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Corona outbreak: Punjab locked down! | The Wallet

While talking to media on March 23, he said that it was decided in the best interest of the masses to lock down the province for two weeks.

Nature reclaiming its space By Minhas Justin | The Wallet

I believe the outbreak of this virus has not only confined us to our homes but also very drastically brought changes in our lives.

Punjab should take 10 steps to stop deadly virus spread | The Wallet

We must remember that we are not able to provide adequate healthcare facilities to sick people and the provincial government cannot afford a calamity and further loss of lives.

Corona cases go above four thousand in Pakistan | The Wallet

He further ordered that no factory should be opened during the lock-down. Earlier on April 7, three factories were sealed in Karachi for continuing their operations during the lock-down.

Meet Mrs Pakistan World 2020, Ravish Zahid Thomas | The Wallet

I am a part-time fashion and lifestyle content creator and an influencer. I have my very own Instagram blog as well which is growing tremendously with my keen dedication and hard work.

Lahore getting rid of the coronavirus? | The Wallet

She also said that the best facilities were being provided at the 1000-bed field hospital at the Expo Centre Lahore round the clock.On April 6.

Partial lock-down extended across the country | The Wallet

The prime minister said that the decision to extend the partial lock-down was done after consulting the chief secretaries and chief ministers of all the provinces and other authorities.

Complete and strict lock-down …. that’s it: Doctors

the cases were not high in number during the lock-down but after the government has relaxed the lock-down there is a reasonable increase in the cases of coronavirus.

Brave New World; The Dystopia Huxley Predicted | The Wallet

Huxley’s dystopia is governed by totalitarianism. Here, totalitarianism is achieved by ten World Controllers or the all-powerful elite. They control everything, the media as well.

Ehsaas telethon becomes fun telethon after funny things pour in

One of the callers said that if the government would get him his land back he would donate one crore rupees to the relief fund. Ehsaas telethon

Corona as an allegory by Hamza Rehman | The Wallet

In this world, we have to live with peace, love and harmony but it is not what is happening
Corona as an allegory

Drawing concept of faith, soul together | The Wallet

Faith that breaks so often you start to question everything, every fact. A short-tempered person never dares to waste a second in reacting to or challenging common beliefs.

‘It’s lock-down till May 9, no power outages at Sahar & Afaatr’

The month of Ramzan would be very crucial for the spread of coronavirus, smart Lockdown and everybody needed to be very careful in the offering of prayers and other obligations, said Asad Umar.

The failed system by Mansoor Ahmed Kataria | The Wallet

The pandemic has stunningly devastated the most stable health systems. Firstly Europe became the epicenter and then America.

GIKI graduates develop Pakistan’s first online shopping search engine | The Wallet

Shoppingum provides the most efficient online searching for products. It monitors the products across all Pakistani online stores.

Government announces advertisement for youtube digital channels

After Prime minister’s meeting with YouTubers and the owners of digital media outlets, Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Information & Broadcasting.

PM’s pick Diriliş: Ertuğrul goes popular in Pakistan | The Wallet

First episode of Diriliş Ertuğrul Urdu the series got on aired on the state television, people out there welcomed it and made #ErtugrulUrduPTV a top trend on twitter in Pakistan.

Bull fight scene here in locked down Lahore

Though it is all about COVID-19 out there nobody among the spectators was even concerned about social distancing or any other thing as they were busy enjoying and talking about the bullfight.

Labour day and impacts of COVID-19 on working class | The Wallet

Before Labour Day,The federal planning and development ministry has already estimated job losses resulting from the Covid-19 lockdown at 18m.

Shahbaz demands petrol & diesel prices at Rs 50 per liter | The Wallet

He said that Labour Day could have been a good opportunity for the government to gift a big cut in the petrol and diesel prices to the working class of the country.

Value yourself by valuing book reading | The Wallet

The reason why scholars advise book reading instead of short articles is when you read a book you spend several hours with it whereas you only spend a few minutes reading an article.

It’s time to go back to routine gradually: Imran Khan

He said that he decided to form the volunteer tiger force because of the challenge we were facing right now. He also said that a big stratum of our society was critically affected by this lock-down.

COVID19: Punjab to resume business in less affected cities

There are twelve such cities in Punjab where coronavirus cases are not high in number and business activities can be resumed in these cities.

Islamabad: A jewel in Pakistan’s crown | The Wallet

Looking at the decision in today’s perspective, one can certainly believe that the government had made the right decision at that time to shift the capital from Karachi to Islamabad.

Lockdown is over in Pakistan: announces Imran Khan | The Wallet

He said that the restaurant's owners were also asking for ease in lock-down as it was getting difficult for them to manage the things when there was no business activity.