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Games Development - The Future Of Gaming | Gamers Mania

How games development works? What video games development is? So, lets start going into the depth of the games development and find out. Gaming is rising day by day and its becoming efficient in eve

Coronavirus - World's E3 Gaming Tournament Cancelled | Gamers Mania

Coronavirus a very deadly virus spreading very quickly over past few days with increase in coronavirus death rate. Coronavirus cause biggest world gaming tournament cancelled over fears surrounding th

Call of Duty Battle Royale - The Warzone | Gamers Mania

Call of Duty Battle Royale - The Warzone a new update to this edition packed of some great action. Now their is more at stake then ever warzone packed with 150 players last man standing. Call of Duty

Coronavirus - Cancelled League of Legends Champions Tournament | Gamers Mania

League of legends is a multiplayer game developed and published by Riot games on October 27, 2009. So, due to the coronavirus outbreak chinese league of legends champions tournament is cancelled. Most

Nvidia - Putting Gaming PC to Fight Coronavirus | Gamers Mania

Nvidia is calling out all the gaming pc owners to fight the coronavirus. How gaming pc can help? This is very simple you just have to follow few steps and you are done. So, Download the Folding@home a

Single Player Games - Prioritize Over Multiplayer By PS5 | Gamers Mania

The PS5 is apparently going to focus on single player video games again more over Multiplayer Video Games. They said they really need it to succeed for the good of games as an art. So, they are going

PS5 Specs Revealed - Good News For Gamers | Gamers Mania

PS5 Specs revealed by sony entertainment on March 18, 2020. Speed, SSD, Load time and Backwards Compatibility. PS5 sony has ended and given everything a deeper at tech and vision for the future. Sony

Free Game on steam - Tomb Raider For Limited Time | Gamers Mania

Tomb Raider also know as lara croft is now free game on steam only for limited time. Lara Croft Tomb Raider is an action adventure game with some great DLCs. Its first limited edition was released o

Steam Store Removed Mortal Kombat | Gamers Mania

Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition is fighting video game. This game is developed by NetherRealm Studios and published by warner bros. But Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition is 11th installation of this gam

Fallout 76 Wastelanders - Bethesda Delayed the Update | Gamers Mania

Fallout Wastelanders is a online multiplayer role-playing game developed by bethesda. The publisher of this game is Bethesda Softworks which is now working on the new update. Because of the coronaviru

LockDown - Most Relaxing Games For Quarantine Days | Gamers Mania

As of everyone know the world is in lockdown state. Now this is the time for gaming and if you are bored. Then we got some of the most relaxing games. In quarantine you are wondering which game to pla

Science Fiction - In Other Waters is Released Today | Gamers Mania

In Other Waters is science fiction exploration game developed for PC and Nintendo. The gaming industry involved to for development of this game is Jump Over The Age. But this type of science fiction e

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