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Updated by primecompressor on Mar 20, 2020
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Should I Purchase an Air Compressor for My Home?


Should I Purchase an Air Compressor for My Home?

When you are considering tools for your home, there are a variety of electric, pneumatic, or manual tools that you may be looking into at your local home improvement store. From drills to three types of hammers and every type of nail, you want to be prepared for every eventuality - and well-organized. However, have you considered investing in an air compressor? It may seem like a high cost or too much for your small garage and tool collection, but in fact, an air compressor is highly beneficial for any homeowner.

Of the many factors to consider when shopping for an air compressor, think about tank size - it can matter, depending on your needs. For homeowners looking at small kompresory srubowe, screw compressors, and other types of air compressors, tanks range from 1 to 6 gallons. There are larger tanks, and these hold more air and allow you to use more before the pressure drops. If the work you aim to do demands high air volume, you will need a larger tank. If you do not need something larger and select these models, remember that they will be louder than smaller tanks.

As you shop for an air compressor, you will notice that PSI is a factor as you look into various types and models. PSI stands for pounds per square inch. Air compressors, for the most part, provide a significant amount of pressure for your tools and tasks. You do not need to necessarily purchase the most powerful air compressor if you are only completing these DIY tasks, but there is one benefit to doing so. A small tank can perform the duties of a larger tank if you choose one with a higher PSI.

Shopping for at-home air compressors also means portability, but this does not always lightweight. While it can mean that your air compressor is easy to carry, the shape is something else that matters when you need it to be easy to haul around. Choose a slimmer design, because a wider design can be bulky, even when it is lightweight. This matters when you need to carry the air compressor to another worksite, so test that aspect in-store before making your final purchase.

Buying an air compressor for your home shop is not an easy task. There are are several aspects to consider, and so shop carefully and look into each element before making a decision. An air compressor can supply the energy for everything from pressure washing the exterior of your home to powering your pneumatic tools.