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Updated by Kairos Technologies on Dec 20, 2023
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KiTAP - Kairos Intelligent Test Automation Platform

Kairos KiTAP is the perfect solution for organizations looking to take advantage of Automated Testing to reduce risk and shift left with their DevTestOps strategy. KiTAP offers automated testing for various domains, such as regression, QA, web application, mobile application, salesforce, and API.



Test Value Assurance Framework

Test Value Assurance Framework

Kairos Test Center of Excellence. Achieve the best Quality Governance by streamlining and centralizing your test practices. At its outset, Kairos Test Center of Excellence (TCoE) is an integrated solution to achieve Enterprise Quality Governance (EQG).

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Artificial Intelligence isn’t just infiltrating everyday life, it’s going to transform entire industries.


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“There’s such a cult of entrepreneurship around [AI] and a severe lack of reality in its general coverage.

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One account. All of Google.

Free weblog publishing tool from Google, for sharing text, photos and video.

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Big companies have many advantages when it comes to AI.

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Rethinking IT Strategy In 2021 To Address Business Challenges

The levels of organizational stress are beyond the margin, and the pressure to release products faster is overwhelming.

How quantum computing could change financial services

Fully scaled quantum technology is still a way off, but some banks are already thinking ahead to the potential value.


Apple commits $100 million to racial equity programs while disclosing its own diversity hiring record

As Apple continues its rapid growth in Austin, the tech giant says it’s strengthening its national investments in education, technology and venture funding...

A fridge that’s colder than outer space could take quantum computing

“Quantum effects only happen in really low-energy environments, and energy is temperature. Ultimately, we need to be at incredibly low temperatures, because...

What You Need For Your Quantum Computing Pilots In 2021

Quantum computing (QC) proof of concept (POC) projects abound in 2021 with commercialization already happening in pilots and building to broader adoption...

The Essentials Of Andy Jassy’s 100-Day Action Plan As The New CEO

Getting the posture just right is a Goldilocks challenge. Making changes either too fast or too slow are recipes for disaster – which is why Jassy, and...

Quantum Computer Chips Manufactured Using Mass-Market Industrial Fabrication Techniques

Quantum Computer Chips Manufactured Using Mass-Market Industrial Fabrication Techniques The quantum computing revolution is upon us. Well, almost. It’s hard to have missed the headlines proclaiming...

The future of Scriptless Test Automation

The world of software testing is constantly evolving and adapting to new technologies so as to always become faster, more productive, and achieve higher...

The rise of enterprise application testing - SD Times

To ensure business processes keep running, testers must replicate the work users perform across multiple applications and ensure none of those workflows...

9 Security Risks That Web Application Penetration Testing Can Fix

Penetration testing aims to detect any vulnerabilities in the computer system, application, network, or website before the bad guys can exploit them. There...

How automation is reshaping software testing

While automated testing tools still require testers to manually set the tool’s functionality and test case scenarios, AI and ML are able to predict the...

3 QA practices to enhance the quality of your software delivery process

Businesses that develop software solutions want to provide applications that are as bug-free as possible.

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Low-Code/No-Code Development Increases the Need for Testing

Low-code and no-code tools can help businesses save time and money, but these tools also call for increased QA testing, as development pace increases.

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3 Reasons Why You Need Quality Engineering

Agile and DevOps have increasingly taken center stage in the software development lifecycle (SDLC), building a platform for Quality Engineering (QE) governance. These processes now ensure that products meet the threshold of acceptable quality criteria.

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Top 5 Best Software Testing Tools in 2021

Having a hard time with your application or software? Here are the best software testing tools you can use.

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These are testing times, indeed

A look at the crucial role of continuous testing of full lifecycle API management software that delivers better, faster services for businesses and customers. Software Testing

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There are still many inefficiencies in managing M&A, but technologies such as artificial intelligence, especially machine learning, are helping to make the process faster and easier.

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What Is Testing as a Service (Taas)?

Testing as a Service, or TaaS for short, is a model by which businesses outsource software testing of their products to firms specializing in testing operations.

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— What Is an Automation Center of Excellence?

What Is an Automation Center of Excellence?If you’re exploring the benefits of automation for your organization, you may have heard the term “CoE” or center of excellence. An automation center of...

Why is digital quality assurance key to digital transformation?

In an era where businesses make every effort to stay relevant, digital is the most remarkable and most important initiative for business leaders today.  Since technology is ever-evolving, many companies are leveraging new technology as part of the digital transformation journey.  This allows for smarter technical investment decisions to operate more efficiently and stand out in a competitive market.