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indian knowledge

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ONE of the largest religion of the world , christianity has a lot of followers in india . it was founded by jesus christ in jerusalem and after his prosecution ( अभियोग ) and resurrection ( जी उठने ) after three days , it started to get more and more follower . after sometime , it became the state religion of the roman empire and started spreading( भेलना ) rapidly .

knowledge of birds

In the entire animals world , are the only creatures with feathers (पंख ). they are also warm blooded , like mammals ( स्‍तनधारियों ) . there are about 9,000 different kinds , living in all parts of the world . they included exotic ( विदेशी ) , colourful birds such as parrots , garden birds such as a robin and thrushes , sea birds such as a puffins and penguins and more birds .

indian knowledge

islam originated in the arabian peninsula in the 5th centuary AD and spread over the world through a large empire . The word islam cannotes submission to god. those who submit to god and follow the preaching of prophet mohammad are called muslims . prophet mohamad was the last in the long lines of messenger sent by god in like the abraham , moses , etc both the Christians and muslim share abraham as a common ancestor


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knowledge of the sun

the night sky is full of stars , so distant that they are mere points of light . the sun is the one of these stars , but we are closer to it than to any other star . along with other planets of the solar system , the earth move the sun , trapped in orbit by the force of gravity . the sun provided light and heat , which sustain all life on earth , yet sunlight is produced by the same process that power nuclear weapon .


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