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Updated by AquGen Technologies on Dec 22, 2020
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Digital Marketing - News & Updates

Reasons for Selecting Facebook as a Preferred Marketing Channel

Marketing is the magnet that attracts potential customers to the brand. Digital media marketing is the latest trend of modern society as millions of users have an account on social networking sites. Facebook is the most dominating digital platform and the advertisement posted on it has the capability of targeting the customers beyond the belief. Facebook advertising is targeted to suppress all other marketing channels. A professional Social Media Marketing Company helps you to achieve your targets and your audiences.

How Quickly Digital Marketing can Help You to Build up Your Business

Irrespective of the size of the business, a digital marketing agency can help you to make it to great heights with an in-house team of professional digital marketers. As they understand how essential digital marketing service is for an online reputation of the businesses based on which a business can reactivate its services in front of their targeted customers.

Dedicated Landing Page Design Agency - AquGen

We reconcile art, UI/UX best practices, and years of experience to become the best dedicated landing page agency. We deliver products that are simultaneously beautiful and effective. Our team has the perfect match between design and creative background and an abundance of performing marketing know-how. We will bring your campaign to the next level.

Easy Ways to Improve Your SEO Strategy

SEO strategy 2021 is an evolved state of the art method to work with SEO techniques. When things just started the changes in the algorithm of Google were less. But not Google makes over 32,000 algorithm changes per year. How can you plan to keep things up and going with these line changes?

Choosing the Best Blog Hosting Services for Blogging

Blog hosting services are costly and when you invest in them you should be very careful about the aspect that concerns your website. Thus, here is a small guide to which blog hosting to choose from the vast array of services. There are many on the internet but some of them are those that actually cover the ground that you want them to. For that they take money.

Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends to Create Strategies in 2021

Digital Marketing has almost taken over the internet in 2021. However, the fourth quarter of 2021 is setting up the trends for the following year. Thus here are some of the Digital Marketing Strategies of 2021 that you want to invest your time on for the rest of 2021. These Digital Marketing Trends of 2021 not only will keep your content and marketing department on top for the rest of the year but will help you in 2021 as well.

Why and How to Create a Digital Marketing Action Plan and Strategy?

Digital marketing is an evolving sector and most of the websites, businesses, or blogs are based on their ability to take on the digital marketing strategy of the present-day world. Thus, it is very important to have a digital marketing action plan and think about the further changes in the plan as well

Remarketing and Retargeting: Difference and Benefits

If you are an online marketer you are probably wandering off to understand the concept of remarketing and retargeting. These two are really cost-effective ways to spread out your marketing strategy in the first place. A remarketing agency is quite common to find because of the cost-effective ways to spread over. Moreover, it is a good way to reach and provide to the customers you have.

Local SEO Strategy to Win Over the Competition

When you are equipped with a local business strategy you need to make it visible on the internet as well. Because local businesses get great exposure when it is strategized via SEO for local usage. Here is a list of things you need to take on to get over all the competition through local SEO techniques.

Search Engine Optimization Company in Delhi

A top-notch SEO strategy is needed to make a brand popular with popular search platforms and engines that are frequented. Our Search Engine optimization serves as the polish to your brand on the Internet that would help you to stay on the top of Search Engine Result Pages. AquGen assists in figuring out everything from content marketing to ON-Page and OFF-Page SEO which will help to use the web to its full potential.

How to Pick the Best Third-Party Analytics Agency?

Analytics is something you will come across as soon as you get yourself familiar with the internet sites. The website you are working with will hit you hard if the analytics fail. But it is not always feasible to handle the analytics all by yourself. Thus, choosing the right analytics agency is important as around the digital marketing agencies analytics should be quite to the point.

Digital Marketing Services Provider - AquGen

Your company must always be ready to identify real-time opportunities. Our work is focused on strategic planning in digital marketing. It aims to impact people, acquire customers, highlight your brand, connect with your target audience through digital channels and enhance the brand experience. We provide Internet marketing services which involves the use of the Internet as the medium to reach your target customers to promote your products and services. Our company is one of the leading digital marketing service providers with both national and international client reach on a regular basis. We adapt your communication by scenario to gain more relevance; we are always driven by data and focused on finding new customers, regardless of the channel.

How to do Amazon Keyword Research for Product Keywords: Some Tools and Techniques

Amazon SEO is just like Google SEO but with lesser restrictions on the algorithm as well as the keywords. Amazon’s search box is just like a place where you get the keyword in and the results push out and that too based on the keywords. Amazon SEO techniques are used for Amazon Keyword Research for product keywords as it helps the product to outshine others.

How to Pick the Best Social Media Marketing Agency?

Choosing a social media marketing agency is significant only if you are completely prepared to invest in it. SMM is an important aspect of the company and it is very important to create a strategy for the marketing purpose through the channel. Else you will struggle every day to get towards the goals. Selecting the best social media marketing agency is also important because they will be your support for a long period of time.

How to Get Benefits from Google My Business Tools and Strategies?

Google My Business has been changing the business opportunity for the locals since 2014. And the predictions say that 2021 will also see a great deal of usage through My Business. The incoming of a pandemic has affected the local businesses to a great extent thus, My Business will give a boost to them in 2021 for sure.

Here are some of the benefits of Google My Business that will help you in 2021.

How to Improve Technical SEO: Tips and Strategies

SEO is a part of the websites which in turn leads to the best of digital marketing and earning. Without good SEO for your website, you will struggle for a long period. Here are some of the Technical SEO strategies that you can start with, to improve the traffic and marketing.

Business Ideas and Opportunities During COVID-19

COVID 19 has brought both downfall and uprise of business opportunities. The only difference is in the market as well as the prospect for the ideas. The approach one is starting with for the business ideas during pandemic has to be the thing that people are facing a crisis for.

Tips and Strategies to Improve Web Page Speed through SEO

‘The faster, the better’ is the motto for the web page speed, Web page speed not only determines the web page you are working with but also serves the purpose of ranking through SEO. Thus, you need to tell Google that your web page is fast enough. 

Tips and Tricks to Create Content Marketing Strategy for 2020

Content forms a backbone in the ranking of a website in the SERPs. Thus, one needs to work best with content marketing in order to launch themselves up in the section of Search Engine. To come to the top-most area is the aim one always works for. Here are some tips and tricks for content marketing.

How to Implement CRM & Marketing Automation Systems?

A company has the need for both Customer Relationship Management as well as Marketing Automation Systems. Implementation of CRM and implementation of Marketing Automation Systems are important for the management process of a company. Though both of them are different in their own terms yet they take an active part in the framing of the company.

Content Strategy Agency in Delhi - AquGen

Content writing strategies are very important for every website as it helps in the engagement process with your customers. Our content strategy agency delivers the best content strategy services after understanding the essentials of your business and working on them. Our team at AquGen will assist your customers with relevant content by working on more relevant and necessary keywords and using our best SEO strategies.

Basics and guide for Google Search Console for Beginners

Google search console is one of the major parts of Google Webmaster tools. Your site is governed by google, thus you definitely want to play with their good books. Thu,s in order to do so you need to understand Google Search Console or GSC. Here is a small comprehensive guide to set up and make you familiar with the GSC.

Few Digit Marketing Trends You Want to Follow in 2020

In a survey, 93% of social media interactions start with search engines. And Digital Marketing is ruling the search engines for a long period of time now. Digital Marketing is grasping the web and in the present condition the latest digital marketing trends are covering up the whole fortress of the internet.

Retargeting and Remarketing Services

If you are looking to increase your brand awareness, influencer customer’s purchase decision and optimise sales conversion? Then retargeting and remarketing is the key. Partnership with AquGen will provide you with a complete range of Retargeting marketing techniques and remarketing services engineered to help businesses serve relevant text, image as well as video ads only to people who have previously visited your website- helping you influence their purchases at all stages of the buying cycle.

Facebook Vs Pinterest: Which is Better for Affiliate Marketing?

"To answer the question, “Which is better for affiliate marketing facebook or Pinterest” let’s take consideration through different chambers.

  • list text hereFacebook on one hand is considered to be one of the most used platforms for almost all age groups out there, stress on ‘almost’. Facebook serves as a platform for videos, pictures and a place for people to share their opinion in general through words as well. It gives full power to the user making it optimal for the use of Affiliate Marketing. You see, the moment one is given the opportunity to showcase what they have in hand through all the media possible, they do that without any second thoughts. Facebook gives them that kind of power.
  • list text hereBut on the other hand, you gave Pinterest that much power that anybody will want to exploit. Pinterest not only allows you to highlight your pictures and videos from your website directly but also allows you to direct them straight towards it. The platform gives more opportunities than that as well because the pins of Pinterest keeps all the data short and precise but also makes it concrete for the users to simply navigate."
  • AquGen is a well-known Digital Marketing Agency in India which is led forward by its team of digital experts. We perform successful digital campaigns for our clients to help them achieve their required goals and targets. With our efficient services, we help our clients build a strong digital presence be it a field of banking, finance, health, education or any other.

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