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Top 05 Things To Do In the Maldives With Kids – Fun Family Travel

The Maldives is an archipelago of unlimited fun. Sun sand and sea await, ingredients for the perfect family vacation. The Maldives is not just for romance. The family resorts in the Maldives offer a variety of activities and experiences to enjoy. Here are the top things to do in the Maldives with kids.


Set Off On A Dolphin Spotting Cruise

Children absolutely love the dolphin cruises in the Maldives. The islands are home to around 4 species, of which the Spinner Dolphin is the most popular. Look for a Maldives family resort complete with a kid's club as well as a water sports centre. Many resorts like Hard Rock Hotel Maldives, offer all this plus a chance to book the popular dolphin cruises. The tours are always successful since spotting dolphins around the Maldivian archipelago is high. Unlike tours to spot whales or the very elusive whale sharks.


Snorkelling As A Family In The Maldives

You will love the fact that in the Maldives you simply swim out to the nearest reef to enjoy a rewarding snorkelling tour. One of the most popular family activities in the Maldives is snorkelling. Anyone with basic swimming skills just needs to put on a mask, snorkel and fins before swimming out from the beach of their Maldives resort to the nearest house reef. If as a family you enjoy this activity consider booking a snorkelling tour. These tours take you across the archipelago to enjoy a snorkelling session at some of the best spots. Kids, in particular, enjoy this activity due to excellent visibility. The crystal clear waters of Maldives offer clear views to depths of almost 30 metres in some areas.


Chill On The Sand Bars

Around most of the private island resorts in the Maldives are submerged sand bars. Head out to these with the family to enjoy a magical experience. You will be chilling in the middle of the ocean. The water is warm and crystal clear while the soothing ambience is perfect to relax. Mind you get everyone to wear water shoes though. To protect the feet from getting cut on the coral and rocks.


Plan Your Own Crab Race

Hermit crabs are commonly spotted on the beaches of Maldives. Some of the beaches in the Maldives are covered with the tiny creatures and kids find them absolutely fascinating. Your resorts kids club will help them organise casual crab races on the beach – highly thrilling and loads of fun. Head out to the beach on a moonlit night and you will see the sands carpeted with the tiny crustaceans.


Go Boating

In the Maldives, boats are the main option for getting about. Similar to catching a train or bus, Maldivians use boats for their daily travel. The options of sailing across the Indian Ocean are varied in the Maldives, and children find the activity quite enjoyable. Whether you choose a casual sail around the atoll of your Maldives resort or choose an island hopping tour. The boat rides are not to be missed for savouring island vibes and the best family times in paradise.