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Updated by Anshu Desai on May 25, 2020
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University Connection

If you want to study abroad or looking for guidance then contact University Connection.

What Career Counselling Do To Student

There are a lot of myths about counselors and career counseling sessions that give you a wrong perspective about it. Read a blog by University Connection about things you don't know about Career Counselling.

Attend National Student Leadership Conference in Abroad

Visiting Abroad is the dream of all of us and attending NSLC is the best thing that can happen to a student. Here check out the blog by University connection about how one young guy attended the National Student Leadership Conference and all about his experience that can inspire you.

Find Best Career Counselor in Delhi

University Connection is the best place to contact when you are the Best Career Counselor in Delhi. They are guiding people for a very long time and give you the best possible advice, so you can understand which course can lead you to the desired job.

Attending Counselor Success Program is a good Choice

Attending Counselor Success Program is very important for every student because it can give you a clear perspective about your further studies. University Connection also takes part in these programs proactively. Take a look at their blog about their experience in the 2019 program.

Attend a Session on Study India vs Study Abroad

It is becoming very difficult for a student to decide whether they want to study in there home country or abroad, so the fight of Study India Vs Study Abroad still continues. You can get in touch with University Connection to get your counseling session to get your head clear.

Things To Pack Before Leaving For The University

Everyone is talking about going abroad this and that but no one is telling you things to keep in while going to another country. Read this University Connection blog to know that things you should remember before going to university, so that life will become a little less difficult for you.

Countries That Are Doing Best In Terms Of Study

USA is one of the best countries to visit when you are thinking of studying abroad but nowadays even other countries are working towards improving their education system. Students are now shifting to other countries as well like Norway, Germany, New Zealand, and Canada. Check out the blog by University Connection about that can give the USA a run for its money.

Want To Extend Your Visa In Other Country

If you are thinking of studying abroad and thinking about how can you extend your visa then check out a blog by University Connection which can give you a perspective on how you will get extended visas and which courses are best for you.

A Note To The Best Friend Who's Going Abroad

It is a good thing that one is pursuing their dream and walking towards success but when your friend leaves for another country it is a very emotional moment. Here check out a blog from university connections that is written to a friend who is leaving for abroad from a friend.

Hidden Ivy Is Also A Thing

For a better Career, it is very important to find a good college and but Ivy colleges are pretty expensive but there are other hidden Ivy are also there so you can get admission in these and expect a bright future. Check out this blog by University Connection about hidden Ivy.

Save Money When You Are Studying In Abroad

Studying abroad is not as easy as it looks from your home country, so it is very important for you to save money. University connection not only provides you Career counseling but check out their blog on how one can save money when they are studying abroad.

Find Best Career Counselor in Delhi

University Connection believes choosing a career path and following it is a serious business and needs the right guidance at the right time. They are in this field for a very long time and have the best career counselor in Delhi.

Visit Best Career Counselor in Delhi

Students these days have a lot of options out which they can select the course of their interest, but they find them confused at the very same with all the options they have. University Connection has the best team of career counselors in Delhi, you can always count upon them for your career solution.

Meet Best Career Counselor in Delhi

It is always a good idea to meet a career counselor, when you are in doubt and don't know which course to chose. Orange team has the best career counselor in Delhi to guide you through.