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Updated by BuilderFly on Feb 27, 2022
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Medium - How to Grow your Clothes Business Globally?

Most of the new startups and aspiring entrepreneurs are fueled and inspired by these numbers. However, taking the most of it is still a dream of many of them. To help you with the same and learn the key considerations to grow your clothes business globally, We decided to list them for you.

eCommerce market size is booming day-by-day and expected to multiply its revenue in near future.

The scope of eCommerce lies in the penetration of the Internet across the globe. Still a larger chunk of the population of the world has to start to use the Internet. Most of the sellers still have to make a presence online. Only 10% of retailers in the world have an eCommerce business. The left 90% of retailers still have to open an online shop.

Khushboo Jain, Co-founder & COO of ImpactGuru - Started a Crowdfunding Culture in India

Khusboo Jain as the co-founder & COO of her company, handles marketing, design, and communication teams. She started her entrepreneurial mission to help India’s crowdfunding startup scenario and use tech for good purposes. Since 2015, ImpactGuru has raised 150 crores for social corporations in diverse countries.

Top reasons your customers trust your online store and buy from you

Builderfly will help you create an online store that can manage your business like a pro – from product information to shipping your orders. Do it all! Deliver your products faster, safer, and more conveniently with Builderfly Fulfillment. Leverage our services to deliver your goods to Tier 1, 2 & 3 cities without discomfort.

Retail giants are locking their horns

Reliance is already taking over the Indian market through its many successful attempts such as the PoS Terminals. It is aiming to lead the ecommerce as well as the Fintech space in India by leveraging the Infocomm of Reliance Jio’s Point of Sale or PoS terminal in order to build a network with the small-scale merchants. The PoS machine that is used for completing payments by swiping a card is the core to Jio’s plans for building a network as well as an ecosystem with the small-scale merchants.

Learn here about the most important key performance indicators in your ecommerce business.

KPIs or Key Performance Indicators measure the performance of any given thing. Talking about ecommerce businesses, KPIs help ecommerce website/ store owners, marketing managers, and webmasters to determine whether the site/store is successful, and if not, how to improvise it for better revenue. The ecommerce KPIs can vary from one business model to the other.

Localization of your ecommerce business gives back you a vertical growth.

In a nutshell, converting your unilingual website into a multilingual one is corresponding to taking your business to the international stage. If you have the right tools and are aware of the rules and regulations to sell in different nations, you can master your international sales like a pro. If you wish to get a ready-to-use platform to effectively take your local business to an international level with multilingual options, do check out this amazing ecommerce platform – Builderfly.

Find here the e-commerce advantages in your business and how it can offer a vertical growth in your business.

Selling online has aided many businesses to become viable and profitable. It presents a huge scope for ecommerce businesses that helps people to conveniently shop online through virtual shops. Selling online helps ecommerce businesses of all size to reach a wider set of audience. Like every other business, ecommerce has its own sets of advantages. We have dedicated this blog to throw some lights on the benefits of ecommerce, irrespective of the size, type, and location of the business.

Get here a close look on how actually the ecommerce stores across the globe attract their customers at startup and grow.

Making the first sales on the ecommerce store is as significant as it is inevitable. It may seem to be a simple task. However, let us break the bubble; getting the first customers to your ecommerce store can sometimes be long and backbreaking. Following are some ways that were tried, tested, and turned out to be successful for many brands in attracting customers for their first sales.

The Art of Multi-Channel Selling

To excel in the art of multichannel selling, you first have to choose the sales channels to sell your products. While selecting these sales channels, your goal is to find a sales channel where you find ready shoppers for your products. This will minimize the transaction cycle and ensure early conversion with promising cash flow to keep your business growing.

Get here an expert guide on how to choose the best CMS for ecommerce mobile app to maximize the ROI.

It’s a myth that ecommerce sites are just catalogs, and they don’t have a lot of information. On the contrary side, online stores have a lot more information than any of the static websites. There are loads of product categories, sub-categories, and hierarchical distribution of products and detailed information that you can not manage without a promising Content Management System(CMS).

Know all about the basic features of e-commerce mobile app.

If you have a fancy budget for mobile app development, you can connect with the app development company and share your list of features for custom development. When you are just getting started and like to experiment with things on your own, you can register you business at Builderfly and get access of our DIY ecommerce app builder to design your m-commerce app on your own.

Social Selling and Proven Ways you can Get it Done Right

Wondering how you are indulged in social selling or how it is incorporated into your social ecommerce store’s strategy? Well, have a look! Social selling is all about having meaningful interaction with your social circle and customers. Here are a few ways that can help you highlight your brand’s USP.

How to improve customer experience in your clothing business?

In today’s digital era, the bars have raised for businesses. Your buyers will require a little extra every time. While you cannot add much to your product without changing its prices (pun intended) it’s better to improvise service and the modus operandi you follow. The latter can be sorted using Builderfly and the former comes when you are ready to put in some time and effort. Builderfly will help you save some while growing your business.

Builderfly's innovative dashboard will help you solve all these issues and more while helping you create your online ...

Top challenges to drive more sales to your online jewelry store: Identifying the right customers to reach a diverse audience; On-time delivery; Secure Payment Gateways; Return, refund, and exchange is a tedious task. So what are you waiting for? Visit our website and build a store today!

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