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Headline for 7 Off the beaten path, activities to do in Bangkok – Indulge your senses with these not-so-talked attractions
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7 Off the beaten path, activities to do in Bangkok – Indulge your senses with these not-so-talked attractions

You must stray from the usual itinerary if you want to experience a more authentic side of Bangkok. There's much more to this pulsating city than the travel magazines let on.


Sathorn Unique Tower

The construction of this tower began in the 1990s, but the owners didn't have the financial capacity to continue the work, they abandoned the project as a result, and up to this day, it remains abandoned. As with every other abandoned building, Sathorn Unique Tower has a mysterious air to it, according to some locals, the place is haunted! 80% of the building is completed, and most of the floors remain intact. You could go inside and make your way up to the highest level, but it might not be safe for you to do so. But you can, however, go to the 10th floor and enjoy the views of the city.


Airplane Graveyard

This piece of land has become a repository for broken-down aircraft; you can see a 747, two MD-82 jetliners and two Boeing 747s, the owner of the land is in the business of selling parts of planes that have outlived their usefulness. These vessels are completely bare inside; shells are the only remaining parts. If you visit the site, you'll see that a few homeless families have made the site their home.


The Museum of Death

The museum is called the Siriraj Medical Museum, and it looks more like a horror movie set than an actual museum. The exhibits are utterly gruesome, so you might not want to have anything to eat just before visiting this museum. There are preserved organs, fetuses and the mummified corpse of a serial killer. The museum has five different sections, each displaying equally morbid objects.


Chatuchak Weekend Market

A visit to this weekend market pampers all senses. The food stalls, the clothing stores and the music blaring throughout the market are a few details of a visit to Chatuchak Weekend Market. The market overwhelms those who are not used to the city's way of things, but a visit is essential if you are staying at a hotel in Asoke as it will be an easy journey for you– especially if it's a place like Avani Atrium Bangkok.



This is a labyrinth of back alleys, avenues and narrow streets. Chinatown in Bangkok is said to be one of the largest Chinatowns in the world, and a first-timer might not be able to find the way about. This is where Bangkok life is best witnessed; it is crowded, and the air is suffused with sweat and heat, demonstrating the local life in a perfect picture.


The Papaya Vintage Shop

The Papaya Vintage would have you believe that you are at a superhero movie set. With antique furniture and life-size figurines, the place is defined by quirkiness. The vintage products are absolute marvels, and every other product is so skillfully made. History lovers and movies lovers should definitely visit the Papaya Vintage Shop. The shop has the look of an old warehouse which adds to the allure of the place. The products aren't placed in a particular order, so you'll have to explore every nook and corner of the shop.


The Ferris Wheel

Bangkok's largest Ferris wheel sits along the Chao Phraya River. A feature of Asiatique The Riverfront – an open-air mall – this Ferris Wheel is 60 meters high. A ride on the wheel offers you the most spectacular views of the city. The best time to visit is at night when the area is illuminated by colourful lights.