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Top 15 Programming Languages to learn in 2020 -Must see

Here is the list of some programming languages to be learnt in 2020 that has become an important part of internet world. It includes every possible one.

The connection between Tech and long-distance relationships

These days, technology has a high interference in our personal lives. Yes, our personal relationships get affected by the presence of technology.

Should we restrict the time spent by kids on the internet?

Children are innocent creatures, and we must protect them from internet which has plenty of options available to destroy their innocence.

Positive or Negative effect of Technology on personal safety

In this era of Internet and Big data, where plethora of data flows from one source to the other, how do we make sure that our information is safe?

Nanotechnologies And The Scopes In Our Life - must see

Nanotechnology is a new field that includes scientific discipline in the analysis and application of minimal materials, from chemistry to computer science

Technology is the need of the hour. There is no doubt that it is making our lives much more manageable, and we are dependent on it in multiple ways.

How technologies influence people's mental health?

There are many ways technologies may influence people's mental health. Most of the people have become disconnected from their family members.

How Technologies Have Transformed Education Sector -

Education is one such sector which has been dramatically evolved with technological progress. It is similarly a boon and a curse, both at the same time.

How Is Technology Transforming Our Relationships

Relationships? It is complicated to understand whether Technology is a curse or a blessing for our relationships. Let's see then!

How can Robots Replace Humans In a Workplace - important

From a fiction movie transformer, bumblebee the robot to Sophia the social humanoid robot. They can do things which couldn't be done before.