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The Coronavirus: What Scientists Have Learned So Far

Scientists have been studying various patterns and conditions on how it could be chronic in some people/regions while it is mild in the others. Coronavirus pandemic is one of the deadliest attacks that the world has witnessed in the recent past

Preventive Measures That Could Save You From Coronavirus | How To Cure

Coronavirus Primarily Infects the Respiratory System Resulting in Mortality. However, Treating the Symptoms of Coronavirus Using Antiviral Herbs Is the Next-Best Available Solution. Read More

This Data And Information Show How The Coronavirus Is Spreading Across The World

Various bizarre conspiracy theories have been circulating that the virus somehow escaped from a Chinese lab, either by design or accident. However, this is untrue, and scientists studying its coronavirus genetic code have linked it to mammals like bats.

Coronavirus And Pregnancy : Why You Should Be Extra Cautious

Doctors say expecting moms should take precautions to avoid coronavirus, just as they would avoid the flu. Read ahead to know Why Pregnant Women Should Be Extra Cautious With Coronavirus

Breaking the Rumours of Coronavirus: Myths vs Facts Busted

We've compiled a list of the myths about the novel coronavirus. Find here here's the truth about the new coronavirus (COVID-19).

Here's Why The Elderly Face The Greatest Risk Of Severe Illness From Coronavirus

Older people should be especially diligent about washing hands and other infection reducing measures. It is advisable against traveling to countries now experiencing pandemics of COVID-19, and seniors should avoid the Seattle area.

Can The World Control COVID-19? | How To Cure

Worldwide, the nations are doing their best to control the spread of coronavirus and stop any newer infections from entering their country. Organizations and medical experts are also receiving considerable funds to fight the virus, but in the meanwhile, many it is showing no signs of slow-down.  

How Can a Healthy Immune System Protect You From Coronavirus?

Experts claim that a more robust immune system, healthy body, and taking treatment of COVID19 in the early stages may help in reducing the complications and help in recovering.

Is Food & Grocery Delivery Safe From Coronavirus Spread ?

If you are buying foods or groceries online or from stores, you can follow some simple measures to control the exposure of coronavirus. Hera are few such measures.

Coronavirus: Can Summer Or Hot Temperatures Slow It Down? | How To Cure

One such common claim that is being heard from the beginning is that hot temperatures could kill coronavirus. For the same, people were using hot dryers and blowing it on their face or skin, thinking that it could kill it. Read on to know the fact

Home Made Sanitizers To Kill Coronavirus: How To Make It?

With a few basic ingredients, you can make the most potent hand sanitizer at home to protect yourself from coronavirus. Find here the ingredients and methods to make sanitizers at home.

Covid-19 and Isolation: How to Overcome the Negative Impacts

Besides isolation, misinformation can fuel stress in the minds of people. On the other hand, people who are taking those measures by thinking that it would cure or treat COVID-19 can have adverse health consequences.

Don't Panic About Coronavirus: Here's Why | How To Cure

It is impossible to wipe out COVID-19 immediately. However, there is a lot of testing and research going on currently. The diagnostic approaches and actions from healthcare departments and governments are showing an optimistic view. Here are reasons why you shouldn't panic about COVID-19:

COVID-19, Allergies or Flu? Here's the Difference between Coronavirus and other Illnesses

While symptoms like fever and cough are identical in flu and COVID-19, there are a few symptoms that could differentiate these two and other common illnesses.

COVID-19 Isolation: Foods and Tips to Maintain Physical and Mental Health

During Covid-19 Isolation , lack of access to the gym, fresh outdoors, and fresh foods can also make it hard to maintain proper health. Here are a few recommendations that can help you in maintaining proper health:

Coronavirus Testing: Everything You Need To Know | How To Cure

You may need to get the test for COVID-19 when you experience the symptoms. If you have a history of traveling to countries that have high infection rates or have close contact with COVID-19 positive people, you may also be tested. Read on to know more about coronavirus testing in detail

COVID-19: Why Is So Hard To Control It?

Epidemics and outbreaks have been haunting humans for ages. Plague of Athens and Antonian Plague in the early human civilizations or American Plague, Russian Plague, and Spanish Flu in recent centuries have crippled human civilizations. These epidemics or outbreaks posed a considerable threat and stagnated the life of the entire society.

What Happens After You Recover From Coronavirus | HowtoCure

One more thing that people are concerned about is life after recovering from coronavirus. There are some reports of reinfection, but researchers are studying the possibility of such cases. Read on to know more in detail.

Covid-19 Tests: How Accurate And Feasible Are They?

COVID-19 tests have become scarce in some places. At the same time, some countries have reported falsy test kits, which lead to further spread of COVID-19,Read on to know more.

Why You Should Stop Using The Phrase ‘Social Distancing’

To stop the spread of COVID-19, WHO and governments around the globe have put forward specific protocols. Following proper hygiene, covering face with masks, self-quarantine, and maintaining physical distances are three of the primary protocols.

How Much Do You Know About The Coronavirus (Covid-19)? | How To Cure

As the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) spreads, so is misinformation. Knowing the facts is key to being properly prepared and protecting yourself and your loved ones against the virus. Test how much you know about the virus.

The Best Essential Oils for Mental & Emotional Health During COVID-19 Quarantine

Are you considering your mental and emotional health? Check here to know the best essential oils for mental health during quarantine period.

Can Supplements Protect Against The New Coronavirus? Know The Facts

The current situation of COVID-19 is stressful, and we may dwell into some myths which say that so and so remedy can cure the infection. But, we have to be mindful and filter the information before processing anything.

Quarantine Meal Plan: Perfect For Healthy Lifestyle | How To Cure

Do you want to fight against quarantine? then you need proper nutrition to fight. Check here for the best quarantine meal plan and recipes to be healthy ever.

How To Make Your Days Better During Covid -19 ?

One way to stay productive and away from anxiety of COVID-19 is to plan most of the things that you can. Since you will be spending all your day at home, going without planning can keep things mundane. Here, you can plan your day and make time for everything from work to entertainment.