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Top 10 Jazz Music Websites - DJ Dope100

Jazz is arguably the most diverse musical genre there is, encompassing elements from multiple regions and cultures. Popularized in the 1920s, Jazz has since been the musical selection of a wide range of musical intellectuals. Below is a list of 10-Website vital to any Jazz enthusiasts browser bookmarks. These are some of the best Jazz Resources that the internet has to offer. Enjoy!

Jazz in America is a site created to help the younger generation of learners who may have failed to develop a talent for Jazz music or learn about its history in high school. The Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz owns the site mentioned above. The site homepage of this reads, "The mission of The Herbie Hancock Institute of Jazz is to offer public school-based jazz education programs for young people around the world, helping students develop imaginative thinking, creativity, curiosity, a positive self-image, and a respect for their own and others' cultural heritage." (The Herbie Hancock Institute of Jazz) The homepage also takes the time to highlight their newest course, "The Blues and Jazz." JazzInAmerica formed to host an internet-driven Jazz curriculum; this website founded by the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and the U.S Department of Education. Under the lesson plan tab on the website are all the training courses and modules you can use to build a solid knowledge base of Jazz and its history. - Jazz websites, jazz videos, jazz podcasts, jazz news, jazz jukebox - The largest portal of official websites for hundreds of top jazz musicians and jazz services, podcasts, interviews, calendar, news, videos

The following website, “”, climbs to have the largest database of jazz musicians, businesses, and organizations. Furthermore, the webpage states that it receives ½ million-page views every month. (JazzCorner) In addition to a Jukebox service where site visitors can stream music, the Jazz Corner Podcast received the "Best Music Podcast" accreditations awarded to them by Southwest Airlines. (JazzCorner) The creator of the website worked for four radio broadcast networks before launching this website, including BBC. The site offers links to a list of Jazz Podcasts, sells merchandise, and hosts a news feed; likewise, they host a roster of musicians, publishers, composers, arrangers, broadcasters, etc…. The platform allows an artist to upload their unique content and collaborate with like-minded artists.


Marc Myers blogs daily on his jazz blog about jazz albums, jazz records, jazz LPs, jazz CDs, jazz legends and jazz interviews at

JazzWax is a blog dedicated to all things Jazz. Marc Myers writes about everything from current news, recordings, YouTube Videos, artist reviews, etc. A recent story from the blog reads, "Don Payne. Following my post last week on Don Payne (above, with glasses), the mystery man in the photo from the Getz/Gilberto album recording session in March 1963, Jim Eigo of Jazz Promo Services sent along a link to quite a few videos of n Payne. Go here." (Myers) Marc Myers has won the Jazz Journalists Association's best blog award twice. (Myers) Mayer's accolades, expertise, and notoriety contributed to my decision to consider this blog an essential and vital contribution to Jazz music around the web. As of today, Marc Myers has a total of over 9,000 twitter followers. (Agarwal) The Author of Jazz Wax has made a significant contribution to jazz music with this blog alone.

Jazz Speaks

Multi-disciplinary artist Melvis Santa regards the act of creating music with other people as compelling as the music itself. For the past couple of years, the GRAMMY-nominated singer, dancer, percussionist, and composer out of Cuba have led different iterations of her acclaimed collective Ashedí—meaning Invitation—across New York City’s vital scenes. This week, she returns to The Jazz Gallery as part of the Jazz Cubano series, in celebration of the venue’s 25th anniversary.

Jazz Speaks another modern-day influential Jazz blog. The blog's description states, "The Jazz Gallery is a hub of creativity, home to jazz musicians/composers, many of them from all over the world but now permanently settled in the United States. ", featuring artists from around the globe but caters to a New York audience. The author of Jazz Speaks is unclear; there is also a website,, by the same organization. states, "The Jazz Gallery is a nonprofit organization that nurtures the youngest generation of professional jazz musicians by giving them an audience for their performances and a stage upon which to assemble their bands." The blog has 34-thousand Facebook Likes, a thousand subscribers, and 32-Thousand Facebook Followers. (Agarwal) The fact that I enjoy the things that this organization is accomplishing and its influence encouraged me to add this blog to my list of influential Jazz websites.

News, reviews, features and comment from the London jazz scene and beyond is another influential Jazz Website. The website description states." News, reviews, features, and comment from the London jazz scene and beyond." From my observation, the website cover stories about jazz events occurring around the world, not just in London. The website also links to a great list of other Jazz and general music websites. Likewise, this website hosts a vast range of all-encompassing jazz information and is an excellent way to stay up to date on everything occurring in the word's Jazz scene.




r/Jazz: Reddit's home for all things related to Jazz.

Jazz-Reddit, author highly influential Reddit Jazz form with over 1.3M followers. (Agarwal) An open-source forum where anyone can post almost anything about Jazz, pending moderator approval. Here a user could find anything from Jazz History, basic knowledge of Jazz, Jazz musician reviews, and just about anything else Jazz related. Jazz-Reddit is also a place for the Jazz community to start and contribute to open form discussion posts, A great place to meet others passionate about Jazz. Jazz-Reddit is probably one of the top Jazz Websites around.

All About Jazz Music, Musicians, Bands & Albums

All About Jazz covers the world of jazz music, with interviews of top musicians and bands, albums reviews, free music, videos, photos, and news.

AllAboutJazz is a Website that's been around since 1995 and built to promote Jazz music. In addition to fostering Jazz and Jazz events, the website also encourages Jazz musicians. This site holds giveaways, gather polling data, and allows you to make a calendar of local Jazz events in your area. The homepage hosts Jazz Articles, Jazz Album Reviews, a site hosted Jazz Video Content, Jazz Music Chart Data, and Jazz New. Michael Ricci, the website founder, with over 5-thousand Instagram followers, 500,000 monthly site hits, and a background in information technology. (Ricci) I found this site to be useful for Jazz research.

Home - JazzTimes

Features daily news, music reviews, discussion forums, festival listings, merchandise, and contests. is a website that documents the history of Jazz. Recent articles about almost all of the great Jazz Legends. This website has a terrific web layout with high-quality photography, bringing light to all of the marvelous histories. A site that's been around since 1970, the description reads, "provides comprehensive and in-depth coverage of the jazz scene. "Owned by the Madavor Media Company, the website is one of many in a list of marketing campaigns ranging from heath and wellness to aviation and more. (Media) The company's based in Braintree, Massachusetts, and self-proclaimed as a powerhouse media company. This site seems highly useful and relevant to any level of Jazz enthusiast.

Website at

JazzFuel.Com is the website you would go to aspiring to look for a Jazz Gig. A website for musicians wanting to find shows to perform in front of audiences. This site is very similar to freelancing websites. The artist will sign-up, create a user profile, and then apply for shows or wait to be contacted by someone who likes their musician profile. Websites like this are excellent for independent music artists to gain exposure and notoriety as a musician. This site helps maintain Jazz music in today's current society, where older genres of music are struggling to survive. I'd recommend this site to an aspiring Jazz Musicians. - enjoy great jazz music

Presenting jazz radio channels for your enjoyment. Listen for free and enjoy countless hours of the best jazz music around. is an internet streaming platform for Jazz Music. This website allows you to stream all of the classics, old and new. Also, the site hosts 35 Jazz Radio Stations 24/7. An artistically Jazz inspired layout flowing with Jazz Recordings with the same artistical feel. To sign-up for these services is seven dollars a month, but the company offers a 30-day free trial to allow users to try the services. Besides, the site has an app to enable you to listen to music on the go. This web service seems to be a good buy for the price. I would recommend this website to Jazz lovers.


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