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Headline for Top Things to Do in Sukhumvit – Captivating Diversions for Every Visitor
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Top Things to Do in Sukhumvit – Captivating Diversions for Every Visitor

In the Sukhumvit area of Bangkok, you will find many interesting things to do; these include exploring the Terminal 21 mall, visiting the Baan Kamthieng House Museum, taking the kids to Kidzoona and learning new things at the Museum of Science.


Explore Terminal 21 Bangkok

This one of a kind shopping mall will capture the interest of the avid shopper whilst also appealing to those who would like to visit foreign cities. This is because Terminal 21 features a unique theme of recreating the atmosphere and setting of various well-known cities around the world within a single establishment. Accordingly, you will find that each of this mall's nine levels has the appearance of one of these cities. At this mall, you will have the opportunity to experience an interesting complex of shops in Tokyo, saunter down Carnaby Street in London, browse through a souk in Istanbul, and so on.


Visit Baan Kamthieng House Museum

You will see that this engrossing museum is housed within a refurbished teak building that is situated next to a busy junction in Sukhumvit. Despite the fact that this museum is located amidst towering condominiums, hotels and malls, its setting will give you the impression of being in a tranquil village in northern Thailand. Within this museum, you will find a fine selection of captivating displays that provide the visitor with a fascinating glimpse into the traditional way of life of rural areas in Thailand.


Take the kids to Kidzoona

Young children will have a great time at Kidzoona which is an establishment that has been created with providing a fun time for kids in mind. If the weather outside in Bangkok happens to be rainy or overly hot, you will have the opportunity to take your young kids to Kidzoona. Here you will find features like inflatable slides, a soft area for play, an attractive merry-go-round and little tricycles and trucks for the kids to ride. On the other hand, if you have teenagers, you can take them to the games arcade located nearby.


Learn new things at the Museum of Science & Planetarium

You will find that this engrossing establishment will be a great place at which to gain knowledge about technology, science, the environment, natural history and outer space in a relaxed informal setting. Make it a point to visit the planetarium which you will find onsite; at this planetarium, you will see a huge projected display of our solar system as well as a feature providing information about the development of stars.


Take control at Flight Experience Bangkok

The remarkable Flight Experience Bangkok provides visitors with the opportunity to experience a very realistic flight simulator that provides a genuine feel of piloting a modern airliner. If you have children who aspire to become pilots, they are sure to be enthralled by this amazing flight simulator. This experience also includes features such as checking-in, meeting the first officer, a realistic briefing before the flight, and so on. When it comes to a studio apartment in Bangkok, an accommodation choice to consider from where you could easily visit this attraction would be Somerset Ekamai Bangkok.


Relax at Rama IX Park

The pleasant Rama IX Park will be a great place at which to relax and unwind in Sukhumvit. Ranking amongst the biggest areas of greenery in Bangkok, this park is an excellent leisure site; it has an attractive botanical garden as well as a vast lake and different garden areas drawing inspiration from nations across the world. If you visit this park, you will also have the opportunity to gain an authentic insight into the way locals like to spend their leisure time.