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Updated by Mathieu Louis on Apr 01, 2020
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This list covers everything you should know about cryptocurrency, bitcoin and altcoin. This is the place to get all the information you need before diving into the world of crypto or make decision if you're already in.


Five (5) Cryptocurrencies to Buy Before The Upcoming Bitcoin Reward Halving

Bitcoin reward halving mechanism was planned such that the rewards go down roughly every four years, or specifically every 210,000 blocks.

Steem Hard Fork Planned Friday to Take Flight from Justin Sun’s Steemit Hostile Takeover

Steemit, the bloggers' blockchain is conducting a hostile hard fork to flee Tron's co-founder, Justin Sun. Steem hard fork taking place this Friday.

Coronavirus Panicking Leads To Bitcoin Hard Crash – 60% Within Hours – BTC Twitter Weight In With Pain & Humor

A bitcoin crash due to coronavirus pandemic led to $100m cryptocurrency market wipeout. Within 24 hours, BTC lost 60% of its trading value.

Top 7 Most Popular & Easy Ways to Get and Earn Free Bitcoins Online with Little Efforts

After joining, testing, get paid and not from over 20 companies and websites claiming to be the best ways to earn free bitcoins; we found the winners.

Live Cryptocurrency Prices Ordered by Market Cap. Biggest Gainers/Losers

A Real-time & live cryptocurrency prices tracker, charts, market cap, news, guides, coins ranking aims to provide users with valuable data.

Bitcoin: A Guide for Beginners e-Book (Instantly Download for FREE Below!)

Learn the basics before diving into the world of Bitcoin. This Bitcoin guide for beginners will teach you what you need to know about the first cryptocoin.

Akon City – The Crypto-Backed Project Based in Dakar, Senegal (Africa) Released First Whitepaper

Today, we have learned a whitepaper has been released for the first time with a roadmap for Akon City and Akoin; the native token.

US Court Ordered Bitcoin Con Artist, Craig Wright to Pay $165,000 in Legal Fees

Bitcoin con artist, Craig Wright is getting dragged through the mud again. The difference this time is, the pain will burn a deep hole in his pocket.

Coinbase’s #1 Competitor, CoinZoom Cryptocurrency Exchange First to Offer Bitcoin & Crypto Visa Card in the US

According to CoinZoom cryptocurrency exchange founder, Tom Crosland, users can request a free Visa debit card to convert digital assets into cash.

News of Hard Fork on Hive Network Surge Steem Token Price 160% Within 24 Hours

Steem token price surged 160% within 24 hours after news circulating a group of developers are planning to escape Justin Sun's grip with hard fork.

Exclusive Collectibles, Digital Art Marketplace Launched By Winkelvoss Twins

Digial art marketplace named Nifty Gateway launched by Tyler and Cameron (Winkelvoss Twins), hoping to cash-in on the digital art gold rush.

Five (5) Reasons to Celebrate If You Currently Holding Bitcoin

Holding Bitcoin in 2020? First, congratulations. Secondly, you have 5 super reasons to celebrate amid this Coronavirus epidemic and market bloodbath.

Biggest cryptocurrency market gainers & Losers (24-hour volume)

List of 10 live crypto market top gainers and losers of the past 24 hours with volume of at least $50,000 -

Best Ethereum Wallets - Reviews of the Top for ETH | CryptoZink

If you are in the cryptocurrency market looking for the best Ethereum wallets, CryptoZink has done the work for you. Check out these top ETH wallets.

AUD Token (AUDT), Australian Stablecoin Launched Without Big Bank Supports

Chrono Tech, the blockchain company behind AUD Token (AUDT), a stablecoin pegged to the Australian dollar launched without main bank supports.

Bitcoin SV (BSV) Takeover Detected, Mining Pool Members Suspected – Hard Fork Imminent?

Thus far, no one knows who's behind the Bitcoin SV (BSV) takeover. However, there are already speculations of a hard fork.

Hive, Steem’s Hard Fork Hits With Cease and Desist Request From Crypto Mining Company with Same Name

Hive, the recent hard fork from the disgruntled Steem members is already facing legal issues as a firm with same name sent cease and desist letter.

$148,900,000 Worth of Bitcoin (BTC), 57,000 Ethereum (ETH), 46,000,000 Ripple (XRP) Moved by Crypto Whales

"Crypto Whales Gone Wild" sounds more like a reality TV show. However, it is not. This is the reality facing the cryptocurrency market today.

Digital Wallets & Crypto Dollar Proposed By House Democrats, Big News for Bitcoin?

Crypto Dollar or USDT? Democrats; currently with a majority in the House of Representatives proposed U.S-backed digital currency & wallets.

Facebook Joins YouTube in Banning Cryptocurrency Content From Platform

Social media giant, Facebook (FB) has officially joined YouTube in banning cryptocurrency-based content from its platforms.

Crypto SCAM ALERT: Fake Google Chrome Ledger Extensions Stealing Users Tokens

Beware cryptonites, there is a fake Google Chrome ledger extensions out there wrecking havoc. According to a new report by Xrplorer Forensics. Millions of Ripple XRP coins stolen.

Bitcoin As Currency Has Failed, Says Brazil’s Federation of Banks President, Murilo Portugal

Murilo Portugal, Brazil's Federation of Banks (Febraban) president declared cryptocurrencies; particularly Bitcoin, have failed as currency.

5 Reasons Blockchain Technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Are Changing the Mobile Industry

Blockchain technology and artificial intelligence hold the potential to bring a new generation of innovative products and services.

Microsoft To Let Individuals Mine Cryptocurrency While Watching Advertisements, According to Patent

Software giant, Microsoft filed for a patent a few days ago that will allow individuals to mine cryptocurrency while watching advertisements (ads).