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5 Things to Remember While Choosing a Switch for Your Home

Buying electric switches for your home has to be a well-planned process with the aforementioned things kept in your mind. Deviating from a set plan can lead to confusion or overspending as well. Hence, ensure you make the right choice.

All You Need To Know About Electric Motors by Indent Now

An electric motor is an electro-mechanical device that transforms electrical energy into mechanical energy. Electric Motors can be classified based onthe power source, construction, motions output type, and application. They are widely used in pumps, industrial fans, machine tools, blowers, and power tools.

Side and Face Cutter - Buy Addiosn HSS Side & Face Cutter Online at Best Price | IndentNow

IndentNow is one stop online shop for all your solutions like side and face cutter at the best price in India. Buy now best side and face milling products at amazing deals and exclusive offers.

Types of Spanners and Their Purpose

The article highlights some of the most common types of spanners and their purpose to help you find the spanner set that suits your requirements.

Basic Tips for Choosing Entrance Door Mats – IndentNow

There is a variety of door mats available in the stores. You can even buy doormats online. From an extensive variety of doormats being sold in the stores, we must find the most suitable for our home. Here are a few tips that can help:

4 Tips on Buying a Reusable Face Mask

A reusable face mask is a device that helps to protect your system from harmful toxins or substances present in the air. mentioned below are four tips that will help you in choosing the right reusable face masks:

Vacuum Pump and its Usage in Different Industries

One of the most widely used industrial tools in the world is the vacuum pump. Its basic functionality is to create a vacuum in a particular container by pulling all the excess air present within it. popular brands like Kirloskar with vacuum pumpscatalogue that are authentic should be purchased. Mentioned below are some of the industries that utilise this tool:

Reasons to Use an Electric Fuse by indentnow - Issuu

Fuses are security devices that are used to safeguard electric circuit from getting damaged from overcurrent and other types of electrical faults. The upcoming slides will talk about some major reasons to use a fuse.

3 Common Types of Domestic-Purpose Switches

Gone are the days when switches were only meant to serve their electrical function; today, with the availability of modular switches, they are meant to spruce up the look of your home interiors as well. Moreover, with the ever-increasing number of top brands offering switches, it has become easier for people to find the most suitable products.

What are the Functions of Safety Shoes?

Safety shoes help provide foot protection and therefore have plenty of functions. For instance, safety shoes made with durable materials prevent burns while safety shoes made with non-conductive material decrease the likelihood of an electric accident occurring. These types of safety shoes are extremely beneficial in different workplaces.

All You Need to Know About Anaerobic Adhesives – IndentNow

The adhesive is a term that refers to any substance which is applied between two or more surfaces of different materials or objects to hold, fasten, or bond them together. There are majorly five types of adhesives, namely:

Things You Should Know About Oil Starters

An oil starter is immersed in a liquid and provides protection to both a single-phase as well as the triple-phase motor. These starters are clubbed in a housing made of cast iron and the oil tank is mostly made of CR sheet steel.