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Mobile phones, screen and health

Breaking My Phone Addiction—Via My Phone | WIRED

Welcome to Internet and Technology Addicts Anonymous.

Aumenta la nomofobia en chicas adolescentes | Periodistas en Español

Los datos son alarmantes pero corresponden a las chicas de hoy en día; niñas que están siendo manipuladas sin querer por el uso y abuso del móvil. Padecen

Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation? - The Atlantic

More comfortable online than out partying, post-Millennials are safer, physically, than adolescents have ever been. But they’re on the brink of a mental-health crisis.

Siempo’s new app will break your smartphone addiction – TechCrunch

A new app called Siempo wants to un-addict you from your smartphone and its numerous attention-stealing apps. To do so, Siempo replaces an Android device’s homescreen, while also taking advantage of a number of design principles to push distractions further away, and give you more control over your notifications. The startup, which launched a few […]

Researchers wonder what it means when you keep your phone out without using it - MIT Technology Review

Men are less likely to do it than women, and mixed-sex pairs least likely of all.

What I Gave My Kid Instead of a Smartphone - Human Parts

A year ago, I went undercover on the app and realized just how toxic social media can be for young kids. I’ve been raising a phone-free tween ever since.

Children Who Get Less Screen Time Think Better, Study Finds

Keeping your kid’s mind sharp might involve making sure they don’t spend all day on their smartphone or other screen devices, suggests yet more research published this week.

Even Teens Worry That Teens Are Addicted to Their Phones | WIRED

A Pew Research study finds that that 54 percent of US teens ages 13 to 17 worry they spend too much time on their phones, and 52 percent have taken steps to cut back.

La lectura prolongada en ‘smartphone’ aumenta el 90% de síntomas visuales

Cada vez es más habitual leer en el móvil o en la tablet, comprobar los últimos mensajes o echar un vistazo a las redes sociales antes de dormir. Una invest...

La adicción al móvil puede provocar insatisfacción y problemas emocionales y de salud: consejos para un uso responsable

Con el paso de los años han aumentado las horas que los usuarios dedican a los 'smartphones', y el uso...

Smartphones, tablets causing mental health issues in kids as young as two - NZ Herald

Smartphones and tablets are causing issues for kids as young as two years old.

Older Americans are in front of screens more often than a decade ago | Pew Research Center

Those 60 and older now spend more than half of their daily leisure time, four hours and 16 minutes, in front of screens.

Inside Relay, the Anti-Smartphone for Kids | PCMag

Republic Wireless's Relay device tries to get kids out of the house and off their screens. But can it fight the siren song of the iPhone?

Too much Fortnite? How to get kids off screens without smashing their iPads | Life and style | The Guardian

Kirstie Allsopp has revealed the dramatic remedy she used with her gaming-obsessed sons, but are there other strategies to prise your children from their computers?