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5 Beautiful Attractions in Mauritius – Discovering an Eden in the sea

If you want to discover paradise on Earth, Mauritius will be as close as you could get. It is one of the most beautiful islands in the world and its beaches attract visitors from all ends of the planet.


Mauritius Botanical Garden

The Botanical Gardens of Mauritius go by many names; Pamplemousses botanical gardens and SSR botanical gardens being the most popular. It is the oldest of its kind in the southern hemisphere and was first established and created by Pierre Poivre in 1767. The gardens are spread across over 35 hectares and are most famous for its giant water lilies, spice garden and the 85 species of palm collected from Asia, Central America and Africa. It is easily one of the most visited places in Mauritius and is situated quite close to many renowned Mauritius resorts such as the highly acclaimed Anantara Iko Mauritius.


Black River Gorges Park

Black River Gorges Park was established to preserve the island's remaining rainforests and protect its wildlife. The park is spread across 6,574 hectares and is home to the island's highest point; Black River Peak. The park has over 60km of trails and is a great escape for nature enthusiasts. Many of the island's endemic species including the Mauritian flying fox, Pink Pigeon and Mauritius Bul Bul can be seen here.


Ile Aux Cerfs island

Roughly 100 hectares in size this tiny island is like a picture postcard brought to life. In English, this island is called Deer Island and is located near the east coast of Mauritius. It is most popular for its white sandy beaches and stunning lagoon. There are many activities and facilities available here making it one of the most visited places in Mauritius.


Port Louis

Port Louis is the capital of Mauritius and dates back to 1735. The capital has many attractions including 3 museums; the Blue Penny Museum, the Museum of Natural History and the Mauritius Stamp Museum. Other popular sites that are worth a visit include; Caudan Waterfront, Port Louis Bazaar, Police Barracks, the Mauritian Chinatown and the Old Port Louis Theatre.


Grand Bassin

The Grand Bassin is a lake located nearly 600m above sea-level. It has been declared a holy site for the Hindus of Mauritius as it is believed that the waters of the Grand Bassin communicate with the waters of the Ganges in India. A pilgrimage is made to the site every year on Maha Siva Rathri.


Chamarel Park

Chamarel Park is a geological wonder as it is the only place on earth where you can see clay earth of 7 different colours in one place. The colours of these unique dunes are; red, violet, brown, green, blue, yellow and purple. The red and purple hues are however predominant. The park is also home to what is considered the most beautiful waterfall in Mauritius; the Chamarel Falls. The park is a great vantage point to enjoy views of the falls and the lush vegetation that fills the surrounding areas.