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Updated by AquGen Technologies on May 24, 2020
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Don’t Ignore Important KPI’s of Social Media

Achieve success in social media marketing by keeping a check on the right social media KPI’S. Get the idea by reading our blog.

Secrets to Great Partnership Marketing

Partnership marketing is when a company forms an alliance with a person or business because they have a relationship with an area of a market that you’re interested in selling to. The main benefit of having a partnership marketing strategy is that it helps in introducing your brand to a new audience. Overall, it is a very lucrative channel for most brands.

How Can Voice SEO Boost Rankings?

Here various steps for using voice search SEO techniques judiciously in order to get ahead of the competition! Optimizing business listings, Speeding up the website processing, Concentrate on better content by attending questions, Provide better answers to the questions asked.

Guide to Video Marketing on Social Media

As per recent research, it was concluded that people watch around 1 billion hours of YouTube videos on an everyday basis. Videos are the king of the day! So, no matter what your business is, videos must be a key part of your upcoming content strategy. In case you’re already using videos yet unable to get results, then this guide is your savior!

Do You Want To Make Money With Affiliate marketing?

There are a large number of affiliate marketing sites around the world. Click Bank, Commission Junction and Impact Radius are some of the top performance marketing agencies across the globe to make money with affiliate marketing. But the examples get a little different in India. So for Indian consumers, it’s better to use Indian networks as they provide with better shipment options and more Indian centered products and services. The various other options provided include cost per acquisition, CPA, CPC, etc.

Best SEO Plugins for WordPress E-Commerce Websites

Many developers say that WordPress isn’t right for e-commerce websites. But with a rise in the number of 3rd party developers and their feature-rich plug-ins and add-ons, WordPress will gain popularity with time. Now it is embedded with versatile plug-ins, features, themes which support the clients and users. The following are SEO plug-ins in WordPress are mainly focussed on building an e-commerce website:

  • Yoast SEO plugin,
  • All-in-one SEO pack,
  • W3 Total Cache Plugin,
  • WP Meta SEO,
  • LinkPatrol,
  • Broken Link Checker,
  • Rel NoFollow Checkbox,
  • Slider by Nivo,
  • Schema Pro WordPress SEO Plugin,
  • Redirection Plugins
How Online Reputation Management Affects Your Business

While searching for a hotel, a hair salon or even a gadget, the first thing that comes to your mind is searching online. When searching for certain factors help you buy the product. Be its ratings, reviews or services, Business Reputation Management is very important to get recognition. With an increase in online consumer base, it has become very important to maintain a reputation of your business or brand online. About 70 % of Indians have at least once used social platforms for customer service or recommendations about their purchase.

Mark the Difference Between Programmatic Media Buying and Real-time Bidding

These two concepts, Programmatic Media Buying and Real-time buying seem to confuse many investors and traders. Even though they may appear similar, there is a difference between them. To know better, each of them must be considered individually...

5 Most Popular Social Media Sites

Making an impact is that matters the most. So, the list of the most popular social media sites are as follows:
Facebook - Monthly Active Users- 2.4 Billion.
YouTube - Monthly Active Users- 1.9 Billion.
WhatsApp - Monthly Active Users- 1.5 Billion.
Facebook Messenger - Monthly Active Users- 1.3 Billion.

Instagram - Monthly Active Users- 1.3 Billion

Make Your Instagram eCommerce Sales Rocket Up

According to a recent report Instagram has announced that they have 500 million active users. Out of which around 350 million logs into the platform every day and are active followers. This factor puts social media marketing upfront. Around 97% of Instagram users engage regularly with different brands around the world. It has a good ROI, And ROI is something your business requires the users are in a mood to buy. Also if you are an influencer, you can earn around $4,200 per year by just promoting other brands. If you are looking forward to an Instagram eCommerce sales strategy, then there are a few tips below to help you with it.

Here’re Some Tips For Effective Video Marketing!

Telling a story in your video is a golden rule for any kind of content marketing being audio, written or just a visual. The advertisers need to put their attention on adding value to the audience ‘s lives by providing them with actionable advice instead of directly promoting the product would be a bit bizarre. Storytelling is the perfect opportunity to ignite strong emotions like if you present in real-life problems of your product, it will help you drive in a customer.

How to Excel In Snapchat Marketing in 2020

In the last few years, Snapchat *has seen an increase in growth with user engagement and activity which is alone enough to capture everyone’s attention. Snapchat currently has a younger audience, though the older one has increased in the last few years. Therefore, the expert’s advice’s advertisers not to completely rely on Snapchat for results. Mentioned below are the tips which will help you find ways to build your own *Snapchat marketing strategy 2020

What Are The Tips To Improve Media Performance With The Help Of Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is free of cost web analytics services that provide statistics and basic analytical tools for SEO and marketing purposes. This is a popular demand among the brands as it has effective results in the past. We can use it to uncover more -actionable insights that can help paint a clearer picture for results of the content presented in public is revealing the critical or improvement, only you can know about it if you know how to analyze those insights. With tools like Google Analytics, it is very easy to track every visitor who came across your site, from offline sources and which keyword pulled them towards you.

What is Advanced Marketing Personalization?

Personalized marketing is used mainly to make a connection with the audience. This helps in developing a better understanding between the marketer and his/her clients. This way a simple product suggestion or recommendation could help bring better results. Also, some advanced marketing personalization offers some personalized marketing features. This boosts social media engagement and improves the performance of the site.

Digital Marketing Company in Delhi, India

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