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News | Coronavirus: South Korea Tackling Coronavirus Using Big Data | TechDemand

South Korea is combating Coronavirus (COVID-19) by relying on its new technological up-gradation and innovation. The country over the years has invested in an advanced digital platform for big-data mi....

News | Coronavirus: Know how AI is Helping Combat the Pandemic | Artificial Intelligence Future

How can big data and AI help in the fight against the pandemic? ... The social network is also helping partners understand how people are.The hope is that AI will accelerate insights into the novel coronavirus by finding more subtle connections across more data.


  1. Tech giants like Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google have met officials at Downing Street

  2. The meet was focused on discussing their part in the coronavirus crisis

Combatting Cor....

News | Coronavirus: NYDFS Directed Cryptocurrency Firms to roll out Detailed COVID-19 Plan | TechDemand

The New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) has issued a letter to about eighteen major cryptocurrency firms to come up with a contingency plan including all details for facing the COVID-19 ....

News | Beating Coronavirus: How can the Leaders Meet Slowdown with the Open Source Technology? | TechDemand

McKinsey and amp; Co. analyzed the current economic situation and put forward three economic scenarios. The coronavirus pandemic has hit the economy hard, so let’s see the options from the best to ....

The Coronavirus Effect On Google Ads And Affiliate Sales | Tech Demand

Covid-19 buying trends show deep changes that may impact Google Ads, affiliate earnings and publisher advertising earnings. Knowing what The Coronavirus Effect On Google Ads And Affiliate Sales

News | Coronavirus: A New App can Tell if One has Crossed Paths with a Person Infected with COVID-19 | TechDemand

An app called Private Kit: Safe paths developed by people at MIT and Harvard in collaboration with software engineers and tech giants, namely, Facebook and Uber, have done a marvellous job in their fr....

News | Coronavirus: Attackers Resorting to Newer Ways of Cyber Scams | TechDemand

According to Compliance Week, a renowned news, analysis, and information resource publisher in the US, when more companies worldwide are driving staff to hunker down from home to ward off the spread o....

News | Coronavirus: Google Finally Launches the Coronavirus Website with Enhanced Search Results | TechDemand

More than a week ago, President Donald Trump at a press conference claimed that Google will be developing a screening website specific to the Coronavirus and would channel people to testing sites. Wel....

News | Coronavirus Models Give Individual Hospitals an Idea About What to Expect in the Coming Weeks | TechDemand

Based on the reports by doctors in Italy on limiting ventilators for Coronavirus patients, and overburdened hospitals spread throughout Europe, data scientists have put efforts to build a mathematical....

News | Coronavirus: Zoom Dominates Microsoft, Google in Video Conference Arena amid COVID-19 Pandemic | TechDemand

The coronavirus has upset the applecart. The high transmission, infection, and mortality rate of Covid-19 among humans has forced leaders to call for a shutdown at a global scale. Countries are going ....

Part I: All That You Need to Know About Network Demand | TechDemand

Understanding networks
Individual computers provide opportunities for tremendous productivity gains, but they become many times more powerful when they’re connected to one another in data networks ....

Part II:What are the Essential Components of a Network | Networking

Switches, routers, and wireless access points are the basic elements of a network. A network uses these tools to connect devices and allows communication through them.

How to Win Clients and Influence Markets with Virtualization | Virtualization Whitepapers

Most of us are quite familiar with cloud-based systems to some degree and are using them in one or the other way. Still, there is a technology that has become a part of the bigger picture and has beco....

Now is the Time for you to Know Everything About Cloud Computing | TechDemand

Did you know cloud computing has played a vital role in transforming CAPEX business models to OPEX business models in terms of IT?
Cloud computing has significantly managed to bring down IT expenses ....

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Whitepapers are similar but distinct from business reports. In order to write a successful one, you need to understand the difference and include key elements. In this post we will teach you not only how to write but also how to format a whitepaper.

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How Internet of Things Deals with Consent Problem? | TechDemand

The internet of things (IoT) is all about connected devices around the world through the internet. It is a process that can include everything from connected cars to home appliances to any particular ....