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My Global Citizenship™

We are a worldwide network of experienced and dedicated professionals who work relentlessly to fulfill the aspirations of our clients – not just to exist but to enjoy an upscale lifestyle, be part of a community driven by peace and pleasure, a neighborhood that is more concerned about health rather than profits and a land which offers the next generation ample scope to develop and flourish.

Canada Investor VISA

Investor visa program for Canada - If you would like to immigrate to Canada as an entrepreneur or Investor My Global Citizenship™ will help you. Call for visa options for you on +91 8291917182.

Top 5 universities in Canada with education opportunities for immigrants

Canada’s top 5 universities provide excellent education opportunities for immigrants of India. Read about these universities and discover the Canada investor visa to get easy admission for children.

Canada investment immigration: Benefits for your child’s education

The Canadian education system is the best in the world, and Canada investment immigration is the right path to secure your child’s future in the country through high-quality education. Read here to know the benefits.

Children of immigrants who have lived in Portugal for a year may be Portuguese

The children of immigrants who have lived in Portugal for a year may become Portuguese if an amendment to the nationality law is approved by parliament.

Most H-1B employers use programme to pay migrant workers well below market wages: Report

Among the top 30 H-1B employers are major US firms including Amazon, Microsoft, Walmart, Google, Apple and Facebook. All of them take advantage of program rules in order to legally pay many of their H-1B workers below the local median wage for the jobs they fill," said the report released by the Economic Policy Institute.

EB-5 Investor Visa: Your child’s passport to the top 5 US universities

EB-5 Investor visa USA enables your child to access the world’s best university and opens the door to ample opportunities. Here are the 5 top universities your child can access the EB-5 investor visa program.

The battle for a Green Card intensifies in the US Opinion

There is a larger message here for Indians planning to study or work in the US with hopes of staying on. Life in the Green Card queue is probably not worth it with something like Durbin waiting at the other end.

EU Passport for Portugal

Want to apply for EU passport for Portugal quickly? My Global Citizenship explains requirements for the Portugal golden visa, plus details on Portuguese citizenship by investment.

European Citizenship & Portugal Golden VISA Program Webinar

My Global Citizenship™ is hosting a FREE WEBINAR to help you become a European Citizen with the Portugal Investment Visa. Learn everything about the program - from minimum investment amount to the timeline. We will also talk about the latest developments in the immigration industry.

Register today at

Immigration to Malta from India

Get Malta immigration from India through My Global Citizenship™. We provide better EU golden visa program options for your families and secure your feature.

Portugal residency by investment: Your plan B to a European citizenship

Portugal residency by investment visa is the perfect Plan B for retirement. Here are 4 ways Portugal immigration by investment benefits you after retirement.enter link description here

Canada Residency By Investment: Why it’s the best country for migration

Canada residency by investment is a lucrative way of immigrating to Canada and building a better life. Here are 5 reasons that make Canada the best country for immigration.

Portugal Investment Visa

Portugal Golden Visa - We have €350,000 property options. Find out more about Portugal permanent residency by investment & dual citizenship in Portugal from the Portugal Golden Visa experts.

Why you should explore Portugal Golden Visa rather than the US

Portugal Golden Visa is gaining much more popularity than the US EB-5 visa. Here’s why Portugal is a better choice for achieving a high-quality lifestyle than the US.

immigration by investment

Global citizenship by investment through My Global Citizenship™. We are the world's leading experts in advising residency and citizenship planning.


Canada Residency by Investment: the elite way to Canada immigration

Canada Residency by Investment: the elite way to Canada immigration

Canada residency by investment offers an opportunity to immigrate to Canada from India without any hassle. Here’s why a Canada investment visa is perfect for your family’s immigration to Canada.

Portugal Residency by Investment: Get closer to European Citizenship

Portugal residency by investment is one of the best ways to become a European citizen. Here are the benefits of Portugal PR by investment and why you should get one for your family.

Canada Investment Visa

The fastest way to get Canada investment visa through My Global Citizenship™. Consult for express entry visa, Canada PR, and investment visa on +91 8291917182.

Montenegro Citizenship by Investment: 5 benefits for Indian kids

Montenegro citizenship by investment is now becoming more popular as a route to the US for Indian kids. Here are 5 benefits Montenegro golden visa offers to your children.

How Canada residency by investment can help you multiply wealth

Canada residency by investment offers different ways to multiply your wealth in the country. Here’s how the Canada golden visa is useful in generating income and reducing your tax.

Global Citizenship by Investment - My Global Citizenship™

My Global Citizenship™ is the global leader in citizenship planning and residency programs. Contact us for an obligation-free consultation.

Canada Residency by Investment: Your Passport to a Better Future

Canada Residency by investment enables investors to secure the future of the children with Canada Immigration. Here are the benefits of a Canada investor visa.

Canada residency by investment: 5 retirement benefits for residents

Get Canada residency by investment and retire peacefully in the great white north. Here are 5 Canada social security benefits and retirement plans for you.

Canada investment visa: Pros and Cons

Canada residency by investment is gaining much popularity. Read the pros and cons of the Canada investment visa to make an informed decision.

Canada Work Permit Visa

Get Canada PR visa through My Global Citizenship™. We provide Canada residency, work permit & investor visa program with best investment options for secure your future.