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Updated by Holisol Logistics on May 10, 2023
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Logistics IT solutions

AI, ML, Big data-based predictive & prescriptive analysis, IT solutions for logistics and packaging to digitalize your end-to-end supply chain.


Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

We offer standard, professional and enterprise versions of WMS, so that you pay only for the functionalities which you need. Efficiently manage your day-to-day warehouse operations with Holisol Warehouse management system.


Transport management system

Transport management system

Holisol’s Transport Management System (TMS) has been designed based on our decades of experience of managing our customer’s transportation needs. We help transportation managers to solve their day to day tactical issues, as well as to make strategic decisions. Furthermore, with organizations seeking to increase their digitalization maturity to Artificial Intelligence (AI) levels, a TMS forms an integral component of the data lake, which will be used to drive predictive/prescriptive analytics.

Implementation of “e-Logistics platform” for a motorcycle manufacturer to reduce time & cost in outbound operations -...

Holisol solution:

To address the customer challenges, we developed & implemented a tech enabled solution “e-logistics” (web & app-based platform).

With e-logistics we digitised the outbound process and connected the different transactional point in the system. All the processes were brought together on a single platform for higher visibility & efficient operations management.

This is how we transformed each process associated with outbound operations:

Yard management: For full visibility of available space in the yard all the activities were mapped into the system. The yard was divided into grids and during put away the QR codes were scanned by the app with recording of latitude-longitude to identify the correct location of bike.

Order management: Orders were pushed from SAP to our system which helped in:

Identifying the vehicles to be loaded
Pushing the pick list on the handhelds of picker
Picking of the bike through QR code scanning
Planning the resources for packaging & dock management
Monitoring the efficiency and utility of the docks.

Delivery Management System India | Shipments Delivery Management

DMS (Delivery Management System) offers various features to manage the irregularities and exceptions that the logistics service providers encounter daily.

Holisol’s Delivery Management System provides features ranging from pickup management, field executive management, vendor mapping, bagging, transport scheduling, delivery management, COD management, COD remittance and scores of other features. Apart from this, DMS (Delivery Management System) offers various features to manage the irregularities & exceptions that the logistics service providers encounter in their typical day to day operations such as weight amendment, RTO, Re-attempt, change consignee address, assigning lost shipment liability etc.


Holisol extends its tech stack to optimize production planning & control and dispatch allocation planning

Holisol extends its tech stack to optimize production planning & control and dispatch allocation planning

Holisol Logistics, a leading supply chain solution provider has been offering full-stack logistics systems like WMS, TMS, OCFS etc to digitalise customers’ supply chain. With the launch of PPC (production planning & control) and DAP (dispatch allocation planning), Holisol is extending its offering into the customers manufacturing supply chains.

VERDIS, Holisol’s AI and ML system has added these two additional modules to assist the customer to optimise their production and dispatch planning by analysing demand, sales forecasts, production capacities, rules and planning constraints analysing up to 75m data points to give an output which has helped customers save several million and precious resources involved in the planning process.

VERDIS supply chain data analytics

After the successful launch of PPC (production planning and control) & DAP (dispatch allocation planning) modules of VERDIS, Holisol launches ‘Verdis Visibility’ under a strategic partnership with Cogneau Systems.

Verdis Visibility, part of VERDIS platform (Holisol’s AI and ML-driven supply chain solutions system), provides complete end-to-end visibility of supply chain processes in terms of the key parameters relevant to the organisation. The integrated flow of material and information is captured and easily available in the ‘Dashboards’ of Verdis Visibility, in real-time, automated and online manner, enabling monitoring, analysis and quick decision making in the complex supply chains of today.

Verdis Visibility offers personalised dashboards that are customisable as well as accessible as per roles. Along with Big Data capabilities, Artificial Intelligence technology provides users with the flexibility to chat with Verdis in non-system environments, such as meeting rooms, or through their emails, and get answers to performance queries conveniently in business-friendly formats.

Dispatch Planning | Verdis Dispatch Allocation and Planning

Every supply chain in the world sees an immense incentive in pushing their stock for faster distribution. The expectation for shorter lead times is compounded with an expectation for reduced operational costs and high efficiencies. This implies the smooth fulfilment of orders, handling of damaged goods, cancellations, and returns without causing excessive delays and costs.

For businesses, the model of dispatch differs relative to order volumes. Orders may be dispatched in bulk to a network of dealers, distributors, or retailers on receipt of order requests, or in smaller quantities directly to customers. Irrespective of the nature of the operation, each business strives to fulfil all existing and new orders within a short time window. This calls for an efficient dispatch planning and management process.

Cost Optimization through Production Planning - Holisol Logistics

Through production planning can be upgraded to drive competitive advantage such that production has a lower footfall in terms of costs but exhibits high efficiency.

The path to maximum order fulfilment - Holisol Logistics

Maximal order fulfilment has been the coveted dream for businesses worldwide for quite some time now. However, improving order fulfilment has become increasingly difficult to realize. Only one in three manufacturing companies are confident about their order fulfilment capabilities, while many high-tech companies are unable to meet their allocation commitments, failing nearly 50% of the time.

Towards a Smarter Approach to Dispatch Planning - Holisol Logistics

Smart dispatch planning is the cornerstone to establishing the brand value of an organization and building customer trust. Supply chains rely on a robust dispatch strategy to fulfil customer expectations and meet sales targets in full and on time, while staying prepared against all potential disruptions to the demand or production cycle arising due to inclement events of the external environment. This is necessary, for a poorly drafted dispatch plan can bring extensive damages for a supply chain in terms of excessive expenditures, damaged goods, and delays in order delivery. Corporations, therefore, see an immense incentive in optimizing their dispatch planning process.

Dispatch planning automation and optimization - VERDIS

Dispatch planning automation and optimization - Efficiency is the foundation stone of a successful business. The upstream and downstream effects of errors and inefficiencies propagate through the supply chain in increasingly uncertain and equivocal ways that create weak links throughout the chain. Every day, immense human effort and initiatives are directed towards managing the entropy of the supply chain lest errors go unaddressed. Planning, which is a centre point of supply chain management and is at the forefront of supply chain activities, requires consistent improvement and adherence to efficiency and accuracy standards. One such planning dimension is that of dispatch.

Packaging Planning And Management Solution - Holisol Logistics

Packaging planning and management - packaging planning needs to process the different lot sizing of packages based on order destinations.

Three Reasons You Should opt for a 4PL Services Provider

Save yourself from coordinating with multiple vendors and efficiently manage your entire supply chain with the market expertise of 4PL services provider.

Tech Enabled Transportation Service - Holisol Logisitics

Getting your goods to the customer on time, in the right condition, at the right price with real-time information is what you look for. We offer our customers tech-enabled transportation solutions customized for their business needs.

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Holisol Logistics, India’s leading E2E tech-enabled supply chain logistics company which owns and operates one of India’s largest independent fulfilment centre network, today reported addition of 0.4 million Sq. Ft. network area in the first quarter of current financial year.

Time to re-evaluate the packaging process from a logistics perspective - Holisol Logistics

Over the last few months, companies have seen steep increase in the prices of packaging commodities. Conventional packing suppliers are left with no option but to demand an increase in pricing from their buyers. And buyers, on the other hand, are under pressure to maintain balance between demand and supply of packing material without affecting the costs.


Flexible and Versatile Logistics Partners

Flexible and Versatile Logistics Partners

A flexible and versatile logistics partner can be your win-win solution for any and every market uncertainty. Read on to find out how you can identify these attributes in logistics companies and how these core elements can help your business thrive.

End to end fulfillment solutions : an integral part of customer’s supply chain

The customer is using Holisol’s warehouses, resources, and WMS system to handle the majority of its warehousing operations in India.