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Updated by Joanna James on Mar 11, 2020
Headline for 5 reasons to pursue a college degree- Pave the road to your future, today.
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5 reasons to pursue a college degree- Pave the road to your future, today.

For millions of teenagers around the world, the end of high school is the beginning of a brand-new chapter in their lives. As they attend graduation, many of them are already preparing to pursue some form of higher education at a collegiate educational institution.


Have a better financial future

While it is difficult to tell from the outset, having a degree or qualification from a college, whether it is an undergraduate degree, masters or even a PHD significantly impacts your future earning potential. This impact pans out with those having attained a post graduate qualification of some form earning $20,000 more in terms of average yearly income than those with a high school qualification. With this in mind, it is also important to note that your earning potential is predicated on which stream of studies you wish to follow. For example, the earning potential of an engineer may surpass the earning potential of a teacher upon graduation.


Your network is your net worth

One of the most valuable opportunities made available at college institutions is the vast community of people readily available for you to engage with. Initially, it will be your freshman batch of eager students. This will be followed by the professors you meet during your lectures, administrative staff and finally the large network of alumni who are ready to provide you with advice and resources to ensure your success. This net of people you form may provide you with the job you were looking for, that business partner who will help you grow your company and even the research assistant who could provide a key insight into your research study.


Expand your knowledge

A clear reason for enrolling in college usually is to broaden or deepen your current pool of knowledge regarding a specific subject matter. This experience will guide you to a series of striking revelations through various long nights, brain numbing assignments and plenty of reading. At the end of your time in college however, it will become apparent that you are now more equipped to critically analyse seemingly abstract signals into relevant information. With this in mind as the foundational value of college, it is also important to consider whether it is more effective to pursue engineering courses in Sri Lanka or in the United Kingdom based on the cost disparity for very similar information.


Better career opportunities

It goes without saying that if you are hoping to create a career in a specific field, then an intensive college experience is sure to provide you with the correct tools and skillsets to be prepared to enter the workforce with your best foot forward. It should be considered that in today's competitive landscape such a qualification is a must. If you were aiming to become a Master Mariner and you did not get the basic qualification from CINEC, for example, then it is very unlikely you will be able to advance further towards your goal.


Stability through instability

If you witnessed the economic downturn from the housing market collapse in the United States you probably remember that jobs were lost en-masse. What you may not have noticed is that those who possessed a college degree during that time were more likely to have more savings, marketable skill and better future job prospects than those who did not. While it is undervalued in a degree saturated space like the one, we live in, a college degree can be truly appreciated in times of economic upheaval.