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3 Fun Facts about Teppanyaki Cuisine - A Japanese cuisine, a true spectacle!

Wondering what the Teppanyaki cuisine is? Well, it's a type of Japanese cuisine where the word teppan means 'iron plate' and yaki means 'pan-fried, boiled or grilled'. Put together, it actually means drilling on the iron plate. Here are some must-know facts about Teppanyaki cuisine.


It's history and origin

Teppanyaki cooking style began around two hundred years ago when meals were prepared using a grill. The first restaurant to serve this type of cuisine began in 1945. It is believed that this was the first Japanese restaurant that introduced cooking in a large grill right in front of the guests at restaurants. Quite interestingly, this type of cooking was far more famous among foreigners than with native Japanese people. The foreigners will get really excited watching chefs masterfully manoeuvre the food and prepare it on their plate. After World War II, the very first Teppanyaki restaurant chain was introduced in New York Called the Benihana. Today, you can find many Teppanyaki restaurants all around the world including the popular Benihana Thailand in south-east Asia.


The ingredients

Wondering what the ingredients incorporated in this style of cooking are? Well then, wonder no more and read on. Most of the dishes revolve around meat including chicken, steak as well as seafood. Fried noodles and rice are also served in these meals. You can also find savoury pancakes the likes of monjayaki and okonomiyaki made to perfection by various flavours and ingredients. A typical meal will also include vegetables like carrots, beansprouts, mushrooms and onions. The dishes are seasoned with vinegar, soy sauce, salt, pepper, wine and garlic. The western restaurants mainly include beef, chicken, scallops, lobster, veggies and shrimps and use soybean oil to prepare them.


The Cooking

The style of cooking used is very unique and thoroughly entertaining to watch. The guests will be seated around a big table where a teppan grill sits at the centre. The chef, using the grill, will perform quite a show cooking and preparing the meal. It will first start with small tools like the spatula, fork and knife where it will be tossed, drummed and flipped to chop up the ingredients. Then the chef will set this grill aflame and introduce all kinds of tricks to cook them. He might flip shrimp tails into his pocket, catch an egg with his hat, throw an egg and then split it with the help of a spatula as it falls down, set onion rings aflame and so much more. Visually, it is a complete treat and so are its flavours. If you would like a meal with a show on, these styles of Japanese restaurants are a must to visit. You will not only be thoroughly entertained, but it will also be an experience you are not going to forget quite easily. How can someone make cooking into an artistic performance? It bewilders people until now. Head over to a Teppanyaki restaurant for a delightful meal and some performance art that will keep you on your toes