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Art Series

SalmonMag is a Blog based magazine. Here we start series about Art. Here we create List about "Art Series".


The Chinese Art

The Chinese Art

Chinese art includes numerous forms of visual art, including jade painters, Chinese pottery, jewelry art, metalwork, terracotta sculptures, calligraphy, Chinese painting, and lock ware crafts.

If you like the uniqueness of Chinese art and want to incorporate Chinese art into your home decor, there are several ways you can do so. Chinese art reflects Chinese decor furniture, paintings, and sculptures.
The most prominent and famous type of Chinese art is ink art made with brushes submerged in ink (black or colored). These paintings are made of silk or paper and then painted on the walls as scrolls.

Amazing canvas prints of Chinese art are things that people like to explore in their homes. Chinese art does not include many colors. The sophistication and sophistication of this art make it perfect for simple decoration. If you want to make the interior of your room or bedroom sweet and easy, Chinese art is the perfect type of art for you.


The Japanese Art

The Japanese Art

In Japanese Art, anything that is designed and created is considered a piece of art. There is no difference between sculptures, painting arts, and decorative arts. The most common pieces of artwork in Japanese art include textiles, woodblock prints, millions, and ceramics. Japanese art gives birth to aesthetically pleasing interiors. Read complete article at SalmonMag.

The African Art | SalmonMag

African art is used on a variety of materials, including everyday objects, textiles, and sculptures. It was not until the 20th century that African art was considered a kind of art in Europe.

This ancient form of art is fascinating. When you look at any piece of African art, be it painting or everyday use, you will feel the art of the story being conveyed. The aesthetics of African art is eye-catching, and no one can appreciate the results of this art form.

If you are looking to re-work the interior of your home and you want your old room to be fresh and new, African art can make a difference. African art offers a rich model with its unique essence. Whether it’s your room, kitchen or bedroom, there are different ways you can use African African art pieces to make your home unique.

Not only paintings, but African art can also be found in the form of sculptures. Statues make incredible cornerstones in a room. African masks can also be used in different ways. You can either display them in a series or arrange them in a way that will give your interior a very distinctive look.

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Australian Oldest and Most Famous ART

Australian Oldest and Most Famous ART

By the way, many types of art are loved in Australia, as is the world. Today we will tell you about some of Australia’s oldest and most famous Aboriginal art. Read complete article at:

Famous Types of ART | SalmonMag

Well, there are many types of art. But there are some popular types of art. Here we will talk about some of the same art types today.

Surrealism Art

The art of realism is a form of expression that surpasses realism. The goal of realism is to free the language, thought and human experience from the limits of rationality. The art of realism allows the imagination to become wild. Many people consider this type of art to be a strange form of art as it transcends reality and creates an art that is beyond practicality.

The art of realism is not as common as other types of art, but it is still one of the most loved types of art. The bold living walls make the wall art of living room a reflection of its sophisticated colors and fun imaginative imagery. The art of realism can also be seen in office spaces, where employees are encouraged to keep their creativity alive!

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The Different Types of Art for Your Home | SalmonMag

When it comes to adding art to your home, it has to be practical and aesthetically pleasing. The most common types of artwork that can be seen in homes include paintings and sculptures, and paintings are the most common type of artwork you see in homes.
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Why We Study Art From The Past? | SalmonMag

The art of the past traces the life of the past. By looking at the work of art symbolism, color, and material, we can learn about the culture that created it. For instance, the two portraits above are filled with symbols referring to the qualities of an ideal wedding during the fifteenth century. The image of the young woman includes the symbols of chastity (unicorn) and fertility (rabbit), the qualities that addict. Secondaries were important to a woman. After decoding the symbol in these pictures, we can learn what was important to these people and how they want to be remembered.
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Ways of Defining Art |

There is no one definition of visual art, though there is a consensus that art is the creation of something beautiful or meaningful, using skill and imagination. The appreciation and perceived value of works of art have changed throughout history and across cultures.

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Who Is Artist? |

An artist is a person who engages in a wide range of activities related to art creation. The word has changed over time and context, but the modern understanding of the term indicates that, ultimately, an artist is someone who calls themselves an artist.

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4 Ways to Use Art to Teach History

4 Ways to Use Art to Teach History

History is not in the least bit boring. There have been many great events in the past that are still ongoing to form our nation and the world. However, the teachings of traditional textbooks of history can make this subject a bit boring. Fortunately, there are other methods, such as art, that can be used to help revive history and better facilitate students. Here are four ways teachers can use art to teach history.
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