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My Global Citizenship™

We are a worldwide network of experienced and dedicated professionals who work relentlessly to fulfill the aspirations of our clients – not just to exist but to enjoy an upscale lifestyle, be part of a community driven by peace and pleasure, a neighborhood that is more concerned about health rather than profits and a land which offers the next generation ample scope to develop and flourish.

Canada Investor VISA

Investor visa program for Canada - If you would like to immigrate to Canada as an entrepreneur or Investor My Global Citizenship™ will help you. Call for visa options for you on +91 8291917182.

Top 5 universities in Canada with education opportunities for immigrants

Canada’s top 5 universities provide excellent education opportunities for immigrants of India. Read about these universities and discover the Canada investor visa to get easy admission for children.

Canada investment immigration: Benefits for your child’s education

The Canadian education system is the best in the world, and Canada investment immigration is the right path to secure your child’s future in the country through high-quality education. Read here to know the benefits.

Children of immigrants who have lived in Portugal for a year may be Portuguese

The children of immigrants who have lived in Portugal for a year may become Portuguese if an amendment to the nationality law is approved by parliament.

Most H-1B employers use programme to pay migrant workers well below market wages: Report

Among the top 30 H-1B employers are major US firms including Amazon, Microsoft, Walmart, Google, Apple and Facebook. All of them take advantage of program rules in order to legally pay many of their H-1B workers below the local median wage for the jobs they fill," said the report released by the Economic Policy Institute.


My Global Citizenship™ - Immigration By Investment

My Global Citizenship™ - Immigration By Investment

My Global Citizenship™ are the pioneering consulting firm for reliable advice and credible action on all issues concerning Immigration planning, Residency guidance and Citizenship planning via investments.


A Gateway to European Citizenship

A Gateway to European Citizenship

Explore a new option to obtain Portugal’s Golden Visa...

As an European Union member state, Portugal offers a high standard of living in terms of work, healthcare, climate, infrastructure, stability, safety and education. The Portugal Golden Visa Program has proven to be the most popular scheme in Europe with investors attracted to its flexibility and benefits. An investment of €350,000 in Portugal will gain a residency permit for a family including dependent children. The golden visa can be renewed every two years providing the applicant spends only two weeks in the country every two years.

For registration, call on +91 8291917182.

For more information, visit:

Second Citizenship

Discover the power of investing in a second citizenship. Citizenship by investment will unlock the potential to a world of freedom, global mobility, and exclusive opportunity.

Global Citizenship: The path to becoming a resident of the world

Global Citizenship is a pathway to incredible opportunities and unmatched peace of mind. Here’s what you should know about starting your journey of becoming a global citizen.

Second residency by investment: Key data and findings

Second residency by investment is increasingly becoming a popular choice for Indians to migrate to developed countries. Here’s what global citizenship brings to investors.

Impact of Second Residency for Children on Education & Career

Second residency for children is an excellent way to open the doors of international opportunities for your child’s education and career. Here’s how your child will benefit from a global citizenship.

Second residency: Unlock your future amid COVID-19 lockdown

Secure your future through residency and citizenship planning during the times of COVID-19 lockdown. Read here why you should consider second residency today.

Benefits of dual residency for children apart from education

Dual residency for children offers several benefits apart from education. It promises a high-quality of life and exposure to international opportunities. Read here how it benefits your children.

Global Citizenship for children: Best investment with high returns

Global citizenship for children is the best investment that promises high returns for your child’s future. Here’s why you should invest in a permanent residency program today.

Second residency by investment for international exposure to children

Second residency for children enables them to get international exposure and brings them to an atmosphere of International learning. Here’s how second citizenship by investment benefits children.

Portugal Permanent Residency

Discover the benefits of a Portugal residency and access to the European way of life by investing only €350,000. Call to get Portugal citizenship on +91 8291917182.

EB-5 Investor Visa: Your child’s passport to the top 5 US universities

EB-5 Investor visa USA enables your child to access the world’s best university and opens the door to ample opportunities. Here are the 5 top universities your child can access the EB-5 investor visa program.