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Updated by Joanna James on Mar 12, 2020
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Why Dongguan Needs to Be On Your Bucket List – Let’s get Real right this second!

Yes, one could think of Dongguan as quite the unorthodox choice for a touristy vacation, but today, with our list of reasons why you need to be visiting Dongguan, we shall settle this debate for once and for all!


The Story of Dongguan city

Needless to say, Dongguan is a city that is bustling with life, energy and passion. Although it might not be the first choice of many as a touristy location, we shall have you know that Dongguan holds an award for the 'National Excellence in Tourism'! The best thing about the place is that not only does it come with historical attractions that will blow your mind, it is also equipped with an equally mesmerizing number of ecologically attractive tourist locations as well. If you are a foodie on a mission, Dongguan shall still not disappoint. Last but not least, if it's the young energy of night-life that you are beckoning, a vivacious lot of activities await to surprise you! Not to mention the assortment of places to stay in Dongguan – ranging from your average rentals and apartments to high-end luxury accommodation options such as Citadines Songshan Lake Dongguan. So without further ado, let's dig-in to 5 top attractions which makes Dongguan city a bucket-list essential for any traveller.


The Opium War Museum

Completed in the year 1957, this was initially known as Lin Zuxu Memorial, after the great man who pioneered the struggle against destroying opium and was responsible for launching the Opium War in China. Exhibits at this memorial museum include the 'Display of Opium Prohibition and History of the Opium War' and the 'Half View Painting of the Sea Battle at Humen'.


Keyuan Garden

If the name of this garden doesn't hint you enough for a visit, we don't know what will! The Keyuan garden (literally translating to 'a garden not too bad for visiting') suspected to have been built as early as the Qing dynasty, essentially at least 4 centuries ago, is truly a saint sanctuary found within the Guangdong Province. Spanning over 2200 square metres it is triangular. It is one of the four acclaimed gardens that can be found within the area. Since the year 2001, the garden has been named as a National Cultural Treasure and has been under state protection since then.


Houjie Town

For those of you who are after an energetic and entertaining episode in the night, Dongguan might just be the place you need to head down to- more specifically its Houjie Town. It is said to be, by far, the most highlighted spot for those night time thrills and being called the 'paradise of nightlife' is something that you hear quite so liberally about this place. Supposing a fast-paced night-out is not to your liking, you may want to resort for a dim sum run in one of the many outlets that spot this area. SO many Cantonese restaurants stay open till such late hours into the night that one can't miss out dining at one of them no matter how hard they try (why they would even try is ridiculously hard to imagine considering how delicious their treats are!).


Humen Bridge

Completed in the year 1997 this is China's very first independently constructed suspension bridge. Covering the estuary of the Pearl River, the Humen Bridge is no ordinary bridge seeing as it is said to cut down travel distance between Zhuhai and Hong Kong by at least 120 kilometres.


Humen Town

Brimming to the edge with Chinese cultural experiences and tourist worthy locations, Humen Town is a must-do in your itinerary. While you are at it, some places you may want to look out for are the Maritime War Museum, the Weiyuan Emplacement and the Zhixin Memorial Monument.