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Website Development Agency

Website Development Agency

Points to keep in mind while developing a business website.

Businesses today definitely need a website that makes their presence felt online in the digital world. But just having a site is not enough at all. As a business owner having a website that creates brand awareness, attain new customers and expand businesses is absolutely essential. Achieving all of this can really do wonders to your business. So, here are some points to keep in mind and tips for web developers to help you have a good website for your business.

Aesthetic web design-
A website should be appealing enough to attract a lot of visitors to the site. This can only be achieved by a web design company that has the experience and expertise to build a simple yet elegant website. A pleasing website does not just attract a lot of visitors but also has the potential to increase client conversion rate. This can in turn help grow your business and create a good brand identity in the market.

Mobile friendly website-
Looking at the current scenario where mobile is the most used gadget for shopping online, a website should be developed mobile friendly. The website should be well optimized to be easily viewed, scrolled and used on a mobile phone. It takes a lot of effort to make a website successful and for that you should ensure that the website is mobile friendly. As per research, nearly 50-60 % of web traffic comes from mobile phones, and if your website isn’t mobile-friendly you’d probably be missing out on a lot of potential clients. It is advisable that you approach the best web development company to build you a mobile friendly website for your business.

User friendly website-
Websites should be easy to use and navigate. If not, it shall hold very less attention span of the first-time visitors. This shall in turn lower chances of client conversion. People often prefer navigating through a simple website that easily provides all the information they require at just a click or scroll. So, if the website developed is complex people may end up going elsewhere for business with your competitor. So, keeping all of this in mind most web developers provide a user-friendly site to their customers.

Unique content-
Content is the key to good communication. So, having a crisp, unique and well written content will surely boost your website in many ways. In today’s digital world where online business has become cut throat, having good content that keeps your website visitors hooked on to your page is very essential. Further, having high-quality content on your website shall also drive a lot of visitors allowing you to reinforce your brand.

Chatbot is a feature used on many websites that allow business owners to have a direct interaction with their visitors. This feature not only provides personal experience but also facilitates zero wait time. Having this on your website will not only enhance customer engagement but also help drive better business and increase target audience. Hire a good web development agency in Mumbai who shall follow these useful tips and build you a successful business website.


Why should one collaborate with an influencer marketing agency for their online business?

Why should one collaborate with an influencer marketing agency for their online business?

Marketing by influencers aren’t really pushy
One of the main benefits of collaborating with an influencer is that advertising through them doesn’t really seem pushy as it is with the traditional advertising. Social media influencer in India use a distinct marketing strategy that ensures it isn’t forced upon their followers and willingly accepted by them and eager to view content shared by influencers. So, in this case the content shared by influencers do not seem spammy to the followers but rather an insightful content for them. As long as it’s an information or content that is relevant to their interest and marketed rightly, it would surely go down well with the followers.

Better credibility with social influencers
Social media influencers are people who have earned their reputation and stature in the industry over the years with considerable amount of time and efforts invested in winning the trust of their followers. So, earning these followers mean, them trusting and being a part of a long-lasting relationship with influencers and being genuinely engaged. So, with a base of loyal followers, one can leverage an already loyal audience of influencers by collaborating with them. Consumers tend to rely more on influencers than any random advertisements for purchase of products. So, working with digital influencers in India to review and recommend your brand will help gain trust of the audience and boost customer-retention and loyalty.

Collaborating with social influencers shall help in niche targeting
It goes without saying that collaborating with social influencers will help business in niche targeting. For brands that wish to reach out to a specific set of audience or market, channelizing it through influencers is the best marketing strategy. Collaborate with influencers having a niche in the industry that is relevant to your business. In this way you will attract and sell to a target audience who is most likely to be interested in your offerings. With relevant target audience the chances of selling can be high. Social influencers are experts in their own niche, and if it’s relevant to your business the collaboration can surely be a boon for the business. As a brand, you can identify and select relevant influencers in India for collaboration and accordingly promote your business through them eventually. By doing so it will surely add value the business and brand.

Social influencers add vale to brand and business
Social influencers have a set of loyal followers or fan base who believe in their opinion, review or content with great trust. Having access to such network of clients through influencers surely adds value to your brand and business. On recommendation of influencers the followers are most likely to believe and value the brand that their influencers promote. More so when it is a product that is relevant and interests them. By collaborating with social media influencers in India, brands can leverage from the influencers credibility to gain loyal customers base and improve their brand image and business.


Why should one invest in building a customized company website?

Why should one invest in building a customized company website?

Every company has a set budget for their businesses digital marketing strategy. This budget plays a major role in increasing the company’s ROI and profit margin. It is therefore essential for business to come up with smart digital marketing solutions for their business. People often give less priority to developing a company website, considering it as a waste of money. However, on the contrary web development services in Mumbai are not just reasonable, but also effective online marketing strategy as compared to any other solution. Web development Mumbai is an investment and not really an up-front cost as what normally people think it to be. So, for those looking to cut down their expenses by not investing in developing a website it could actually be a big marketing blunder.

A good customized website developed by a digital marketing company in Mumbai can increase online conversions and generate more leads for your business. With more and more people opting for online shopping, research and availing online services, having a good website has now become an integral part of growing businesses online. In today’s digital world website forms an integral part of a marketing and business strategy. Today, we have discussed why investing in a customized business website is important.

Creating an impression online-
Having a good website creates a good first impression and also reflects your professionalism. Not just that it also helps build a strong online presence of your brand. So, having an exceptionally well-designed customised website guarantees to make a first impression. By incorporating eye-catching videos, images and providing exceptional user experience will surely get you leads for your business. With the help of web development company in Mumbai, one can have a customized website made for their brand and grow their business online.

Break through the clutter-
Customization of a website is the need of the hour. When there are thousands of websites listed for a specific keyword, breaking through the clutter and staying at the top is absolutely important. As a business, your brand should stand out from your competitors. Although having a readymade template website works cheaper, having a customized website with unique features will make you standout and give that creative edge to it. The uniqueness and creativity of your website will increase brand recall and client conversion rate. Incorporating elements that are unique to the brand and that conveys every aspect of design with distinct colour, font layout and visual, makes the entire website coherent and appealing.

Tailored user experience-
User experience in an important aspect of every website. No matter how appealing the website may look to be but if it isn’t functional there will be a huge spike in the bounce rate of your page. Moreover, if it isn’t mobile responsive you will lose nearly more than half of your online clients. This is mainly so because studies have proved that with increase in use of mobiles, shopping online via mobiles have also increased drastically. So, if your site isn’t optimized for mobile, you could lose a big chunk of potential clients or loyal customers in the long run. By hiring a digital marketing company in Mumbai, you can get your websites best tailored to suit your business need and client requirement for an unimaginable user experience.


How should one adapt their business marketing strategy during the Covid-19 situation?

How should one adapt their business marketing strategy during the Covid-19 situation?

The latest outbreak of COVID-19 has created a havoc across the globe, hampering businesses across different industries. However, during such adverse times one must try their best to stay positive and adapt to the situation. For businesses, during times like these, need to see what best they can do to keep their businesses stay afloat. Rather than just drop in panic, one must take a grip of the situation and turn things to their benefit. Having said that, as a renowned web development agency in Mumbai, I would suggest business to continue or implement digital marketing strategies and maintain search engine marketing to stay relevant in their industry and constantly attempt to build revenue. Here is how one could promote their business and try driving sales by implementing digital marketing strategies online for their business and still stay afloat.

Digital marketing strategies for businesses affected due to COVID-19:
Get your business online-
Firstly, for those who haven’t still got their business online must take this opportunity to create an online presence. Get your business listed on Google and work on ranking your business high on search engines. This will not only help get your business good online visibility but also drive business online. Approach the best web development agency in Mumbai to get a business website done for your brand and you are sure to get your business rolling forward.
Update your Google My Business-
Irrespective of whether your business is currently open or temporarily closed, it is imperative to update your Google My Business profile. Google has provided facility on maps that display if a business is temporarily closed. This helps customers with accurate information of your business and its current status. People often search online for products or services and if you aren’t listed online or update your Google My business, you might end up loosing clients.
Focus more on online marketing-
Although customers buying patterns would have changed over this period of uncertainty, one must continue pushing their products and service offerings online by investing in online marketing campaigns, PPC etc. This is absolutely essential for businesses that often use traditional marketing methods, like the print advertising and event marketing. During times like this, adapting to the situation one must move towards online advertising to promote business. Collaborate with the best social media agencies in Mumbai and spend your budget wisely in online marketing Campaigns that are measurable, short-term and have a positive impact on your business. What makes it even better is that it is extremely affordable as compared to the traditional marketing like print media ads.
Online platforms for Ads & Campaign-
Creating Google Ad Campaigns is the best way to keep your customers updated about your business. It is probably the best way of sending your message across to your customers in no time. You can also use social media platforms Facebook Ads to reach your target audience. Now is the right time to use online advertising to push your product and service offerings and support your sales team. Digital marketing agency in Mumbai can help you and guide you with such services to help promote your business even during such times of uncertainties.
Social Media-
Social media channels are perfect platforms to keep your customers up-to-date with your business. You can create posts, and videos to let customers know whether you are open or no and the kind of products and services you are offering. You can also use these platforms to keep customers updated about taking online orders or offering take away options. Generally, just being active online gives customers a kind of confidence in your business and ensures you are there to support them even during such adverse time.
SEO strategy-
Implementing SEO strategy for your business helps boost brand visibility and increase organic traffic to your website. So, during times like this one should make the most of it by utilizing the time to focus on SEO strategies and to optimize website and content daily. Especially during times like this one must focus on local SEO for they are more relevant during such times. So, for instance if someone’s looking for nearby destinations for services and supplies, you should to ensure your business is using local SEO strategies to optimize your website for “near me” searches for improved conversion. You would definitely want your customers in your region to find you easily so they approach you first before your competitors. At critical times like this, when people are looking for convenience this gives your business an edge over others in proving assistance and convenience in purchase or availing services. So, get your business all the help it needs in optimizing the website and for SEO by approaching the best SEO company in Mumbai right away.

While we encourage you to stay home and stay safe, we strongly recommend you to adapt to the situation and improve your business marketing strategies by availing digital marketing services in Mumbai for your business. Although times are tough, but you need to think from a long-term perspective for your business and take certain measures to stay afloat during times like this. Stay connected with your customers and let them know that you are still available and this is temporary.


Why should businesses hire a branding agency?

Why should businesses hire a branding agency?

Building a brand isn’t an easy task. It is all about making an effort to connect with people in your industry and establishing a name for the quality of products/business you offer to clients. It takes years of effort to establish a name in the industry and be a brand of recall for your niche. However, with professional help and guidance, this process can be much easier and seem achievable. Hire an experienced branding agency in Mumbai who can build strategies and operational framework to help your business build a strong brand presence online. Today’s article draws out a list of reasons why every business should hire a branding agency and make them a part of your business marketing strategy.

What is branding?
Branding is an essential part of online marketing strategy wherein companies constantly strive to build a strong name in the industry. Efforts to creating a unique name for product/service in the consumer’s mind are necessary to build an image or strong recall brand. Finally, branding is all about establishing a significant name in the industry and being a market differentiator in the industry.

Why is branding essential?
Branding activities are an essential part of the business marketing initiative. Branding is what you portray your business as and what your clients and potential customers view your business to be. By collaborating with a branding company in Mumbai, you can definitely build a positive image of your company and further drive new business from it. Moreover, implementing branding activities will surely help businesses build an online presence and help increase brand awareness among potential customers.

To simply put branding helps in-
• Building Business Recognition.
• Increase in Business Value.
• Drive Business Sales.
• Increase Goodwill and Trust in the market.

Why should businesses hire a branding agency in Mumbai?
Fresh Outlook-
Although your business may have an internal marketing team to handle business branding, but hiring a creative brand agency in Mumbai will offer a fresh perspective to your regular efforts. Having a fresh perspective and ideas will not just add value to the overall efforts of marketing but also open doors to new opportunities as well. Moreover, it is very difficult for the company’s internal team to have a new perspective and fresh ideas as they are constantly exposed to the company’s fixed way of operation and business ideology.

Opportunity for Innovation-
Hiring a branding agency always opens doors for new opportunities and innovation. An external team of experts can bring innovation that probably an internal creative team may disregard. A completely unbiased opinion shall create room for strategic opportunities. The hired branding agency will analyze the competitive landscape from an unbiased standpoint and bring in fresh and innovative ideas.

Knowledge and expertise-
A branding agency will always have a better knowledge about developing a brand and helping businesses establish a strong foothold in the industry. They will have all the experience and expertise for branding or rebranding is an everyday task for them. They will be up-to-date with the industry trends and norms and so they will know how to achieve the best results. Branding agencies have experience working with multiple clients across different industries. Plus, they come with a portfolio that will help give the business a completely fresh perspective that will differentiate it from the rest of the industry.

Best Tools-
A branding agency can create a brand that expresses the company’s vision, culture, and objectives. It can help businesses stand out in their industry by creating a distinct aura about the brand in the market. Agencies often have access to the best tools and software that wouldn’t be otherwise available with the in-house creative team.
A brand is the sum total of customer's experiences, visual experience, brand components, many of which are shaped by an experienced and creative marketer. Having said that, branding agencies are highly experienced and creative minds that can help businesses achieve their goals easily. Hiring a branding agency in Mumbai is always handy for they can help businesses grow in many ways and create brand awareness like no other.


Tips for creating effective E-commerce business

Tips for creating effective E-commerce business

In today’s digital world several E-commerce businesses are mushrooming, especially now during the current COVID-19 situation where most of stores are shut. It is during such times E-commerce businesses shine and standout. Customers are more likely to buy from a well-designed, easy to navigate website for purchasing their products. So, keeping this in mind, we have today shared a few tips for business owners and e-commerce website development company in Mumbai on developing an effective ecommerce website that generates sales.

When it comes to designing a website, visual appearance is critical. The first thing most of the visitors notice is the design of the website. By design I mean the look and feel of the website. That decides on whether the visitor would stay on your web page or bounce to some other site. So, if your website is not well designed, complicated to use, customers are most likely to leave your website. design is the key deciding factor for customers in purchases. A simple, yet elegant website with minimal layout will make a website visually appealing. So, for those who are not experienced in this, we suggest hiring a professional e-commerce website design company in Mumbai to handle all the designing and branding aspect of your website.

Mobile Optimization
The number of mobile users has grown significantly over the years. Studies suggest nearly 50% of the website traffic is from mobile devices. Having said that, it is essential for businesses to take this into consideration and develop a website that is mobile optimized. To keep up with the competition and stay connected with existing clients, websites should be designed and developed in a way that it functions well when accessed via mobile. So next you plan to develop a website from an e-commerce website development company in Mumbai ensure you ask them to create a mobile friendly website for your business.

Easy Navigation
As suggested earlier it is always best to have a website that is easy to use and navigate. The more complex website you have the higher will be the probable bounce rate. Having clear navigation menu allows customers to easily search through your site for products/services they are looking for. Ensure that the website is well structured, with necessary drop-down menus to organize the navigation bar for easy search. People do not have the patience or time for searching what they want. So, if a potential customer cannot find what they are looking for, they will probably look for it in some other site.

Use High-Quality Images
Having high resolution or high-quality images on your website is a must for business. As a business owner ensure you get clear photographs of products uploaded by the e-commerce website development company in Mumbai, if you want your website to be a success. High-quality images are an important investment for every ecommerce business.

Payment Gateway
Payment Gateway is an important/critical part of your business. It should allow you to accept payments quickly and easily without any hassle. A key component of payment gateway is to ensure process transactions securely and secure customer’s money and payment details. Developing a secure payment gateway from website develop agency in Mumbai will go a long way in helping you gain the trust of your customers and them willing to purchase products from your website.

An ecommerce website is a powerful tool business to flourish and stand out in their industry. So, having a well-designed, easy-to-use website is critical for your business. This is especially critical in terms of converting visitors to customers and increasing your sales. Hire a professional and well experienced web design company in Mumbai if you plan to take your business online anytime soon.


Smart ways of adapting your marketing strategies to thrive in the current COVID-19 scenario

Smart ways of adapting your marketing strategies to thrive in the current COVID-19 scenario

The current COVID-19 pandemic situation has drastically affected businesses across the globe. Organizations are looking for ways to deal with the situation and stay afloat. At times like this, when everything has come to a standstill, we suggest businesses rework on their strategies and adapt to the situation. Digital marketing agencies in Mumbai should work with organizations to understand their current situations and look for ways to turnaround their strategy to benefit clients in the best possible way. In this article today we have suggested a few ways businesses can adapt to the situation and push their marketing and promotion strategies even in the current situation and thrive in the market.

Businesses should move online-
It goes without saying that during times like this when the entire globe has fallen to its knees, the only way for businesses to thrive is getting it online. Due to the widespread of the pandemic, offices, shops, industries, markets have all shut down, bringing the entire world under a complete lockdown situation. In situations like this, the only way to survive and connect with your clients is by taking your business online. Be educational institutes, retail stores, or any business, taking them online is the online way that can help them survive situations like this. Get in touch with the best web designing company in Mumbai to help you get your business online and you are sure to see the difference. Being available to your clients even during such situations will be appreciated.
Alternate approach to marketing-
While physically connecting with clients is impossible at times like this, we suggested business to drop their traditional marketing ways and adopt email marketing campaigns to promote their businesses and connect with clients. This will not just keep the marketing budget in check but also get things rolling from your marketing front. Collaborate with a digital marketing agency in Mumbai to figure out what best can be done to keep your business rolling.
Social media Ads-
During the lockdown phase, people at home are spending more time on the internet, especially on social media. Studies have suggested that platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, and others are reporting a huge surge in usage, search volumes, and traffic since the pandemic situation. So, at times like this, businesses should simply embrace the situation and adapt to it with new strategies. Having said that, we suggest running PPC ads on Facebook and Google is practically the best option for businesses today. If you wish to generate sales and customers even during such times, this is the best way to overcome the current challenge. An online marketing agency in Mumbai can help you build a strategy that best fits your business requirement and help you build a winning strategy for your business.
Time for automation-
Digital marketing and online sales facilitate the automation of a dozen of your business operation. This in turn helps cut costs and prevents splurging unnecessary overhead expenses during these uncertain times. For those businesses going online look to ad Chabot’s to your website and automate your customer care services, Chabot allows an automatic answer to customer’s questions. It further facilitates taking online orders and other customer care services. While this is can ease your service offerings, it also helps reduce costs related to customer care services. Chabot is a feature that can be easily implemented can on your website and even on your Facebook and other social media platforms. So at times like this where every penny matters for your business, you can probably cut costs by automating your systems as much as possible.
Key takeaway-
During challenging times like this, businesses should look for ways to turn it into opportunities rather than just give up to the mercy of the situation. We recommend businesses adopt our suggested strategies and they are sure to help cope with the situation. Even during such a harsh phase stay positive and be hopeful. Do not get bogged down by situations and rather look for ways to turn around the situation and put it to best use. Collaborate with the best digital marketing agency in Mumbai to get your business moving and surely you will manage to survive this situation.


Key SEO metrics that you should keep a track to improve your ranking

Key SEO metrics that you should keep a track to improve your ranking

Search engine optimization has always been the most preferred tool for digital marketers to boost business. Not only does it help in ranking but also improves brand visibility and sales. SEO agencies in Mumbai often use various strategies to get your brands at the forefront. In today’s article we have shared a few key SEO metrics that should be consider while building SEO strategies for your business. Let us take a look at the 8 essential metrics to track SEO ranking before initiating your efforts.

Organic Traffic-
First and foremost, the SEO agency in Mumbai that you hire should check for your website’s organic traffic before initiating any work. It is essential for you to know your organic traffic metrics to further plan strategies for improvement. By organic traffic we mean the number of online visitors coming to the website from a search. This is pure traffic which has no involvement of paid reviews, influence or through reference. The visitors found your website by simply hitting search on Google. The organic traffic is important for it tells you where your website is placed and ranked on search engines. You can use tools like Google Analytics to check your organic search sessions, new users, bounce rate, and page duration which is useful for building SEO Strategies.

Check for Keywords you ranked-
Keywords are essential elements that play a crucial role in ranking your website and helping you connect to relevant clients for your services. So, it is essential for you to know currently for the keywords that you are ranked on Google. Having said that, you can definitely take help of an SEO Strategists by availing their SEO services in Mumbai. This information will help you identify where you lack and target keywords that you are not currently ranking for and have huge potential for tapping.

Identify Keywords you want to rank your business-
Keywords are crucial for gaining traffic. So, you must identify relevant keywords for your business for which the search volumes are high. This information can help you accordingly strategize your plan around it and allocate resources to achieve rankings for it. While the SEO company in Mumbai that you hired will do it for you, you too can identify keywords using relevant tools like or Keywords Everywhere to see the search volume for a keyword. With this you can figure out what keywords you can invest your time and resources toward ranking your business.

Social Traffic-
Your social traffic will tell you how many website visitors are coming from social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. Tracking your social traffic is equally important for your business. Most businesses also invest significant resources into a social media strategy. So, with this if you are still not getting the required traffic you would need to plan some other strategy. By tracking the social media traffic metrics, you can see how well your social strategy are working for your business and which platform is helping your website gain better traffic. You can use Google Analytics for it shows you how many website visitors came from social media channels.

Voice Search Ranking-
Yes, Voice search ranking is a big deal. Deepening on your business and the industry you cover you could have monumental results for your business. Ranking for your keywords on Google is important, and but ranking on voice search should also be equally considered. Studies suggest 48of consumers in an Adobe survey said they use voice for web searches. Having said that it seems like a huge deal for businesses now and is definitely worth looking into how it could be used to your benefit.

Tracking backlinks-
Backlinks significantly help in the SEO ranking. So, tracking the backlinks will show how good your content is and the number of free backlinks you earn will do the magic for you. However, you should even consider checking your competitor’s backlinks for it will help you see how they are managing. You can see backlinks to your website on Google Search Console and plan out your strategy.

Check your website page speed-
Checking your page speed is critical for it plays a key role in SEO ranking as well. Slow page speed may increase the bounce rate on your website and hamper your SEO ranking. Bounce rate is a negative indicator to Google that your content is not appropriate and not what you are looking for and may replace you with your competitor in the rankings. Google tends to push your SEO ranking down if your page speed is slow. Use Page Speed Insights by Google to check the page speed of each page and ask your SEO agency suggestion for fixing it before it hampers your business.

The metrics mentioned above is crucial for your business and its ranking. Not only will the results help you identify loopholes, but also help you in the decision making. With critical information like this you can take important decisions on allocating resources for necessary strategies and benefit from it. Personally, I would suggest every business and SEO agency in Mumbai to consider evaluating these metrics if they wish to rank your website high on Google.


How has Covid-19 Pandemic Affected the Digital Marketing Agencies in Mumbai?

How has Covid-19 Pandemic Affected the Digital Marketing Agencies in Mumbai?

Covid-19 pandemic is something that has affected nearly everyone. More so it has greatly impacted businesses across the globe. While most businesses were impacted negatively, digital marketing companies in India and across the globe were lucky enough to not have been affected much by it. On the contrary, it has increased the demand for digital services online. With the increasing work from home situation, most business is going online to stay afloat in their business and to survive in the cut-throat competition in the industry. Having said that, in today’s article we will be focusing on some of the positive ways in which the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the digital marketing companies in Mumbai.
Positive Impact of COVID-19 to a digital marketing company in Mumbai
Businesses are today heavily relying on online businesses than ever before. Getting your business online is now imperative for most brands. In fact, digital marketing has also become a major channel of communication with potential clients. Today, having a digital presence through websites, social media platforms, and software application is crucial for business. With an increase in the demand for online presence and online portals becoming the source of communication, digital marketing companies in Mumbai too have witnessed a spike in the demand for their services. Business is now approaching website development agencies in Mumbai for developing business websites, mobile app development companies in Mumbai for designing business apps, and digital marketing agencies to overall create strong digital marketing for their businesses online. Whereas for the brands or businesses that already have an online presence are approaching the digital marketing companies in Mumbai for bolstering their online strategy, updating their website with the latest information, and creating a strong online presence. Businesses are even approaching social media agencies in India for reaching out to their audience and conveying their messages online. So, digital marketing companies seem to be more significant to the business world than ever before.
Here are some ways how business for digital marketing agencies have doubled in this year 2020
Lockdown calls for businesses going online-
With the extended lockdown situations and growing safety concerns, most businesses decided to go online. This called for the growing demand for website developers in Mumbai to build e-commerce websites for various brands and businesses across the industry.
Remote working has called for Business and Communication Applications-
As the lockdown came into full force, organizations had to rely on various apps for running their business and for conducting daily business meetings and team discussions. This led to a rise in the demand for apps that provides a platform for setting online meetings and discussions. Mobile app development companies in Mumbai witnessed a huge demand for video calling software, online project management tools, and messaging platforms, making it a greatly profitable business for Mobile app companies.
Brand approached social media agencies for promotion
Social media platforms during the time of the pandemic and lockdown situation had seen a significant increase in the use of online platforms. With this, the brands too altered their approach to promoting businesses. The approach to brand messaging and the way to market products and services drastically transformed. Social media agencies in India and across the globe were largely approached by businesses for promotions. Telling your brand story through digital platforms has become more essential for businesses than ever before.

Although this year has been hard for everyone, many businesses embraced the situation and transformed their ways of working and promoting businesses. Digital marketing agencies in Mumbai too had to change their strategies to meet the growing demands as per the current situation. Businesses were pushed to think differently and come out of their comfort zone to survive in the industry. All said and done, looking at the brighter side, there was a good ray of hope for businesses even during the darkest times and situation of Pandemic which kept everyone going.


What are the tips for developing the most effective e-commerce website?

What are the tips for developing the most effective e-commerce website?

An E-Commerce website is similar to your physical stores in the mall where the customer’s first impression matters. An attractive website designed display will invite and attract more customers to your website and influence them to buy from you. Websites that are cluttered and disorganized will discourage consumers to stick to your site, and may potentially lose out on sales. Moreover, unlike other regular websites, an eCommerce website developed by an e-commerce website development company in Mumbai has additional features in it. This would include SSL configuration, payment options, site architecture, design, page load speed, and photos to name a few. Further, you would need the e-commerce website design company in Mumbai to develop a website on a platform that supports adequate server resources. Or else your store may significantly slow down or crash and lead to a huge loss of clients and money. In today’s article, we have shared some useful tips for developing the most effective e-commerce website.
1. Select the Right Platform and Functional Theme
Developing an eCommerce website is not just about the design but selecting the right platform for hosting and selecting a functional theme that goes well with your business. When considering the development of an eCommerce website, select a proven platform such as BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify, or others that can handle large volumes. You would also require a robust platform if you plan to sell your products to international customers, using different currencies. Building an omnichannel and multi-channel website is what you may require. Once you decide the right platform you need to then select a good theme which is visually appealing, customizable to your brand, loads quickly, responsive, and most importantly works on all browser. Discuss with your eCommerce website developer in Mumbai to see what best suits your business and accordingly get them designed.
2. Mobile Responsive Website Design
This is absolutely a no-brainer for any business having a website online. It is essential that your e-commerce website is mobile responsive and which means the web page must be mobile optimized. Statista reports suggest nearly 40-45% of view comes from mobile devices. So you are actually missing out on almost 50% of your potential customers if you are not yet mobile responsive. Mobile users must find it easy to browse your website and buying products without hassle. Ensure your e-commerce website design company in Mumbai makes your website responsive.
3. Websites should be easy to navigate
How hard can it be to ensure your website is easy to navigate? Many e-commerce platforms are hard to navigate and get through to the check-out cart. A cluttered website leads to confusion and may end-up pushing your visitors away from your site. Frustrated and unclear customers most often abandon the cart and end-up buying from your competitor’s website. The navigation should be easy and the path to check out should be extremely convenient with bare minimum steps involved.
4. Design keeping in mind the visitors
The website your website design company in Mumbai develops should provide a look and feel for an ultimate experience. , it should be designed in a way your customer learn about your products and influenced to purchase them. It is important to make pages and elements attractive enough for visitors to buy from you. Make the whole process of shopping hassle-free and quick. Customers love to visit a website if it is easy to use and the process of checkout is easy.
5. E-commerce websites should be secure-
Any customer wanting to purchase from you will expect you to have a secure payment gateway option. Customers will only trust credible sites that are safe to make transactions. So, ensure you design a website that is SSL encrypted with secure payment gateways.


How to go minimalistic yet highly functional and focused with your website design?

How to go minimalistic yet highly functional and focused with your website design?

Today, designing a website goes beyond creating visual aesthetics and appealing graphics. Website design agency in Mumbai should think out of the box to create a website that’s visually appealing yet highly functional. It truly requires a website to be immersive to convince customers to stay on your page. As an experienced designer, I believe going minimalistic yet focused on your design makes all the difference for businesses to gain better traffic. After all more convenient and attractive a website is, the more likely it is that visitors will stick around. Minimalism is now a popular style of web design that has been working wonders for many businesses. It makes the website more effective and functional while also being attractive in its unique way! In today’s article, we have shared some tips that should help you design a website that is minimalistic yet focused and functional, assuring results.
So here is how you should embrace minimalism in your web design.
1. Focus on what is essential
This should be the thumb rule for any website designed by a web design company in Mumbai. A website design should first focus on what is essential from the functionality and user perspective. Designers should focus on essential elements that are required to be there on the page. This would mean removing anything that doesn’t support the functionality and end-goal of the specific page. Be it a picture, background music, buttons, or even navigation features that do not support your visitor's need and experience must be dropped off the page. Always remember the lesser the clutter and confusion on the page, the lesser is the distraction and chances of visitors bouncing off the page. Focus on what is absolutely needed and make the navigation simple.
2. Embrace Positive Spacing
While most web design agencies in Mumbai abide by this rule, but I will still spell it out for those start-ups who may not be aware. A web designer should always ensure designing a website that is not cluttered and has enough breathing space. Keeping your website clean simple and spacious is not a bad thing. In fact, it makes it more convenient for users to navigate around the website. Moreover, it draws their attention to the essential elements on the page and helps draw focus on your services or products.
3. Making it obvious
Running a business is not easy especially when you have tough competition. So, businesses should make the most of every opportunity they have when they get potential clients on their website. Directing visitors to where you want them to be a smart way of not letting go of your potential customers. Having said that, I strongly suggest web designers design a website that helps your visitors find what they want easily. This is possible by making business services or products obvious to them. As a designer, you should make sure your customers end up getting what they want by keeping things simple and obvious. For instance, ensure the landing page lists out your services/products and has purchase options or contact us buttons in a place where it is visible to customers. It is more likely that visitors may avail your services or purchase from you if they are guided well.
4. Keep navigation simple

When it comes to website designing this is definitely a no-brainer. While you plan to keep your website minimalistic and simple, making the navigation easy is equally essential. The website design agency in Mumbai should ensure designing a website that helps visitors navigate simple and easy to find what they want quickly. Again, this should be done in a way that does not distract or diverts your potential customers while they are looking to purchase from you. Avoid overwhelming your audience with a lot of options and pages that ultimately add to their confusion. It is definitely worth designing simpler navigation options. A single menu icon that expands into a full list of items is the best design choice especially when the website needs to be mobile optimized.


Tips for creating a strong SEO friendly blog post

Tips for creating a strong SEO friendly blog post

Companies looking to gain traction in business and build a strong online presence should amp up their SEO game. So, if you have a blog, chances are that you already know its significance in boosting your online SEO. But, despite all the efforts, most businesses are unable to gain the results that they are looking to get. While most of you are aware of blogging being a good SEO content strategy, it is equally essential to know how to optimize your blog post to make them search engine friendly. While collaborating with an SEO agency in Mumbai is a good option, but knowing a few tips and implementing those in your blogging strategy will surely boost your efforts. The potential that blogs open up for your online marketing and enhanced traffic to your website is just enormous. Developing fresh, relevant content and performing basic blog post optimization can benefit you in many ways. So, for those of you looking to boost your content strategy, here are some tips that can be handy for you.
Here are some useful search engine optimization (SEO) tips to boost your content strategy and get your blogs noticed-
1. Keyword research- The first essential step to building an SEO friendly content is to conduct good research for relevant keywords. While there are high chances of you naturally including keywords in your post, you should recheck for the same and ensure you have developed keyword-rich content. There are plenty of online tools and techniques for finding relevant keywords to your blog post that could help you. For instance, the Google Adwords Keyword Tool and are great tools that help you find related keywords for your post. Most SEO companies in Mumbai use tools to help clients with related keywords for developing their on-page SEO.
2. Keyword placement and use- While it is important to have keyword-rich content it is equally important to understand that you should not end up keyword stuffing in your content. Engaging in keyword stuffing may hamper your SEO efforts and backfire for you. So, once you have researched for related keywords place them in your content where they will the most impact on search engine crawls and content indexing. So, typically SEO specialists often suggest placing the keyword in the following places for maximum impact-
• Titles
• Headings and subheadings
• Introductory paragraph (as much as possible in the first few lines)
• Concluding paragraph
• Anchor text ( The text you hyperlink to other related pages on your site)
• Title tags and meta descriptions
Strategically placing your keywords throughout the content will definitely help boost your efforts.
3. Optimize your images- Optimizing images used for your blog is essential. So, whenever you upload a photo to your blog, ensure you include keywords in the file name and add an alternate text field with a brief, keyword-rich description of the photo. If you have collaborated with an SEO agency in Mumbai, it is most likely that they are already working on these lines with you.
4. Provide subscription – Offer your readers an opportunity to subscribe to your blogging platform or latest blog post. Include RSS or Subscription Buttons prominently and offer viewers the convenience to subscribe to your posts via emails. This will allow your blog followers to instantly gain access to your latest posts without needing to periodically check your site for new content.
5. Social Media links- Add social media links to your blog post so readers liking your content can share it on other platforms. Using social media can help broaden the reach of your blog posts. Promote your blog content on these sites or social media platforms for a better reach and more web exposure.

Follow these simple SEO tips that are often adopted by the best SEO agency in Mumbai. These strategies are sure shot ways to boost your efforts and enhance traffic to your website. Implementing the said strategies will also benefit you with higher rankings increased web traffic and higher customer conversion rates. Adopt these techniques and get yourself a more prominent position on search engine results pages.


Tips for designing a user-friendly & engaging contact us page for your website

Tips for designing a user-friendly & engaging contact us page for your website


Designing a website by a website developer in Mumbai may not really be rocket science, but designing it right is the key. While the main objective of a website is to drive business, it is also important to ensure that the website is designed to build strong user engagement. Building communication with customers is crucial for business. So, considering a few crucial touchpoints that generate engagement is essential. This is why in today’s article we have discussed one major touchpoint which is often overlooked when designing a website and that is the contact us page. The contact us page is the most essential part of a website that drives sales for your business. So having it designed right is important. Given below are some golden rules that we have shared for our readers to keep in mind when they plan to build a website from a website development company in Mumbai for their business.
Essential points to consider when designing the contact us page-

• Easy to find or locate- This is a no-brainer for sure! When developing a website ask your web developer in Mumbai to ensure that they place a link to your contact us page where it is easily accessible. Visitors should not be struggling to locate your contact us page on the website. Make it easy for your customers to find you and get in touch with you.
• Keep it simple- The contact us page should be designed simple and professional. Do not add too many elements to the page other than contact forms and contact details. It is best to keep the page simple and easy to use. The visitor should not feel overwhelmed with too much content on this page. The contact page needs to look good and should also have enough white space to make the essential information stand out. A good page layout will easily guide the visitors in the right direction.
• Professionally and informative- Design the contact us page simple yet professional. Have a clean contact us form on your page along with all your contact details and office address mentioned on the page. You must also include a map of your location, social media pages, email addresses, and other relevant information. Ensure that the page is spell-checked and grammatically correct. After all, this is the page where you build engagement with your clients and get in touch with them directly.
• Accurate and consistent- When you develop a website through a website development agency in Mumbai ensure that the content or information is accurate and consistent across. This is especially for the contact us page wherein it is important that the information matches the information listed in other pages and elsewhere like directories and Google my business listings.

• Convenient- Make the phone numbers and email IDs clickable so customers can easily access you via Skype or outlook. You must also provide easy access to social media profiles like LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter to name a few. Keep the contact us page short and sweet and most importantly easy to use.


How can online marketing benefit your business?

How can online marketing benefit your business?

Every business today needs to have a strong online marketing strategy in place to keep up with the fierce level of competition in the market. One needs to have a strong foundation with a good judgment to think critically, and creative in their approach to promoting their business. This is why it is recommended that businesses approach an experienced online marketing agency in Mumbai to do what they are best at. In today’s we have listed down some benefits of channelizing online marketing for your business by collaborating with an online marketing company in Mumbai.
Develop Your Brand’s Story

One of the major benefits of opting for an online marketing strategy is that you have the opportunity to showcase your brand and communicate your brand story to your target audience more effectively. No matter which strategy you choose to promote your brand, you are sure to get the visibility and response that will help you set a strong foundation for your business. Be it social media marketing, online advertising, SEO strategy, or content marketing strategy, they all provide you a unique benefit of helping you connect with your potential customers. No matter what platform you choose, online marketing as a holistic is a powerful tool that your company can knit to build strong customer connections.

Traffic Acquisition
Gaining huge traction in your business with a boost in traffic to your website is what you need for growing your business online. This can only be achieved by adopting a good online marketing or digital marketing strategy. You can be having the most amazing web storefront or the best quality product or service offering in the industry but your business will fall flat if it has no traffic. Online marketing offers a plethora of options to build your business and help you gain the momentum you need for your business. All that you need to do is collaborate or consult with an expert or an online marketing company in Mumbai to build a good strategy and you’d definitely have the wheels rolling for you.
Gaining visibility-
Strategies like SEO and social media marketing can help you gain good visibility in the market. With the right amount of investment and strategy in place, you can get your business the desired brand visibility in the industry. All that you need to do is come up with a good creative strategy to build on for the promotion of your brand. Search engines are a powerful channel for connecting with new audiences and promoting your business. So, gain leverage over such marketing strategies to grow your business and it is sure to work wonders for you.
Building connection with the audience
Content marketing is one such strategy if executed right will help you build a good connection with your audience. Be it writing blogs, article, conducting webinars, or creating interesting videos, all of this will help you grab the attention of your audience and also facilitate you in building a connection with your potential customers. Building connections and having a good line of communication with the audience is crucial for business. This is exactly where and when an online marketing company in Mumbai can help you build a strong strategy for your business and help you build a connection with your customers online.
Business Conversion –
Gaining traffic to your website is only just winning half the battle. You definitely need to have conversions to get your business running strong. This is why you may need to come up with good digital marketing strategies for driving sales. Converting first-time visitors into customers and repeat buyers is crucial for your business and this can only be achieved if you have in place a good promotional and sales strategy.
Find customers with Paid advertising channels-
Be it Search Engine Marketing, Pay-Per-Click marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Google Ad Word, or any other paid marketing channels, the options are endless for your business. Based on your industry, business type, and the target audience you can opt for a channel to promote your business and find your target audience. Drive incremental sales through various marketing strategies and build a strong revenue stream for your eCommerce or B2B business
No matter what strategy you plan to implement for the business promotion you need to understand its implications and learn which best suits your business. For these reasons working in collaboration with an online marketing agency in Mumbai is highly advisable. They have the industry knowledge, expertise, and experience to guide businesses to grow and make profitable business online. So for those looking to build an online marketing strategy must consider collaborating with an agency before moving ahead with any marketing plans.


What are the benefits of SEO strategy for businesses in 2021?

What are the benefits of SEO strategy for businesses in 2021?

SEO Services in India have for long been a very popular strategy adopted by businesses to improve their online presence. Although it an effective strategy that takes a lot of time and effort to earn the desired results, it is worth adopting for even a small-scale business. In today’s article, we have listed some benefits of SEO strategy that may help you consider the strategy in your current online marketing efforts. So, here are a few SEO benefits that you can expect for your business-
Boosts Brand Visibility
SEO is a strategy known for improving the brand visibility of businesses online. The strategy helps your business stay ahead and establish a sustained online buzz around your brand. With this, your business will hold a strong brand awareness and recall value in the industry. This is extremely beneficial for businesses looking to gain a strong foothold in the industry.
Facilitates Quality & Targeted traffic-
One of the major benefits of SEO is that it provides Quality & Targeted traffic. Unlike the traditional marketing strategy like advertisements which is an outbound marketing strategy involving reaching out to clients irrespective of their will to hear you, SEO is an inbound strategy that is centered around customers finding you when they want information. This enhances the quality of your traffic and allows you to target and focus on quality traffic. We suggest approaching a professional SEO agency in Mumbai to develop an SEO strategy for your business and this is sure to put you in the right direction of gaining quality traffic.
Largest Source of Traffic-
SEO is one of the best ways to reach out to potential customers. When users search for something related to your niche, domain, or industry, they should be able to find you. SEO helps target a specific demographic and bring in quality traffic to your website. The strategy can help you target a specific section of people online. It is the best organic search engine strategy that assures quality results, bringing in nearly 53% of site traffic for your business. With SEO, you can definitely reach out to those looking for your services effectively.
Builds Brand Credibility and Trust
Featuring at the top of search engine listing is one of the most credible sources for customers looking for specific services. SEO helps establish the strong authority of your website and also improves your website’s user experience. Ranking at the top search results on Google suggests that your business is relevant, useful, and genuine. All of these works wonders for your brand’s credibility and reliability. This helps increase traffic and further benefits your business in sales conversion.
Effective and cost-efficient strategy-
Compared to any other traditional strategy, SEO strategy in collaboration with an SEO company in Mumbai works feasible. While paid marketing accounts for nearly 15% of a website’s traffic, but it may not always be the best choice for smaller businesses with budget constraints. On the other hand, SEO is a good ROI that can produce long-term results. Work with the right SEO agency in Mumbai and you are sure to reap good benefits for your business.

We personally believe that SEO is a must-use strategy for any business driving results from their online marketing activity. One can always start working on their website’s SEO by following a few basic site hygiene measures or get professional help from an SEO agency in Mumbai. SEO companies can help you build the right strategy for you and help you achieve desired results for your business. So, consider opting SEO strategy for your business and you will surely gain results for your business.


Why is improving your online presence crucial for your business?

Why is improving your online presence crucial for your business?

In the booming digital age having an online presence is crucial for businesses. Building a digital presence makes your business more visible, accessible, and scalable. Businesses need to now focus more on ways to improve their online businesses if they wish to grow their business. That said, businesses should collaborate with the best creative agency in Mumbai to get their business rolling online. For those businesses still giving it a thought and see it as an unnecessary expense, here are some good reasons why is improving your online presence crucial for your business.
Increases Market Reach
No matter whether you are looking to expand your business in a new area or plan to increase your reach globally, your business definitely needs to improve its online presence for improving business. Having a great marketing strategy and web presence is probably the only effective way to go ahead in today’s digital era. Expanding your web presence will automatically enable you to reach a larger group of potential customers almost instantly. Especially, today where nearly 4 billion people use the internet daily, there is no better way to grow your business than to build a strong online presence.
Right Audience
While reaching a large group of audience is necessary, it is equally important to reach the right audience. Traditional marketing often limits the reach and targeting options. However, a branding agency in Mumbai can help you reach the right audience through various online means and platforms. Adopting online marketing strategies opens doors to wide options for targeting and finding the right people. Businesses can target potential customers based on their interests, hobbies, or if they are currently looking for what your business offers. This makes the possibility of targeting endless for business.
Improved User Engagement
Having a good online presence and being active on social media with regular updates definitely increases user engagement. Not only will this enhance your visibility to potential customers, but also helps your business rank high on social media. Posting informative content on the right platform will surely push users to engage with your brand. Online marketing and social media strategy open two-way communication, helping businesses build a strong relationship with their customers.
Building Brand Reputation
Online presence surely boosts your brand image in many ways. By being present online you are more accessible to customers and that shows you care for them. Besides with many online activities you can build a strong engagement with customers and increase the likelihood of good reviews and referrals to their friends and family. This facilitates the organic growth of your brand and improved brand reputation online.
Higher Revenues
Collaborating with digital marketing agencies in Mumbai for various online activities surely helps grow business. Businesses can expect higher revenues and an increased return on investment. With the increase, online visibility, enhanced brand reputation, and increased amount of traffic will surely help businesses grow and drive sales. Online presence definitely helps in building a good customer base as it facilitates better accessibility, convenience, and enhanced user experience which is today the key for driving business.

Increasing the web presence should be surely seen as an important part of a business's marketing strategy. A well-researched and classic blend of online and offline marketing strategies will work wonders for your business. After all online visibility is the key to growing business and providing excellent service to your customers. Looking for a good collaboration with a branding agency in Mumbai to spearhead your marketing efforts and you are sure to see results.

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