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Updated by Joanna James on Mar 12, 2020
Headline for Bangkok Solo Travel Guide - Travel at ease in Bangkok by yourself
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Bangkok Solo Travel Guide - Travel at ease in Bangkok by yourself

Bangkok is one of the most common solo travel tourist destinations and that is due to the ease of travelling around the city without having to worry about much but how to make the best of your trip.


Plan ahead

Unless you have been to a particular city beforehand it is always advisable to plan ahead. Make an itinerary and try to stick to it so that it makes the process easier for you. This will also be helpful in a situation where others are trying to locate you in case of an emergency. If you plan ahead you are able to visit the important locations in the vicinity at once which will save time and money.


Book a reputed location for accommodation

There are a countless number of lodging options available in Bangkok. Ranging from Airbnb's, hostels, dorms, hotels, bed and breakfasts and luxury hotels are some of the options you can select from. As a solo traveller, most people opt for bed and breakfast accommodation providers as it is convenient and financially viable. When selecting accommodation it is vital to find locations that will have other travellers preferably foreign. You might not mingle or get to know them but this is a sign that the establishment is genuine. Somerset Maison Asoke and other trusted companies have good reputations which guarantee a safe and comfortable stay for the clients. There are many Bangkok apartments for rent, furnished and unfurnished; and depending on your requirement and budget you can opt for the more suitable option.


Stay with the crowd

As obvious as it seems it is something most solo travellers tend to forget as you prefer to travel and explore to your heart's content. While it is impossible to constantly be with the crowd you need to try and stay in the vicinity of where the others are visiting. Solo travelling is a process that allows you to explore by yourself and while that should be achieved it is also important to keep an open mind and provide your safety.


Try to be self-sufficient

Try your best to follow a map at hand or details on your mobile phone. This applies to food and directions as there are bound to be words and phrases that you do not understand hence you need a process that will allow you to translate the meanings without having to depend on the locals all the time. Being able to access the internet at any given time is one of the best ways to be self-sufficient in a foreign country.


Take public transport

There are bound to be locations that you wish to explore thoroughly and these locations might or might not be commonly visited tourist destinations. When getting from one place to another you can opt to walk if you like the activity and if you are able to do so in a public area. If your path is rather secluded it is best to take a cab or another mode of transport. If the location you are travelling to is a popular tourist destination it is a wise decision to take public transport instead of cabs or other individual transport options. Take public transport will not only save money but also expose you to the culture of Bangkok.