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Top 9 Myanmar Food to Indulge in – Exotic flavours of a hidden kingdom

Myanmar was for many years closed off to the rest of the world. Now a mystical and mysterious aura surrounds this beautiful nation. The cuisine here is also quite unique; an adventure in itself.


Tea-leaf salad

In Myanmar places to visit are in abundance and Aitken Spence travels, Myanmar offers quite comprehensive tour packages which will take you on an adventure of the country and its food culture. One very unique dish you will find all across the country is Tea-leaf salad. The locals mix this somewhat bitter leaf with cabbage, tomatoes, nuts and peas to make a dish which is quite delightful and eaten as a snack, appetizer or with a plate of rice.


Shan-style rice

Commonly known as fish rice this is one dish you must definitely try when visiting Myanmar. Rice cooked with fragrant turmeric is topped with flakes of freshwater fish and garlic oil and served with leek roots, raw garlic and pork rinds. It is a delight for the taste buds.


Burmese Curry

The curry found in Myanmar is commonly made with pork, mutton, beef or shrimp and is served with rice and accompanied by side dishes that include a tart salad, a dish of fried vegetables a small bowl of soup and an assortment of fresh vegetables and herbs.


Tea-shop meal

When visiting this amazing country, be sure to stop by at least one tea shop – they serve an amazing fare. Start off with a cup of sweet milky tea which is often served with baked sweets and dim-sum. Tea shops also serve deep-fried savoury snacks and freshly baked bread with potato curry.


Tofu noodles

Though there is 'tofu' in the name the dish isn't actually made with tofu. Instead, a thick broth is made with chickpea flour and poured on top of thin rice noodles which are cooked in a broth of either chicken or pork and topped with chilli oil and a variety of pickled veggies.


The sweets

Unlike the sweets you would generally find all across south-east Asia, what you find in Myanmar isn't packed with sugar and instead is flavoured with ingredients such as grated coconut, coconut milk, sticky rice, tapioca and fruits. It is definitely worth trying a few types of these sweets when travelling this part of the world.


Nangyi thoke

This is one of the nation's most popular dishes. The noodles are thick and round and packed with flavour. Nanyi thoke is most often served with chicken, slices of boiled egg, thin slices of fish cake and boiled bean sprouts – ingredients which are quite commonly used in this region and flavours you'd automatically associate with south-east Asia.



Mohinga is Myanmar's favourite breakfast dish. It is made with thick-round rice-noodles cooked in a thick herbal broth and served with the crunchy banana pith.


Shan- style noodles

This dish is relatively simple compared with other noodle-based dishes you'll come across in Myanmar however its plain appearance does not mean it isn't packed with flavour – it most definitely is. The dish is served with marinated chicken or pork with a side of pickled veggies and topped with a delicious thin-peppery broth.

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