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From small home customers to large commercial businesses, we sell safes to all sorts of customers all around Australia. We offer safe installations, and are also fully licensed locksmiths,providing customers with unrivalled after market service.

Fire Resistant Safes

Check this Buying Guide for Safes. Learn how to choose and use a home safe. Safes tips to keep the right features in mind. For more information, click here

Fireproof Filing Cabinet | Protect Your Items - Buy A Safe

Worried about your important documents that needs to be protected from theft or any damage. Fireproof Filing Cabinet is all what you need. Call us now!

Are Cheap Gun Safes Good Enough to Store Your Firearms?

Cheap Gun Safes | Buy A Safe offers the best quality gun safes in Australia at the most affordable prices. We stock durable gun safe. Find out more.

Deposit Safes Sydney: How to Choose the Best Safes in Sydney

Puzzled on How to Choose the Best Deposit Safes Sydney? Worry no more. Read this article and surely will be a great help for you.

Home Wall Safes | 4 Things To Consider Before Buying - Buy A Safe

Before diving in to buy the most beautiful home wall safes you can find, these tips can surely get you the best one that your really need. Read further...

DIY Home Safe Installation Tips from Professional Locksmiths

Want to know some DIY home safe installation tips from Professional Locksmiths. Continue reading on this article for further details or visit our website.

Small Home Safes | Prevent Moisture In Your Safe - Buy A Safe

How to keep out moisture from your small home safes. Read this article further to know the easy tricks and hacks on how to keep your home safes dry.

Home and Office Safes: 6 Items That Are Best Stored In Safes Blog

Home and office safes add security for your valuables. In this article you will learn on 6 items that are best stored in your home and office safes.

Deposit Safe Box Guide: How Safe it is To Store Your Cash?

Learn how deposit safe box works and find out if they are really a good place to safe-keep your cash! Read further and explore the security it brings.

Safes for Home Guide: Key Lock Safes vs. Electronic Safes - Blog

Which is better? Key lock safes or electronic safes? Find out the pros and cons of each safes and see which one suits you best. Read further...

Best Home Safes Australia: Is it Really Worth The Higher Price?

Here you will learn why the price matters when it comes to searching for the best home safes Australia has to offer. Read further and learn the advantages!

Security Safes Tips to Make Your Safes In Good Condition

The more the security safes are working in good condition, the more your valuables are well secured. Find out here the tips to make your safe last longer.

Filing Cabinets Australia For Small Businesses - Buy A Safe

Filing Cabinets Australia | Keep your files sorted. Learn how filing cabinets can give you sense of security in storing them. Call us or read more here

Data Cabinets: How Can They Benefit Businesses? - Buy A Safe

Explore here how data cabinets can give you extra security in storing your essential documents and understand why most business owners preffer having one.

Key Cabinets for Home and Office: Managing Keys With Extra Care

In either home of offices, we always tend to misplace and forgot something especially our keys. Here, you will learn how a key cabinet can help you.

Best Safe Brands in Australia | Top Safes Sydney - Buy A Safe

Here are the top and best safe brands in Australia 2019 that's proven and tested for many long years. Read further and know the people's choice.

Safes For Sale Sydney – Safe Locks

Safes For Sale How to Get the Best Value From Online Safes for Sale Sydney Purchasing a safe is perhaps one of the best investments you can make to protect your valuables, apart from installing security systems or alarms. If you’re more comfortable shopping online, however, there are certain smart shopping tips to remember. Knowing…

Fireproof Safe Tips for A Unique Christmas Present

Fireproof Safe | Why a fireproof safe can be a great Christmas gift. Learn how much should you spend on a fireproof safe as a gift? Read more here.

Safes Sydney Quality Test Guide: How UL Tests are Conducted

Safes Sydney | Passing the UL tests can surely give you the assurance that the fireproof safes Sydney you have is indeed of the best quality. Learn more.

Safes Key Management System Tips: Improved Security with Key Cabinets

Keys are one of the most important things we do not want to lose. Learn here how to build a key management systems with key cabinet safes. Read futher!

Safes for Sale Shopper's Tips: Choosing The Best Jewellery Safes

Jewelleries are not cheap. Thus, getting them in a secure and safe place is a must. Here you will learn how to choose the best jewellery safes for sale!

Home Safes: The Importance of Having One for People Living Alone

Living alone for some reason is a bitter-sweet decision and takes a lot of consideration. Learn here how to protect your valuables using home safes.