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Updated by Wi-Fi Tips on Mar 24, 2020
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WiFi Tips

This list will provide wifi tips and information regarding wireless security

Access McDonald's Free WiFi Network

You can use McDonalds Free WiFi at over 14,000 outlets spread throughout USA. Tap on McDonalds WiFi in your list of wireless networks to connect.

How To Change My WiFi Password In 4 Simple Steps

You can change your WiFi Password in 4 Simple Steps and protect your network from unwanted users like your neighbors or friends that use up all your data

WiFi Security Basics: Wireless Security Protocols Explained

WiFi Security- WPA and WPA2 are the two widely used protocols to secure wireless networks. WPA 2 is not perfect but the better option among the two.

WiFi Threats | How To Secure Your Devices

WiFi provides a convenient way to connect our devices to the Internet, but its use can also leave your data exposed to cybercriminals. Find out which vulnerabilities all Wi-Fi networks are susceptible to, the most common Wi-Fi threats, and how to stay protected against them.

Turbulence in the Travel Industry Due to Coronavirus - PureVPN Blog

The impact of coronavirus on the travel industry is devastating, many airlines have canceled their services which caused $112bn loss on the travel industry

Work from Home on the Rise amid Coronavirus Pandemic - PureVPN Blog

Coronavirus is a severe global epidemic affecting millions. Schools, offices, and government institutions are being shut down, giving rise to the work from home culture.

Is Coronavirus Infecting Disney Plus? - PureVPN Blog

Dozens of TV shows and movies have been delayed for release, discounts are being offered, and contingency plans are being executed in a bid to help Disney Plus fight Coronavirus.

Working from Home? Be Wary of These Cybersecurity Risks - PureVPN Blog

ou’re bound to face a variety of cybersecurity risks while working from home during the corona pandemic. Learn what they’re and how to stay protected.

All Netflix Movies and TV Productions Halted Due to Coronavirus - PureVPN Blog

The coronavirus pandemic is causing disruptions everywhere, including in the streaming industry. Most recently, all Netflix movies and TV productions have been put on halt due to coronavirus.

Comedy TV Shows On Hulu to Calm Your Coronavirus Panic - PureVPN Blog

Want to add humor in your life? Cheer up during these dark times with this list of the most comic TV shows you can find on Hulu.

Bored due to Quarantines and Lockdowns? Spice it up with free streaming services. - PureVPN Blog

Do not spend a dime on the entrainment you need to remain sane during the lockdowns. Here is a list of free streaming services that you can access from anywhere in the world with PureVPN.