaching back all the way to the 14th century, and being strategically placed atop a small cliff overlooking the ocean gives it a unique position at the intersection of cultural significance and sheer beauty. To make the most of it, you must gallop across the 100 something steps leading up to the temple and then unwind by leisurely enjoying the nooks and crannies that hold details of a time gone past as you await the rise of a blazing sun.


Seafood at Jagalchi Market

If you are a real foodie through and through then you may be in for a treat as you find yourself confronted with a wide-ranging collection of sea creatures that you will not see anywhere else. One of the most interesting and energetic places to visit, the Jagalchi market is filled some of the freshest seafood in the country. It does not matter if you are staying at a large international hotel group or at a small Airbnb, everyone eventually ends up visiting this place to take in the atmosphere and grab a meal prepared from anything you may have purchased!


Enjoy Haeundae Beach

Even though this beach may not be geographically close to hotels like any of the Minor Hotels, many guests at such establishments find it well worth their time to travel and set up camp at the beaches of Haeundae. Whether it is relaxing on a lounge chair and enjoying some beer as the sun sets over the horizon or taking a dip in the ocean, many people find Haeundae Beach a beloved attraction to unwind at. If you end up visiting during a weekend, you may also be greeted with the sound of buskers and other assorted musicians serenading those passing by.


Beomeosa Temple

While it is best to visit this temple during the late spring period, this treasured location is breath-taking and poignant all year round. Grounded in over 1000 years of history, it has gone through several centuries of war before finally finding some peace from the 1600s. Filled with ornate reminders of the past centuries it is a considered a true cultural landmark as well as being the epitome of architecture from the Joseon Era.


Visit Gukje Market

Another site for those who enjoy food as well as shopping! Whether you simply want to explore what kind of items go on sale at Korean markets and window shop or you are really looking to buy some new inventory, Gukje Market has got you covered! From electronics to other household goods, you will find practically anything for sale. Not to mention this is also a major spot for those trying to enjoy Korean specialities such as squid & radish seaweed rolls!

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