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Updated by Joanna James on Mar 29, 2020
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5 Things to Expect on a Cruise - An inside look!

Cruises are becoming increasingly popular these days. And why wouldn't it? It offers an unforgettable experience that will be etched in your mind forever. Here are some things you ought to know before you head out on this expedition.


Visa and passport?

One of the first questions to pop in your mind will be if you require a Visa and passport to travel. This will completely depend on your nationality as well as the sailing itinerary. You must always double check with the cruise line as to what is needed before you head out. It is always safe to travel with a passport. You must check for Visa requirements, which will primarily depend on the kind of nationality you hold. Some countries will require you to get a Visa before your arrival, whilst there are some others which will offer you visas upon arrival. And this is true to countries like Thailand. If you are looking for a Thai cruise, you can check out the Chao Phraya River Cruise in Bangkok offered by places like Anantara Cruises.


Packing for your cruise

Like any other vacation, you must have a complete packing list for your cruise. Before you set off packing all your favourite things, you must consider the weather conditions at the ports to you will be making stops at. And also ponder over what kinds of activities you want to partake at these ports. Taking these factors into consideration make sure to come up with a good packing list. Also remember, cruises usually hold theme parties and formal nights. Check their website to see what kind of occasions you must dress up for.


What not to bring!

Beware, there are certain items you will not be allowed in a cruise. This will include alcohol, weapons and drugs. They aren't allowed on board and do not bring them along. Some of the less obvious items which are considered equally unacceptable is a hot plate, clothing irons and anything that has a heating element to it.


How much cash?

How much is considered enough for a cruise vacation? Purchasing on board, which can be food and drinks at restaurants to souvenirs at boutique shops, will not require cash. You will be using instead, your cruise card or a room key for purchases. However, you will need cash to tip at restaurants, for room service, guides or drivers and other personnel. Therefore, it will be ideal to carry some loose change to give people who help you out in this manner.


What if I'm travelling with children?

This will also not be of much hassle to you. Cruise liners are kid friendly. You must make sure to bring your own kids' stroller as well as diapers. Having said that, certain cruise liners do offer strollers to be borrowed and rented out when on board. Some others even offer diapers which you can order before you board the cruise. There are day-care centres and kid-friendly places onboard where your kids can have the time of their life. Do not forget the kiddies swimming pool well equipped to entertain them too!