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10 Dishes Worth Travelling to Sri Lanka For - Famous Dishes You Should Not Miss in the Paradise Island

Sri Lanka is an enchanting travel destination that many people love. Read on and find out about the top dishes that you should not miss when travelling in this beautiful country.


Kottu roti

Kottu roti is the quintessential street food in the paradise island of Sri Lanka. You will be served shredded godhamba roti with a mix of vegetables like carrots and leeks as well as eggs and your choice of meat when you order kottu roti. The dish is served with lashings of spicy gravy too.



Hoppers are quite popular on the small island of Sri Lanka. The locals love to have it for breakfast with spicy fish gravy as well as lunu miris. You can get milk hoppers, treacle hoppers, egg hoppers as well as plain hoppers.


String hoppers

Just like hoppers, string hoppers are also quite popular in the country. The locals have string hoppers for breakfast as well as for dinner. A variety of curries, as well as pol sambol, are served with string hoppers.


Isso wade

When you are travelling in the coastal regions of the country you will come across street food vendors selling delicious little prawn cakes which are locally known as isso wade. These spicy, salty treats can tantalize your taste buds with just one bite.


Curd and treacle

This is one of the most popular desserts in Sri Lanka. Curd and treacle pair exceptionally well to give your taste buds a unique surprise. You will be able to buy small pots of curd and have it with treacle when you are travelling in the country.



Sarawita is yet another popular treat which you will find especially in the coastal areas of the country. They are sold by street food vendors and you will be able to discover the true tastes of the land with ease as you boldly try these treats.


Pol sambol

Pol sambol or coconut sambol is quite popular in Sri Lanka. This is a dish which is often served with rice and curry. As it was mentioned earlier, pol sambol is served with hoppers as well. Grated coconut is mixed with lime, salt, green chilli as well as Maldive fish to make this exquisite concoction.


Polos curry

Polos curry or tender jackfruit curry is one of the best dishes in Sri Lanka. There is a special way to make this dish which enhances the taste of it immensely. You will be able to try out sensational renditions of the dish as you dine even at restaurants the likes of Rare at Residence, which is known to be a top class restaurant in Colombo.


Sri Lankan cutlets

You will fall in love with these unique delicacies for sure! Sri Lankan cutlets are made using a mixture of fish, salt, pepper, lime and green chilli. They are coated with bread crumbs and deep fried to perfection.


Ambul thiyal

Fish ambul thiyal is yet another popular accompaniment to rice and curry which you will find in Sri Lanka. It is safe to say that fish ambul thiyal is the most popular fish dish in the country.

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