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11 Things To Do If Your Car Got Damaged

Have you just got into an accident? Just damaged your car on your own and walked to your car and realise it has been broken in? Here is a bunch of advice so you know what to do and how to do it, from the moment you realise there is an issue to the moment you think about what to do to prevent such thing from happening again.

My Car Got Broken Into, What Do I Do? | Gryphon Garage Doors

In this moment of shock, between the adrenaline pumping through your veins and panicky thoughts racing through your mind, what should you do?
If you follow these 5 steps, this should be sorted out pretty quickly:

  1. Call the police
  2. Asses your belongings
  3. Look for eye witnesses or check CCTV
  4. Contact your insurance provider
  5. Get your car fixed

If you are after ways to prevent your car from being broken in consider the following:

  • Always park your car in your garage
  • Invest in a secure garage door
  • Invest in a smart door system and smart camera to keep an eye on activity happening in front of your home thanks to a live feed sent straight to your phone
  • Never keep your garage door remote in your car
Perth’s Safest Neighbourhoods 2019 | Gryphon Garage Doors

Known as the ‘nanna-state’, a 2019 report has revealed that Perth has become the second most liveable city in all of the nation: let's talk about why. Perth has gotten a lot safer. Lessening the risk of having your car broken into can also be done by moving in some of the safest neighborhood.

Windscreen Cracked? Repairing Might Not Be Safe Enough - Deans Auto Glass

Let's say you got into an accident and your windscreen is chipped. What are you supposed to do?

You now have to find out if you have to either repair your windscreen or get it replaced as simply ignoring the issue won’t make it disappear.

It is vital that the damage is tended to immediately as prolonging the issue may be detrimental to not only your own safety but to others on the road. Even a simple chip can have catastrophic effect overall if you happen to drive on a bump or get a rock thrown in high speed againt your windscreen.

View the main reasons why an autoglass professional will recommend you to replace even if the chip appears small.

Driving Safe at Night in WA - Deans Auto Glass

From blinding headlights and dark roads, to impaired vision and hard-to-spot animals or pedestrians, it’s important to maintain safe driving culture. Here is a fresh reminder on how to drive safely in WA.

Whopping Fines For WA Motorists Using Mobiles While Driving

Western Australia has decided to implement steeper fines and harsher penalties for those who are caught using the mobile while driving. Why is that? Inattention has been one of the main reason for car accidents in WA in 2019.
Don't be on your phone while driving, it's that simple.

One Car Stolen Every Ten Minutes - How to protect your car when you park in a public space?

There are many ways a thief can steal your car, especially now with keyless remote technology opening up a gateway for hackers. So how does one protect their vehicle?

Buying Used Car Parts Checklist

If your car got injured and you are now after cart parts, you might wonder a few things:

To help make sure you end up with the right car part, save time and money, we’ve created a used spare parts checklist.

Buying A Used Car Checklist - Deans Auto Glass

Whether it’s your first car or your second, it seems like buying a second hand car never gets any easier. While you’re hoping to spend less than you would normally on a new car, you’re still after something safe and reliable. Here is a second-hand car buying checklist you can refer to.

Know the Names of Your Car Windows: a Glossary - Deans Auto Glass

When it comes to replacing your windscreen, it’s fairly simple. But what about that tiny glass panel that’s attached to your rear door window? Ask for an accurate quote for car windows and winsdscreen replacement by knowing all the proper name to start with.

Why Does The Colour of Your Car Matter? - Deans Auto Glass

If you drive a silver, red or grey coloured car, it might be the reason why your insurance premium is a little on the expensive side. But then... why? As it happens, the colour of your car is related to how likely you might have an accident.

Having this in mind, save on insurance premium and get your fellow drivers attention by changing the colour of your car to the safest colour: orange.

We highly recommend you get a professional to do it as a car painting job isn't easy to do well and flawlessly.

A Keyless Generation, A Hackers Paradise

In recent news, a number of motorists had been locked out of their vehicles after parking on the north side of Lakeside Joondalup shopping centre in Perth. Are keyless cars the way to go or are they actually less safe than regular ones?